Google and twitter by operation04


									There is speculation about the next Google acquisition been. Rumors
emerged late last week, Google has been in conversation with Evan
Williams of Twitter on a possible takeover. In my opinion, Google is not
interested in acquiring all of Twitter.

Google recognizes five factors when considering their relationship with

1. The overlap between research on Google and Twitter registered users
are important. With almost 80% of U.S. market research to acquire Google
and the range and make money these Twitter users through more cost-
effective channels.

2. Google Social media record is bad - it is unlikely that Google does
not know what not to Twitter, despite its acquisition of YouTube. In
addition, Google Friend Connect, at the center of the efforts of social
media search engine fully integrated with Twitter to integrate Google
Friend Connect sites with content from Twitter and users.

3. An inverter-based Google is the quality and speed of indexing. What
Google wants is a Twitter-stream real-time updates for the indexing
speed. Currently, Google's index in each case independently Twitter user
at regular intervals to check for updates. This process is lengthy and

4. Google can find a (risky but potentially lucrative) advertising
partnership with Twitter. As already integrated Google Adage test flow in
Twitter AdSense. Google has created special units of the AdSense ads to
be drawn from the five latest Tweets twitter stream TurboTax. TurboTax is
expected that the campaign will raise awareness that the brand is
listening and talking to their customers. Will it work? Time will tell.

5. Google diversifies into VoIP and communications segment. Grand
Central, a telephone-service management of Google have bought for $ 50
million in 2007, is the focus of their strategy. After months of changes
Google has launched Google Voice. Google Voice proposal is simple - a
phone number for all phones, for life. "

In contrast to the organic growth of services Google will buy Skype. The
recent announcement that eBay-Skype pulls a spin-off considered (by 1.4
billion U.S. dollars loss in value of the transaction), Google offers a
unique opportunity to quickly reach critical mass in the P2P VoIP
segment. The integration of Skype for Mobile Google Android and Skype
Business Google Apps, should give a strong impetus to integrate the
efforts of Google, VoIP into the existing waste services. On the other
hand, what Google is at hand, Apple has in the community. Apple's iTunes
is probably the only platform for the integration of Twitter makes no

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