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Butterflies - DOC by tyndale



Cut out circles on different colored construction paper. Paste circles
side by side slightly overlapping. Add legs and feelers from pipe cleaners
and draw on face.

From Caterpillars to Butterflies:
At the beginning of the unit have the child make a caterpillar from an egg
carton. Then roll it up into a cocoon, construction paper, and then hang
them around the room. At the end of the week open the cocoons and out comes
a butterfly (teacher has glue or taped on wings).

Delicate Wings:
Make a butterfly shape for each child by folding a piece of tissue paper
and cutting out wings. Use a variety of colors. Staple the wings together
approximately 1 inch from the fold. Slide a tongue depressor through the
paper and twist it so the staples are in the middle of a flat side of the
stick. Crease wings apart. Have the child use tissue paper scraps to
create colorful designs on the butterfly wings. To make the butterfly flap
its wings hold the end of the stick and gently move it up and down.

Crayon Shaving Butterflies:
Shave old crayons and place between two sheets of wax paper and iron

between newspaper. Cut into a butterfly shape and hang in the window .

Inkblot Butterflies:
Cut out a butterfly shape and fold it in the center, have the children
paint one side. Fold and rub lightly, then unfold.

Feet Butterflies:
Have children take off shoes, dip feet into shallow pan of pastel paint.
Step onto a piece of paper so feet are going outward from the heels
together. When dry add antenna with markers.
Baggie Butterflies:
Fill a snack size ziploc bag with scarps of tissues paper and cellophane
and then gather them together at the middle with half a pipe cleaner. Twist
and bend the stem into antennae.

Cupcake Liner Butterflies:
Flatten out cupcake liners and color with markers or crayons many different
colors. Pinch liners together in the center and wrap with pipe cleaners

using the left over to make antennae.

Coffee Filter Butterflies:
1) Take a cone shaped coffee filter and cut it apart. Have the children
watercolor each side. Paint a clothespin black and then attach the two
wings with it. Then add a pipecleaner tied around the clothespin for the
antennae. 2) Using regular coffee filters, flatten them out and let the
kids drip colors on with eyedroppers. When dry, use the non-spring type
clothespins and push the coffee filters into the slit. Add pipe cleaner

Stained Glass Butterflies:
Precut a butterfly shape out of construction paper. After cutting out he
shape, cut out holes in various spots. The children can glue tissue paper
squares over the holes.

Tissue Paper Butterflies:
Cut butterfly shapes from white paper. Set out assorted colors of 1-inch
tissue paper squares small containers of water and paintbrushes. Have the
children paint the butterfly shapes with water and place the tissue paper
square randomly on the shapes. Have them count to ten then remove the wet
tissue paper to view the colors left behind.

A Fun Caterpillar:
You will need a straw that has a paper covering. Squish the paper covering
down to the bottom of the straw. (Just as if you were going to use it) Take
the straw paper the rest of the way off. You should have a little squished
tunnel resembling a caterpillar. Now, take a drop or two of water and drop
it right onto this paper caterpillar. Look--IT MOVES--Just like a

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