Promoting books using google by syukri70


									Working in Web design and search engine optimization, I had a very
intimate relationship with Google to develop. Call it a Love / Hate if
you want one, because although I like how Google some aspects of my
Internet experience easier and more efficient, I can get frustrated when
I use some SEO tactics go unnoticed by the search engine. My boss likes
to say that Google rules the world. That can not be true, but one time or
another we are all sure thank you for it.

That is, I give credit to Google to help website owners in their content
to web users with information to help. Although the Web site proclaims
that device is still in beta, Google Base is an invaluable tool to
promote something for everyone. Authors can promote single Google Base as
a means to get their books.

Google Base is the gateway through which the sites to be submitted? Well,
yes and no. It is essentially from the top SEO experts that the physical
representation, the URLs to the Google search engine is not required
(Google eventually you will find on its website regularly confirmed ramp,
but you can still give them a heads-up with Google, by) on All about
Google and the presentation from there. Google Base is more than a simple
content site to accept, since it functions as a database for all content
that will eventually be made available through various agencies Google.
Merchants who buy motor used officially Google Froogle, for example, can
now use Google Base for their products visible on the Internet. In this
sense, Google Base can be useful to authors.

After applying for a Google Base account will be asked to provide
information for research. Sale Of the kinds of relevant data for a market
recipes, blog entries and articles, advertisements and listings for
events and products. Here authors can find information about their work
in different ways:

As a product

Present the advantage of using Google Base to information structure is
that the registration forms are very friendly. Each piece of information
relevant to your book is in many features of Google Base, classified
recognizes. ISBN number, number of pages, links to information on the
purchase of the publisher and the synthesis of the book are simply listed
and can be found through Google search and other Google marks.

One thing to note, however, you can buy after you send your books as
products: These items are available for 90 days after the expiration of
the item and will be deleted from the banks of Google. Therefore, it is
necessary to keep track of when you download your book on Google, so the
list is always fresh.

Additional Information

Good news on the basis of Google is that other information such as
journals, articles and events in May appear indefinitely. So if you have
articles about your books, share stories about your writing experiences,
opinions, and the announcement of signings and appearances, conference,
they can bring it to Google Base, where they remain. Simply, the word-
info-rich "and a link to your site or a place to sell the book.

After the book's information is online, you can use Google Base
statistics to monitor progress. Take a look at your dashboard on Google
Base, and are listed next to each item you are impressions, clicks and
page views to be seen. Impressions indicates how often your data will
appear in search results, while clicks to indicate how often the visitors
on your entry in the search. Page views refers to the actual views of
Google Base with your data. The only drawback of these statistics is that
Google Base does not track how many visitors on your site or point of
sale are directed to the following basic list.

However, the use of these statistics can give you an idea of how many
times your information will appear in Google search results. If you
notice that some articles receive impressions more than others (and) a
better visibility in Google, please turn your attention to more material
of this kind, with links to your books. You can only conclude that you
review your site logs your Google referrals will increase, and we hope
that your right to the sale of the books with them.

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