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March 22, 2005

                         Kind Attention : Mr.PRAVEEN RAGHAVAN

Dear Sir,

Sub : Your kind support for SIRAGU Montessori School – Reg.

Further to the discussions we had with you by mail, we would like to thank you for the frequent
replies to our emails and your kind support extended towards stunami relief & rehabilitation
works carried out by us.

Please find below the details about our organization followed by our PROJECT PLAN with financial
costings for your kind reference to support us school building construction.

Suyam is a social voluntary organization serving the poor, needy and deserved people in the
society for the past 18 years though the organization formally registered in the year 1999. Our
main focus is on Education and then Medical Assistance and Awareness related activities.

SIRAGU Montessori School
SIRAGU a school for street children, children from brick chambers, piggery group, and scavenger
group and for other economically and socially deprived children. We follow Montessori method of
education with innovative approach so that every child gains practical knowledge in every aspect
of learning.

Proposed Intervention
SIRAGU is run on a rented facility right now, we proposed to have our own facility in order to
increase the number of beneficiaries from 200 students to maximum of 500 students. With all
hardships we propagate quality education with all available resources and support, irrespective of
our financial constraints.

Special Report on Begging Children
Many of us have seen girls / ladies holding a small baby and beg on the signals and run across
the road to collect pennies. A shocking news is there are 50,000 such families all over Tamilnadu
begging on the roads for their survival and the sad part is most of the families came from interior
villages of Andhra Pradesh.

How we associated with Begging Children
We are always been in the thinking that we need to do something to this begging people. When
our team was gone for videography training at Taylors Road, Kilpauk, we need to submit a
documentary film as project. When the undersigned and team moved with the camera we get
down at a bus stop (Kilpauk Water Tank) wherein many pavement dwellers were seen (they are
engaged in begging activities). When we called them to come before Camera, they tried to pull
out the camera and smash it and told us many people come and shoot our life and make money
out it and at the end we get nothing.
                          SUYAM CHARITABLE TRUST (Regd.)
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We made them understand that we are not such people and we really want to help them. We
have taken interviews of many girls and elders and their family condition and made a
documentary film and named the project as NADAIPADHAI POOKKAL (Platform flowers). Thus
the project started.

We then started mingle with them and conduct video awareness shows, celebrated Diwali and
important functions with them and fed with royal food and given solution to their various medical
problems, donated clothes and got job for few guys and it took 4 years (approx) to create
awareness among themselves to make them realize about their Children education.

Participatory Approach:
They really got impressed in the way we moved with them and started believing us and a women
form a family came to us ‘OK! I would like to send my children to the school, let me see’. It was
a pleasant surprise to us and we immediately approached a private school nearby and enrolled 3
children in that school.

The Impact:
Ugly looking, unhygienic, shabby dressed children till yesterday, now they came in the neatly
ironed uniform with shoes and bag of books coming out of the school given these families a
pleasant shock are they our children, we can’t believe this. One of the child told `Mamma don’t
take me for begging my class mates are teasing me and you also don’t go for begging and I will
teach you alphabets’. This amazing response from the child and they are first generation
learners and immediately 3 children become 20 and the payment of fees and other expenses was
quite abnormal to our capacity.

Again from their group a lady came and told `Uma Madam, you please open your own school at
our area where we got settlement (Sasthiri Nagar Kuppam which is behind Indian Air Force
Station – 40 km from Kilpauk) so that we send all the children to school and we won’t take them
for begging. It really boosted our self confidence and immediately we visited their settlement
area and entered into a village called PAALAVEDUPETTAI and took a demolished building on rent
and renovated it and started a full pledged school with 40 students in June 2003 and named the
school as SIRAGU Montessori School.

4th September 2004
Successfully running SIRAGU was met a major fire accident and we have lost everything and
there are no injuries to anybody. At this juncture an average human being will take a decision to
wash off his hands.

Immediate Action
Upto 4th Sep afternoon we was very sad and couldn’t digest the loss but we don’t want give up
spirit and soon after we run across many villages and searched for a rented building, finally we
succeeded and got a house for rent but for only six months. Sunday 5 th Sep & Monday 6th
(Gokulashtami). In these two days we had set right the situation and with the available teaching
aids, before that we have adopted another school with 80 children and 7 staff members and
SIRAGU once again started with 180 children with 17 staff members on 7 th September 2004.

Begging Children
Our school is an open school for all and there are no reservations, hence children from various
group studying in SIRAGU. Out of 200 (present strength) children the majority of children say
100 children are begging children and street children.
                          SUYAM CHARITABLE TRUST (Regd.)
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                               Percentage wise presentation
                                 Total Strength of the School
                                         200 Children
Begging Children cum             Piggery & Scavenger   Children of labors      Others
      Street Children                    Group                 & Coolies

        60%                             20%                     10%            10%

Current Funding source for the proposed activity
Rs.5500.00 is the total regular contributions receive from some donors / sponsors per month
Rs.4000.00 is the maximum possible amount raise from Trustees per month
Balance funds from unexpected donations

We have recently bought 1 acre of land with the loan amount received from our trustee and the
same valued at Rs.4 lakhs.


We here below present the PROJECT PLAN with Financial Details for your reference.
We have a drawn a building plan to construct the school for PRIMARY & HIGH SCHOOL level.
The details as follows (Contractor’s quotation is scanned and attached herewith)

Block ‘A’ Main School Area
(Ground Floor & First Floor)                            --      Rs.48,05,825.00 ($109223)

Block ‘B’ Primary School Area
(Ground Floor)                                          --      Rs.12,87,000.00 ($29250)

Block ‘C’ Hostel Area
(Ground Floor & First Floor)                            --      Rs.16,47,450.00 ($37442)

COMPOUND WALL for Entire Area                           --      Rs. 1,60,000.00 ($6818)
[To be revalued as per present condition]                       [An approx. value]
                                                                       - Subject to change

TOTAL COST OF THE PROJECT                               --      Rs.79,00,275.00

Our Appeal
An immediate need is to build primary school area and hostel and then compound
wall. Second Stage will be the high school level construction. If funds are available
all the blocks can be completed within quick span of time. Kindly extend your kind

Thanking you,