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					                 Colorado State Forest Service
                Urban and Community Forestry
                        Success Story
Project Title: Tree City USA Book
Project Emphasis: Program Awareness
Project Location: Statewide
CSFS District: All


Project Narrative:

                                   In 2006, the Colorado State Forest Service Community
                                   Forestry Division published the third annual booklet
                                   recognizing the accomplishments of Tree City USA
                                   communities located throughout Colorado. Ninety-three
                                   communities were certified in 2005 as qualifying for Tree
                                   City USA this represents over 75% of Colorado’s
                                   population. Benefits of being a Tree City USA are many.
                                   It promotes healthy community development, generates
                                   awareness on the economic, social, and environmental
                                   of urban
                                   forests and
                                   that have
benefited from their involvement in the program.

The booklets were sent to the ninety-three
Tree City communities, made available to
each legislator at the State Capitol, and sent to
Colorado State Forest Service District offices
around the state.