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					               ECOTECH™ PROCESS COLORS
For more information or for                                                                       Formula Numbers:
the INX location in your area,             ECOTECH™ Process Colors are
contact:                                   high performance low VOC formulations
                                                                                                           Medium Tack
                                           for sheetfed presses made from
                                                                                                    Process Black           1367894
                                           environmentally friendly raw materials.
                                                                                                    Process Cyan            1367895
INX International Ink Co.                                                                           Process Magenta         1367896
150 N. Martingale, Suite 700               ECOTECH™ Process Colors are                              Process Yellow          1367897
Schaumburg, IL 60173                       carefully formulated from vegetable oils
Ph: 630-382-1800                           and other bio-renewable resources. The                          Low Tack
Toll: 800-233-4657                         system averages 61% by weight from                       Process Black           1370207
Fax: 847-969-9758                          these carefully selected environmentally                 Process Cyan            1370208
                                           friendly raw materials.                                  Process Magenta         1370209
Website:                                                                                            Process Yellow          1370210            ECOTECH™ Advantages:
                                                                                                  Density Range
E-mail:                         Excellent press stability especially                Black                   1.65-1.95
                                                in light coverage situations.                       Cyan                    1.30-1.40
                                                Stay open formulas reduce ink                       Magenta                 1.35-1.45
ECOTECH PROCESS™                                waste.                                              Yellow                  1.00-1.10
Process Colors are                              Good rub resistance.
premium quality, low VOC                                                                          Dot Gains @ 50% Tone @ 175 L.S.
                                                Fast set and dry times.
quickset inks for the sheetfed                                                                      Black                   22%-24%**
                                                Good gloss
market. Bio-renewable raw                                                                           Cyan                    20%-24%**
                                                Wider water balance window                          Magenta                 20%-24%**
materials average 61% by                        Fast start ups, returns to color
weight in every can.                                                                                Yellow                  18%-20%**
                                                Sharp print reproduction.                         Traps (1D then 2D)
                                                ISO 2846-1 Compliant                                Mag./Yel.               75%-85%**
                                                                                                    Cyan/Mag.               65%-75%**
                                           Capabilities of ECOTECH™ Process                         Cyan/Yel.               80%-90%**
                                                                                                  Volatile Organic Comp
                                                Overprint varnish, Aqueous coat in                % by Weight***
                                                line or UV coat off line after 48-72                Black                  <5%
                                                hours                                               Cyan                   <5%
                                                Foil stamp after 48 – 72 hours                      Magenta                <4%
                                                Imprint on Laser imaged                             Yellow                 <4%
                                                Reprographic equipment after 72                   *** Method 24 Test
                                                Print a wide range of coated and
                                                uncoated substrates.
                                                Will not skin in the fountain.

                                        **Results may vary according to your press conditions.
    To the best of our knowledge, this data sheet is accurate; however; INX assumes no liability for the accuracy of this information.
                    The final determination of the suitability for a particular use is the sole responsibility of the user.

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