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					Planning Committee 24/09/2008                                                  Schedule Item: 04

Planning Officer:                            Dean Wooding
Ref:                                         P/2008/2880

Address:                                     Blakesley House Nursing Home 7 Blakesley Avenue Ealing W5

Ward:                                        Ealing Broadway

Proposal:                                    Installation of non-illuminated sign to front of property

Drawing numbers:                             1:200 Scale location plan and 1:20 scale drawing of sign

Application Received:                        14/07/2008                               Revised:

Type of Application:                  Advertisement

                                            Report by: Dean Wooding

1. Summary of Site and Proposal:

1                The application site is a detached two storey dwelling-house now occupied as a nursing
                 home located on the east side of Blakesley Avenue. The site frontage is hard surfaced
                 and used for parking. The area is located within Mount Park Conservation Area and is
                 characterised by large Edwardian (detached) residential properties.

2. Relevant Planning History

Application        Site Address                    Development Description            Decision        Decision
Number                                                                                                Date
26592              85/1912                        USE OF RESIDENTIAL                  GRANTED         12-02-1986
                                                  BUILDING AS ELDERLY                 CONDITIONALLY
                                                  PERSONS HOME TOGETHER
                                                  WITH WARDENS FLAT, AND
                                                  PARKING PROVISION.
26592/1            87/0983                        PROVISION OF VEHICULAR              GRANTED         28-09-1987
                                                  ACCESS AND HARD                     CONDITIONALLY
                                                  STANDING IN FRONT GARDEN
                                                  OF ELDERLY PERSONS
26592/2            87/1189                        ERECTION OF                         GRANTED         14-03-1988
                                                  CONSERVATORY REAR OF                CONDITIONALLY
                                                  ELDERLY PERSONS HOME.
26592/3            90/1901                        USE OF RESIDENTIAL                  GRANTED         28-11-1990
                                                  BUILDING AS ELDERLY                 CONDITIONALLY
                                                  PERSONS HOME TOGETHER
                                                  WITH WARDENS FLAT AND
                                                  PARKING PROVISION.
                                                  (VARIATION OF CONDITION
                                                  THREE OF CONSENT DATED
                                                  13/02/86 TO PERMIT THE USE
                                                  AS NURSING HOME AND
                                                  RESIDENTIAL CARE HOME).
26592/4            P/2001/3212 7 Blakesley        Retention of detached shed (in      GRANTED         07-03-2002
                   Avenue, Ealing, London, W5 2dn modified form) for use as laundry   CONDITIONALLY
                                                  and store, in rear garden.

Form Letters49
                                                               SCHEDULE ITEM: 04
26592/4/A    P/2002/4325 7 Blakesley Avenue Details of trellising to the rear GRANTED         04-02-2003
             Ealing London W5 2dn           boundary part pursuant to         UNCONDITIONALLY
                                            condition 5 of planning
                                            permission ref:
                                            NMV/TPEA/26592/4 for retention
                                            of detached shed (in modified
                                            form) for use as a laundry and
                                            store in rear garden

3 Details of the Proposal:

The proposal is for the retention of a free standing non-illuminated sign, erected at the beginning of
the year measuring 0.75m in height and 0.87m in width. The sign is located directly behind the front
wall and supported by two posts, with the top of the sign being 2.38m above ground level. It is
constructed of “diabond” aluminium with a perspex cover and oak stained timber frame. The face of
the sign is coloured chestnut brown with gold lettering displaying the name of the nursing home and
smaller white lettering giving the telephone number and internet details.

4   Consultation:

Neighbour notification   Consultation letters were sent to 14 neighbours dated 08/08/08. The
                         proposal was also advertised on site on 08/08/08. The consultation period
                         expired on 29/08/08

                         One letter of objection was received.

                         Blakesley Avenue is a residential street within a Conservation area and the
                         sign is out of character and inappropriate. The sign is clearly commercial in
                         character and too large. Sign looks unsightly and is of shabby construction

Haven Green              We are not convinced of either the needs for this sign neither for its
Conservation Area        appropriateness in a predominantly residential area. If the proprietors wish
Advisory Panel           to signal the presence of the home then we consider a more modest plate
                         affixed to the house should suffice.

Conservation Officer     The sign is too large. The use of different materials (black steel) would make
                         less impact, a reduction in the width of the uprights and equalising height
                         and width is recommended.

5   Planning Policies:

Policy       Summary
4.1          Design of Development
4.8          Conservation Areas
4.10         Commercial Frontages and Advertising Signs
6 Planning Considerations:
The main material consideration in this case comprise the visual impact of the proposal on the
character and visual amenity of this and surrounding properties and whether the proposal preserves
or enhances the appearance of the Conservation Area.

                                                                SCHEDULE ITEM: 04
8        Reasoned Justification/Remarks:


There is a small sign named “Blakesley House” above the entrance door to the property. This is
coloured chestnut brown with gold lettering and measures approximately 0.3m x 0.5m at a height of
2.5m. The applicant confirms this sign was insufficient for visitors to find the premises.

It is common to find many kinds of signage within residential areas some of which do not need
advertisement consent. Class 2(C) of the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisement
Regulations 2007) permits sign or notices which relate to: any religious, educational, cultural,
recreational, medical or similar institution; or any hotel, inn, public house block of flats, club boarding
house or hostel; to display signs of up to 1.2m2 in area with deemed consent. This includes
Conservation Areas.

Whilst it is considered that nursing/care homes falls outside Class 2(C), the use is considered similar
in character to some of the uses within this class. In addition the proposed sign measures 0.65m2 in
area, half the area that would be allowed with deemed consent.

In principle it is considered reasonable to allow a non-illuminated advertisement with a reasonable
size and siting at the premises.


The character of the area is of large detached Edwardian properties. Many front gardens of
properties have a degree of hard standing for cars and properties are typically set back from the
footpath by 8-9m. Most front gardens are characterised by the planting of large trees or shrubs.
There are also large trees planted on the footway along the Avenue. Generally Blakesley Avenue
has a pleasing spacious and leafy aspect.

The sign is located within the south-east corner of the garden directly behind a1m high brick built
garden wall and located adjacent to shrubbery. The presence of these shrubs provides screening
from the road and mitigates its visual impact within the street scene. The sign is constructed of oak
stained timber and blends in with the existing red brickwork of the house and the wall. Given the
large scale of the property, the sign is modest relatively unobtrusive and maintains the character of
the Conservation Area.

9        Conclusion:
It is considered that the proposed application would preserve the character and appearance of the
Conservation Area. The proposal is also in accordance with policies 4.1 (Design) 4.8 (Conservation
Areas) and 4.10 (Advertisement signs) of the London Borough of Ealing Adopted Unitary
Development Plan

10.      Recommendation
Grant Consent

Human Rights Act:

In making your decision, you should be aware of and take into account any implications that may
arise from the Human Rights Act 1998. Under the Act, it is unlawful for a public authority such as the
London Borough of Ealing to act in a manner, which is incompatible with the European Convention
on Human Rights.

1. Approval You are referred specifically to Article 8 (right to respect for private and family life),
Article 1 of the First Protocol (protection of property). It is not considered that the recommendation

                                                                SCHEDULE ITEM: 04
for approval of the grant of permission in this case interferes with local residents’ right to respect for
their private and family life, home and correspondence, except insofar as it is necessary to protect
the rights and freedoms of others (in this case, the rights of the applicant). The Council is also
permitted to control the use of property in accordance with the general interest and the
recommendation for approval is considered to be a proportionate response to the submitted
application based on the considerations set out in this report.