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									                           DISPOSITION STATEMENTS

Personal Qualities
    Maintains good attendance/participation
    Exhibits punctuality
    Demonstrates reliability
    Dresses and grooms appropriately
    Uses appropriate grammar/vocabulary
    Demonstrates necessary physical stamina
    Exhibits initiative, self-direction
    Demonstrates enthusiasm
    Listens thoughtfully and responsibly
    Demonstrates flexibility
    Exhibits openness to change
    Displays willingness to adjust and revise

Professional Qualities
    Demonstrates belief that all children can learn at a high level
    Treats all students with respect and courtesy
    Shows appreciation for diverse abilities and talents
    Assumes responsibility for personal actions
    Assumes responsibility for quality of instruction
    Assumes responsibility for classroom climate
    Seeks to improve teaching skills
    Exhibits a positive attitude toward supervision
    Is collegial, cooperates with faculty/peers
    Shows willingness to give as well as receive help

Ethical Professional Behavior
    Behaves with dignity and integrity
    Provides an equal learning opportunity for all
    Protects the health, safety, and emotional well-being of students
    Treats students in a non-discriminatory manner
    Keeps standards of confidentiality
    Provides student information to parents and other professionals as appropriate and
    Endeavors to understand community cultures and diverse home environments of
    Displays awareness that subject matter is not fixed
    Demonstrates appreciation for multiple perspectives
    Uses educational technology appropriately
    Practices ongoing assessment
    Shows commitment to reflection and learning as an ongoing process

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