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					         June 29, 2009 #8
              Bobbi Eddy
                                           NOT TOO SHABBY

                            306 Riley Street, Historic Folsom                                            916.985.8979

                            Notes from Bobbi
                            First off I just want to say        This month is looking a         internet sites – look for Not
• Stage Nine Play           Thank You to everyone               little busy for us at Not       Too Shabby on Facebook
  – ‘Mary, Mary’
                            for supporting me on my             Too Shabby. We have             soon, and (hard to believe)
  tickets 2 for 1
                            Sundays off! It has been            Thursday Night Markets,         making holiday items for the
• Shop Local                so wonderful to have a              the Folsom Rodeo is in          store.
                            whole day with the family.          Town, the Cattle Drive
                                                                                                Despite all the activity we are
• Cattle Drive              We have definitely taken            (July 1), there’s a great
                                                                                                still bringing in new items so
                            advantage of family time            play at Stage 9 (Mary,
                                                                                                be sure to check out
• Thursday Night            and gone on walks,                  Mary), my birthday, and
                            shopped garage sales,               finally we close for 2
                                                                                                if you can’t make it into the
                            worked in the yard, and             weeks at the end of the
                                                                                                store to see all the new stuff.
                            enjoyed some matinees. I            month for our annual
                            especially feel more                family vacation to              Hope to see you soon!
                            rejuvenated and less                Paducah Kentucky.
                            guilty when I am at the
                                                                I’ve also been working
                            store. Again, thanks for                                            .
                                                                hard on the website,
                            the support!
                                                                developing some other


Stage Nine            2
                            Shop and Play Local – Historic Folsom
New Merchandise       2
                             It seems like I am hearing         Snooks for dessert.                 was on the first release).
                             ‘Wow! Your store is so             Cassidy typically spends
Thursday Nights      2
                                                                                                    I’ve highlighted only a few of
                             great, did you just open?”         her allowance at Planet
                                                                                                    the over 60 stores,
Recipe               3
                             or “This is such a great           Earth Rising and Sam
                                                                                                    restaurants, galleries,
                             little town.” A lot more           loves the shirts from
Important Dates      3
                                                                                                    museums, salons, and even
                             lately from people who live        Rides.
                                                                                                    a playhouse staging fantastic
                             locally and for whatever
                                                                I love treating myself to a         plays in Historic Folsom
                             reason have only recently
                                                                facial at Alchemy (Bri is           (more info on page 2). There
                             discovered Historic
                                                                amazing!) and I hear the            is plenty to entertain a variety
                                                                massages are fantastic!             of tastes, plus I hear we pass
                             With the belt tightening           Black Rooster makes a               the ‘Aunt/Uncle’ test (you
                             everyone seems to be               great latte’ and Karen’s            know when the town is cute
                             doing, shopping and                Bakery has the best                 enough to show off to your
                             playing locally is such an         scones.                             visiting relatives).
                             asset to your smaller
                                                                We serve Processi wines             The point is if you love a local
                             independent stores and
                                                                and prossecco at most of            store – tell them, stop by,
                                                                our gatherings. If you              shop, and bring out the
                             My kids love coming to the         haven’t been before; they           family. You really can make
                             store with me so they can          offer a great tasting for $6,       a difference!
                             have the Honolulu Lulu             plus they have a fantastic
                             pizza at Pizzaria                  red table wine with the
                             Classico for lunch and an          historic museum on the
                             ice cream cone from                label (Not Too Shabby
                              Stage Nine – Mary, Mary – Sierra Hersek
                              I am so excited. One of        Sierra is, of course,            Details:
                              my most wonderful             amazing in the play and           Stage Nine - 717 Sutter ST.
                              friends, Sierra Hersek, is    I’m sure you will love it!        RSVP – 916.353-1001
                              playing the lead in the
                              newest Stage Nine             The original play received        This weekend (July 3 & 5)
                              production of ‘Mary,          Tony Award recognition            the show will be on Friday
                              Mary’ (written by Jean        and holds the record for          8:00 p.m., or Sunday at
                              Kerr, and directed by         the longest running non-          4:00 p.m.
                              Charlie Holiday).             musical play on
                                                            Broadway.                         Seating is limited to 60
                              ‘Mary, Mary’ is a romantic                                      people so please hurry for
                              comedy of a ‘nearly-          For this weekend only             this weekend’s show deal!
                              divorced’ couple. Income      Stage Nine has agreed to
                              taxes, marriage, alimony,     offer 2 for 1 tickets - if        15% off your next purchase
                              divorce, weight-loss          you say you were referred         if you bring me your
                              programs, exercise, and       by Not Too Shabby!                program. The play runs
                              more are all served as                                          through July 26th.
                              part of this great comedy.

                              New Merchandise
                              This month new to the         I also brought in a very old    (approx), features 6 turned
                              store:                        cabinet that spent its          legs. Great beveled sides
                                                            previous life as a built-in.    and 5 leaves. Seats 10
                              Cabinets: This (pictured
                                                            I added a base and some         people comfortably.
                              on left) unbelievably
                                                            feet and viola! It is now a
                              beautiful vintage cabinet                                     Other: Several large
                                                            great cabinet for linens,
                              just arrived. It will look                                    chalkboards and a fantastic
                                                            dishes, and collectibles. I
                              great in the dining room,                                     salvaged molding piece that
                                                            didn’t touch the original
                              living room, kitchen, or                                      will be great as a coat rack or
                                                            paint and the wavy glass
                              office. With a great                                          to hang picture frames from.
                                                            cabinet doors are
                              combination of shelving
                                                            amazing.                        Pictures of all these items are
                              and drawers, you will be
                                                                                            on the website:
                              able to display your          Tables: The fantastic
                              collectibles with no          black table is here! It
                              problem.                      measures 48x94-inches

                              Thursday Night Market
“Life is good if there’s as   Thursday Night Market         tops, a great selection of        I’ve been keeping Not
much joy in work as in        has successfully kicked       vintage lighting, a               Too Shabby open till after
play. True passion can        off. With over 100            delicious Strawberry              8 on Thursday nights, and
ignite your life forever.     vendors lining Sutter         Rhubarb Pie, and of               I’ve brought in ice cold tea
And that you should
                              Street, it is the place to    course the Kettle Korn is         and refreshing lemonade
                              hang out on Thursday!         not to be missed.                 cake, (recipe in this
never pass up the
                                                                                              month’s newsletter)
opportunity to sneak a        My family has enjoyed the     Most of the vendors
nap.                          market. Let’s see, the        feature handmade or               The next market is
                              nectarines and melons         vintage items, or offer           Thursday, July 9th, so stop
  Karen Weir-Jimerson         were melt in your mouth       services within Folsom.           on by to say Hi and shop
                              ripe!                                                           for a bit!
                                                            I would say the vendors
                              Handmade doilies and          are definitely better quality
                              table scarves (made by a      this year and the
                              local lady), beautiful tank   entertainment is great.
Page 3 of 3                                                                      Not Too Shabby
Recipe – Lemonade Cake
I found this great recipe on the back of the Lemon Cake mix box. It is best
if you bake the cake the night before and pour on the lemonade mix,                    Not Too Shabby
letting it soak overnight, then frost in the morning. It is very refreshing!
1 Lemon cake mix (any brand), and all necessary cake ingredients                             306 Riley Street
¾ C Lemonade concentrate, thawed                                                            Folsom, CA 95630
¾ C powdered sugar
1 large can whipped frosting, Vanilla                                                         Spring Hours
Optional: raspberries for garnishing                                                      Open Monday, Tuesday,
                                                                                           Thursday, and Friday
Directions:                                                                                      11 – 6
                                                                                           Saturday 10:30-5:30
1) Make cake according to instructions, bake in the large cake pan.
                                                                                          Closed Wednesdays &
2) When the cake is done baking, remove from oven, place on cooling rack. Let cool              Sundays
10 minutes. Meanwhile, whisk together thawed lemonade concentrate and
powdered sugar (do not add water).                                            
3) Then using a fork, poke holes all over the top of the still warm cake.   Pour the
lemonade mixture over the top of the still warm cake.                                        (916) 985-8979
 4) Let the cake cool 2 hours or overnight. Frost and serve garnishing with

Don’t Forget These Dates:
Wednesday, July 1 Cattle Drive and BBQ – starts at 6:00 pm
Thursday, July 8             Thursday Night Market
Friday, July 3,              Half - Price tickets to Stage Nine’s
                              presentation of ‘Mary, Mary’ – 8:00 p.m
Sunday, July 5               Half - Price tickets to Stage Nine’s
                              presentation of ‘Mary, Mary’ – 8:00 p.m
                                                                                            “Nobody would do
.Saturday, July 25 – Sunday, August 9, closed for family                                     anything if they
vacation                                                                                     knew what they
                                                                                              were in for.”


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