Draft Policy Statements for Oriel Sixth Form

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					           Oriel Sixth Form

           Maidenbower Lane
              West Sussex
               RH10 7XW
             01293 880350
Email: sixthform@oriel.w-sussex.sch.uk

      Sixth Form Team 2009/10

 Head of Sixth Form: Ms Clair Polkey
Student Support Officer: Mrs S. Slayford

  Mr M. Whitley          Senior Tutor
  Mr O. Svoboda          Senior Tutor

  Mrs H. Knox          Personal Tutor
  Mr R. Maher          Personal Tutor
  Ms H. Nichols        Personal Tutor
  Mr P. Murtagh        Personal Tutor
  Mr C. Piper          Personal Tutor
  Miss V. Pooley       Personal Tutor
  Mr P. Reynolds       Personal Tutor
  Mr T. Storer         Personal Tutor
  Ms N. Thair          Personal Tutor
  Mr M. Vinnicombe     Personal Tutor

                          Oriel Sixth Form Code


You are a FULL TIME student. Sixth form courses are demanding and
move at a pace far faster than GCSEs. You will only progress if you
attend all lessons. You should attend Sixth Form for at least four
periods a day.

Students are required to register at 8.25am each day with their personal
tutor. Students will have one lunchtime tutorial session per week. Tutors
will make appointments with students for one-to-one appointments on a
regular basis.

Students in year 13 are authorised one flexi-day per week. They should
arrive in adequate time to prepare for their first timetabled activity on this
day. This flexi-day will be agreed with their tutor at the start of the year.
If a student is failing to demonstrate commitment to their studies this
privilege may be revoked.

If you are unwell, someone from home (not the student) must ring Mrs
Slayford before 8.25am. If a student is unwell for any extended period of
time Mrs Slayford will collate and send home missed work.

Attendance at tutorial sessions and One-to-One meetings is a
requirement of your place at Oriel Sixth Form. You must always give top
priority to your full time education and be prepared to attend whenever a
member of staff requests you to.

Some timetabled lessons for Sixth Form will take place from 2:40-3:40

You will be expected to complete one hour of private study for every one
hour of timetabled lessons.

You should arrive on time for all lessons; persistent lateness will be
treated as non-attendance.

Holidays during term time in the Sixth form will not be agreed to.

External appointments must not be made during any timetabled session
(including lessons, private study, tutor time, or enrichment sessions). It is
therefore expected that you will not miss timetabled components for any
of the following:

Driving lessons
Driving theory tests
Part time paid work
Part time voluntary work
Interviews/ training for part time paid work

Students whose practical driving test or hospital appointment falls in a
timetabled session or those requiring ‘Special leave of absence’ should
approach Ms Polkey directly for consent.

Students whose overall attendance rate or attendance to lessons in
one or more subjects is below 95% will be asked to pay for their
exam entries; unless there has been an agreement with Ms Polkey,
Head of Sixth form.

Behaviour expectations and attitude to study

As role models for younger students and as ambassadors for Oriel Sixth
Form you are expected to demonstrate respect for: each other; the right
of others to learn; the adults you work with; and the environment we
share. As a consequence, you can expect to be treated with equal
respect by others.

Failure to behave in a manner appropriate for a sixth form student will
result in you being placed on a monitoring contract and may result in you
being asked to leave the Sixth Form.


The Sixth Form Committee has agreed a ‘Smart Casual’ dress code. It is
therefore expected that you will dress in a manner appropriate for study
that reflects positively your individual identity and the values of the Sixth
The following guidance clarifies this code:
No clothing with large or offensive messages or logos.
No hats/caps inside school buildings.
No combat trousers or tracksuits.
No inappropriate footwear (e.g. flip-flops) or other clothing/styling
(including jewellery) that could create a health and safety concern.

On occasion, you will be asked to wear formal attire. This should
comprise black skirt/ trousers/ suit and a white shirt or white formal top.
You will always receive 24 hours notice of this requirement, and should
be advised that formal dress will be required whenever you are
representing the Sixth Form as well as more infrequent occasions.
Please ensure you have these formal clothes for the start of year 12.

Equality and Diversity

Oriel Sixth Form pursues equality of opportunity for all. All members of
the Sixth Form have the right to be free from discrimination, victimisation
or harassment on the grounds of gender; racial, national or ethnic origin;
religion or belief; disability; age; sexual orientation; or social background.
You should approach the Sixth Form Office if you have concerns about
our provision for equality.
Oriel Sixth Form follows O.H.S. policy on bullying.

Part time paid employment

You must balance any paid employment with your commitment to being
a full time student. At the beginning of the year you will be asked to sign
an agreement that you will not work more than 12 hours of paid
employment each week. You will be expected to keep your tutor
informed of who you are employed by and in what capacity.


Smoking is not permitted on or near the school site.
You must not bring alcohol onto the site, nor must you attend Sixth Form
having recently consumed alcohol.
The possession of illegal drugs on site will result in you being asked to
leave the Sixth Form permanently.

                  Sixth Form Facilities and Provision

Common Room

The Common Room is a social and communal area for exclusive use of
the Sixth Form. Students are expected to behave responsibly and to
keep the room clean and tidy, ensuring all rubbish is put in the bins

Private Study

The Sixth Form Study Room is provided for quiet study and contains a
range of resources for students use. It is expected that students will
maintain this room’s purpose, therefore eating and the use of mobile
phones will not be accepted.
Mrs Slayford and the Senior tutor team will be available in the Study
Room to support students in all aspects of Sixth Form life.

Student Parking

Limited student parking will be provided for permit holders on a limited
basis. To qualify for a permit you will need to have passed your practical
moped/motorcycle/ car test and been in possession of a full licence for
at least one month.
Applications for permits will be available from the Sixth Form Office.
Once you receive your full licence you may collect an application form
from Ms Polkey or Mrs Slayford.

Students may only park in designated student spaces. Parking in the
drop off bays opposite the school is not permitted.

Use of ICT/ Mobile Phones/MP3 players
Mobile phones and MP3 players must be switched off during lessons
and whenever you are in conversation with a member of staff. Students
are expected to use ICT facilities in a responsible manner, in line with
the O.H.S. code.


The Sixth Form Common Room provides facilities and an appropriate
environment for students to consume food. Students should not
consume food or drinks, other than acceptable bottled drinks, in any
other part of the school. The Oriel Students’ Union will be charged with
developing and promoting a culture of healthy eating.

Oriel Students’ Union
As a student at Oriel Sixth Form you will be a member of the Student
Union. In the first few weeks of term there will be a number of events
leading up to elections for Union positions. These positions are open to

The Student Union will represent the voice of Oriel Sixth Form students.
The Union will meet regularly and work with a number of individuals and
groups to shape the direction of the Sixth Form.

The Student Union will operate alongside a number of specific ‘single
interest’ groups, such as:
‘RAG’ week committee; planning charity and fundraising activities
Academic Student Council; Student representatives from each course

Get involved if you want to influence the social and academic life of Oriel
Sixth Form!

                            Student Finances


Application forms for students wishing to apply for Educational
Maintenance Allowance are available from Mrs Slayford.
Students who are eligible for EMA will only receive payment where they
have fulfilled all expectations for attendance. Absence will result in non-
payment of EMA for that entire week.
EMA bonuses will only be authorised where a student has fulfilled all the
requirements of their chosen courses and the general expectations of
Oriel Sixth Form.

Sixth Form Fund

All students enrolling at Oriel Sixth Form pay a one off registration fee of
£25. This pays for your student diary in both years and is used to
support events and opportunities provided for the Sixth Form, including
Induction, Enrichment, trips and events. This fee is payable at
registration in September. This fee will be waived where evidence of
Income Support is provided.

Equipment Deposit

Students will be required to make a payment of £50 at the start of their
Sixth Form studies as an equipment deposit. This enables their subjects
to provide them with non-consumable items (including core text books).
This deposit will be returned in full providing all resources are returned in
an acceptable condition at the end of the student’s studies. Deductions
will be made for lost or damaged items. Some subjects, for example Arts
and Technology subjects may require students to buy ‘consumable’
resources throughout the course.

Any student experiencing hardship that is affecting their study can
approach the Sixth Form office in confidence.

                        Disciplinary Procedures

The Sixth Form code aims to support all students and enable them to
fulfil their potential. Extensive support is made available where a student
is finding Sixth Form life challenging. However, students who fail to
follow the Sixth Form Code or are failing to commit academically may be
placed on a monitoring contract and / or asked to leave the Sixth Form

                          Key Dates 2009/2010

Monday 14th Sept 6.45pm…..Y12 Parents’ Meeting ‘Success in 6th Form’
September 28th- October 2nd …………. Preliminary Assessment Week
Thursday 8th October…………………Parent/Tutor Consultation Evening
3rd December……………………....Year 12 Subject Consultation Evening
4th December………………………………..Year 13 Full Reports available
January 5th -30th ………………………January Module Exams and Mocks
March 18th …………… ….Year 13 Parent / Subject Consultation Evening
March 31st…………………………………...Year 12 Full Reports available
April 20th-30th…………………………………………..Higher Education Fair
May 1st onwards ………………………………………… AS Exams begin*
Wednesday 9th June ……………… Full timetable of events resumes**
Thursday 19th August………………………………………..AS Results Day
Friday 20th August …………………………………………AS Results Clinic

* Study Leave for Students: Students will attend all lessons in each
subject up to the final exam in that subject. The only exception will be
where a student has a timetabled exam; they may miss lessons in the
half day preceding this exam. It is the student’s responsibility to notify
teaching staff of any lessons they will miss for this reason.
** All year 12 Students will follow a full programme of study and events
in this period, no holidays will be authorised.