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       By Victoria Peterson
       Dated: Dec 15, 2008 is a blog that contains several useful information for the MBA school
       applicant. First, it has several free samples of MBA personal statement for site visitors.

       Getting an MBA has become one of the best ways to advance one's career. But because many are eager to
       get an MBA and only a limited number of slots in the top business schools are available, admissions
       committees need to raise their already-high standards further. MBA school applicants with impressive
       GPAs can easily secure a slot in the MBA schools they are applying to. But if an applicant is an average
       student, he or she needs an excellently written MBA personal statement as leverage. An outstanding MBA
       personal statement can enable an applicant to get the last slot in a top business school.

        For all business school applicants to get into the best business schools, can be
       their one-stop online resource in their application to the MBA school of their choice. For one, has several free examples of MBA personal statements. The blog also lists
       relevant tips on writing the applicant's own personal statement for his or her MBA application.

        Free examples of MBA personal statements

        Business school applicants who visit will be delighted to know that the blog
       posts free samples of MBA personal statements regularly. The examples are applications of the writing tips
       offered in the website and are even similar to some of the quality MBA personal statements submitted to
       business schools. Although the examples of MBA personal statements do not strictly conform to the
       specific instructions of business schools, the examples can still be read as a guide and source of ideas.

        The examples of MBA personal statements presented by the site are important because they allow business
       school applicants to be familiar with the qualities of an excellent MBA personal statement. Applicants can
       analyze the content and structure of the examples of MBA personal statements for research purposes. On
       the other hand, applicants can take a look at the MBA personal statements so that they can also make their
       own essays unique, personal, and attention-grabbing.

        MBA personal statement writing tips

        Being college graduates, applicants are already capable of writing essays. But to make their MBA personal
       statements exceptional, applicants must use tips on writing effective MBA admission essays. In, business school applicants will find techniques and how-to articles on avoiding
       plagiarism, avoiding mistakes when writing MBA personal statements, and including only the necessary
       details in MBA personal statements. Many of the said techniques and how-to articles were written with
       MBA admission essays as the focus, but they can also be applied to other types of personal statements to a
       certain extent.

        The MBA personal statement writing tips are important especially for business school applicants who
       intend to use their personal statements as they key to getting into the MBA school of their choice. By
       reading the MBA personal statement writing tips, applicants learn how to think smart and write smart. And
       if they apply the tips to their own MBA personal statements, applicants can surely impress business school
       admissions committees and get one of the limited slots in these educational institutions.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

Profiles on business schools

 Without needing to visit business school websites, applicants can learn a little about the schools in It has articles on business school profiles and related information such as MBA
programs and specializations, curriculums, extracurricular activities, financial assistance, and student
lodging. By reading the articles on business schools, applicants can discover the top business schools and
make informed decisions on their MBA options.

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