PRESCHOOL CONTEXT STATEMENT                                      Updated: 17/3/2005

Centre number:            3661

Centre name:              Mount Compass Preschool

1.   General information
    Centre name
       :Mount Compass Preschool
    Centre number
    Preschool Director
        Rosalie Langley-Watson
    Postal address
        :P.O. Box 82 Mount Compass Preschool 5210
    Location address
        :Oval Rd. Mount Compass 5210
    Telephone number
    Fax number
    e-mail address
    DETE District
       :Southern Sea and Vines
    Geographical location – ie road distance from GPO (km)
    Enrolment/Attendance
        :20 children
    Co-located/stand-alone
        :stand alone
    Programs operating
    Pre Entry
          :operating on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings
    Sessional Kindergarten for eligible children
           :4 sessions-Tuesday all day, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning.
    Occasional Care (indicate whether funded or unfunded)
           : not applicable
    Extended Care
    Lunch/Full Day Program
           : children stay for lunch on Tuesdays.
    Bilingual Support
    Preschool Support
           :2 children being supported

2.   Key Centre Policies
    Centre Priorities/Statement of Purpose
       :Mount Compass Preschool provides a welcoming environment, working in
       partnership with families and the local community by valuing their input in
       providing a quality preschool program within a safe, caring, responsive and
       stimulating environment.

3.   Curriculum
    Framework used: SACSA
        :Early Years Curriculum is one of our Strategic Directions for the next 3
        years- the objective being to improve learning outcomes for children
        through the implementation of S.A.C.S.A.
    Core Values
        :We provide an educational program valuing play, individuality, positive self
        esteem and self motivation for children in the year prior to starting school,
        for early and extended enrolment for children with special needs and for
        Aboriginal children from 3 years of age. This involves the use of the South
        Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability Framework which
        provides a basis for planning and assessing children's learning.
    Specific curriculum approaches
       :A further Strategic Direction is the Preschool Learning Environment-
       improving children's learning outcomes in developing the skills required in
       caring and taking responsibility for the environment in which they learn and
    Joint programmes/special curriculum projects
        :To increase the involvement of our families in improving our leaning areas.
4.   Centre Based Staff
    Staff Profile
        :2 staff- .5 Director. .5 Teacher
    Performance Management Program
        : the Improvement Priorities are;
            1. To improve Literacy
            2. To improve the Transition program
            3. To improve the Outdoor Area
    Access to special support staff
        :A Speech Pathologist from D.E.T.E visits regularly throughout the term
        according to the current speech needs at the centre. We also have access
        to other special support staff -such as child psychologist- as the need
        arises. There is also a support worker currently working at our centre.

5.   Centre Facilities
    Buildings and grounds
        The centre building is owned by D.E.T.E. and was opened in 1980. The
        land is leased from the Council. Extensions have occurred in recent years
        to add some additional space to the inside and also to extend the verandah
        and paving which overlooks a spacious outdoor area. The outdoor area
        includes a large sandpit, jetty, clatter bridge, play platform and wooden
        cubby, with lots of native trees and open space to create a lovely
    Capacity (per session)
       :approx. 26
    Centre Ownership
    Access for children and staff with disabilities
        :There is wheelchair access.

6.   Local Community (intended for country preschools)
    General characteristics: (eg. types of work available, languages usually
     spoken at home, local developments)
        :Mount Compass Preschool is a small rural preschool catering for families
        within the Mount Compass, Nangkita, Yundi, Mount Jagged, Myponga and
        as far away as Goolwa and Aldinga areas .Occupations of families range
        from farming, local and small business to city and suburb employment.
   Parent and community involvement in the preschool
       :Mount Compass is a supportive community- within a small preschool there
       are supportive parents involved within the centre through the Governing
   Schools to which children generally transfer from this preschool
       :Most of our children will attend the Mount Compass Area School, which is
       situated alongside the Preschool. A small number sometimes attend
       Tatachilla Lutheran School, Encounter Lutheran School or Investigator
   Other local care and educational facilities, eg child care, schools, OSHC
       :There is a Family Day Care/creche facility held nearby.
   Commercial/industrial and shopping facilities
      :There is a small group of local shops nearby and local businesses( eg.
      Strawberry farm, Venison, alpacas and dairy farming)
   Other local facilities, eg medical, sporting, social, cultural, recreational
       :There is a nearby Doctor's Surgery, local community hall,and we are
       situated above the oval- there is a high sporting interest and involvement
       within Mount Compass.
   Availability of staff housing
   Accessibility to Adelaide and relevant major centres, including public transport
    and its availability, frequency and cost (especially by air), road quality
       :We are close enough to communicate and access Adelaide, Noarlunga
       and Victor Harbor
   Local Government body (name, phone number), availability of publications
    describing the local area (with source, cost), characteristics, level of
       :We are in the District Council of Alexandrina 85552202. A Family and
       Community Directory is available free, linking families and the community.

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