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									  Hayling Island Community Board

             Minutes of meeting held on Monday 9 February 2009 at 7.00pm
                   at The Bridge Centre, Beach Road, Hayling Island

                                     Action Notes
Present: Community Board Members:

Terry Worrall                  Chairman/Resident
Paul Dennison                  Resident/Bridge Centre/Pride of Place
Tony Higham                    Resident
Roy Jones                      Resident
Cllr Andy Lenaghan             Havant Borough Council (HBC)
John Perry                     Hayling Island Residents’ Association (HIRA)/
                               Neighbourhood Watch (NHW)
Linda Woodage                  Resident
Present: Others:
Helen Wood                     Community Boards’ Support Officer
Sergeant Steve Pratley         Hayling Island Safer Neighbourhood Team, Hampshire
Kayleigh Houghton              PCSO
Robyn Lyons                    HBC
1 member of the public
1.    Introduction and Apologies
      Terry Worrall welcomed all to the meeting.
      Apologies had been received from:
      Nigel Chilcott      Vice Chairman/Havant Community Partnership (HCP) Board
                             Representative/Faith Groups
      Paul Fisher         Hayling Island Residents’ Association (HIRA)
      Phil Gooch           Resident
      Mike Treadwell      North East Hayling Residents Association (NEHRA)
      Colin Turner         Hayling Island Health Centre
      Zachary Allgood     Youth Café/Community Library Panel
      Donna Field          Youth Worker
2.     Action Notes from Previous Meeting/Matters Arising

      The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
       Proposed: Andy Lenaghan                     Seconded: Paul Dennison
     Matters Arising:
     Item 2 Eastoke Access Roy Jones reported that the Access Group had visited
     the area and would be discussing this further. He disagreed with the belief that
     the greater part of the promenade was impassable during the winter and felt that
     a concrete ramp should be provided. It was suggested that a site meeting would
     be useful and it was confirmed that Roy Jones had the support of the Community
     Board as it was felt that access was important. Roy Jones to contact HBC.           RJ
     Item 4 Transport information requested had not been received from David
     Rossiter (Stagecoach). Helen Wood to pursue.                                        HW
3.   Environmental Quality Ranger’s Report
     There was no Environmental Ranger present at the meeting.
4.   Supplementary Planning Documents
     Robyn Lyons, Senior Policy Planner at Havant Borough Council provided
     information on two Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD)
          Residential Parking and Cycle Standards and
          Borough Design Guide.
     Supplementary Planning Documents formed part of the Local Development
     Framework (LDF), the new type of plan system that replaced the old style Local
     Plans. SPDs would be used when planning applications were determined as part
     of the policy framework.
     Documents and policies would be based on ’sound’ evidence, public consultation
     was an integral part of formulating the documents and once adopted the SPDs
     would be used in the Development Control process.
     Residential Car Parking Standards
     Information was provided on:
          the main objectives of the SPD
          the current position (a draft document would be produced)
          the required number of parking spaces (based on the number of bedrooms
           in a property but with a reduced standard in areas such as Havant Town
     The SPD would also cover issues such as:
         Size and arrangement of car parking spaces
         Visitor and disabled parking on residential development
         Crime reduction techniques in parking provision
         Use of loose gravel etc.
     Public consultation would take place during the summer, probably June/July and
     comments on the draft SPD would be welcomed from the Community Board
     during the consultation process.
     Following discussion included:
         Possible assumption that older people had less need for parking space
            even in sheltered accommodation
         Utilisation and size of garages and sufficient storage in garden sheds.

            Robyn Lyons confirmed that there would be minimum garage sizes
           The need to balance national planning policy and local desires (If national
            guidelines were not followed it was likely an appeal would be lost)
           The determining of ‘Accessibility zones’ e.g. areas around town centres
            where less cars required
           Despite Government policy, people would still use their cars especially
            when living on an island
           all views would be considered during the consultation period and
            comments were welcome from the Community Board either before or
            during the consultation period
           Implementation of the SPD and the effect on development such as the
            Rose in June (It was hoped that this would be adopted approximately
            November 2009)
     There was a discussion regarding various developments where there had been
     issues with parking etc.
     Borough Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document
     Information provided on the Borough Design Guide included:
          Reasons for producing an SPD
          What the Guide would include e.g. case studies to illustrate good design
     It was confirmed that a well designed property should have character and identity,
     defined street, attractive outdoor spaces and variety. Community Board members
     were encouraged to inform Adele Maher at Havant Borough Council of any recent
     building considered to be well designed.
     Following discussion included:
         Recognition that the SPD would be valuable for future development
         Change of use e.g. retail to residential. Robyn Lyons confirmed that this
            would be covered by planning applications
         Availability of relevant books/documents. It was confirmed that these could
            be purchased and were available on the website.
     Thanks were passed to Robyn Lyons for attending the meeting and for the
     information provided.
5.   Public Open Session
     A resident questioned the current situation regarding the Rose in June. No
     information was available on this subject. A short discussion followed raising
     concern over empty properties which were not maintained and were left looking
     shabby, untidy and were possibly unsafe. It was felt that regulations were
     needed to improve the look of the community. Robyn Lyons confirmed that it was
     possible to involve planning if such properties could be seen from a public site
     e.g. a road. All agreed this was a frustrating issue.
6.   Community Safety
     Sgt Steve Pratley introduced new PCSO Kayleigh Houghton and confirmed that
     Hayling Island had a full complement of PCSOs. PC Andy Peters had retired
     after 30 years service leaving a vacancy. It was questioned whether staffing cuts
     were likely to affect police on Hayling Island. Sgt Pratley confirmed he was not

     aware of any proposed cuts on Hayling Island.
     An article had been placed in the Hayling Islander regarding station opening
     hours and everyone was encouraged to respond with ideas to the email address
     Details regarding the mobile police station, which was proving very popular, had
     also been advertised in the Hayling Islander. Information would be forwarded to
     John Perry for the Hayling Island Community Board web site.                           SP
     Following concerns regarding speeding in Southwood Road, raised at a previous
     meeting, an operation held over 6/7 hours had resulted in 40 cautions and the
     issue of 15/20 FPNs. It was confirmed that the more complaints received the
     more time would be spent in an area and other issues could be considered e.g.
     re-engineering of the road, speed limits etc. Seafront remained an enforcement
     site and the Road Policing Engineering Officer would have been involved in any
     discussions regarding the construction of a refuge area at the junction with Bound
     Thanks were passed to Sgt Steve Pratley for attending the meeting.
7.   Event Money
     Terry Worrall reminded Community Board members that £1,100 ‘Event’ money
     remained to advertise/promote the Community Board and needed to be spent by
     31 March 2009. It was agreed that a notice board should be purchased,
     incorporating a plaque for Eastoke Plaza. Andy Lenaghan to check cost
     (provisionally allow £500). £1,000 should be donated to the Easter event ‘Playing     AL
     on the Plaza and an invoice requested from Dale Norman. Tony Higham to                TH
     pursue and to inform Terry Worrall of outcome. If this was not possible the money
     could be used for an event at the Bridge Centre.
8.   HCP Board Update
     Terry Worrall reported that it had been agreed at the last HCP Board meeting that
     Community Boards would be restricted to attending two meetings per annum. It
     was felt that the Community Boards were being ‘demoted’, with less opportunity
     for their voices to be heard. The Chairman would welcome a meeting of all
     Community Board Chairmen.
     Full minutes of the Havant Community Partnership Board meetings could be seen
     at www.hcp-partnership.org.uk
9.   Youth
     Concern was expressed at the lack of youth representatives for several meetings
     although it was recognised that both worked hard and were undertaking exams.
     A contact name was provided at the College for possible future youth
     Paul Dennison reported that a Youth Club had started at the Bridge Centre for
     Year 10/11 students (aged 15/16 years) who were all exceptionally well behaved.
     Younger groups continued to meet at the Youth Café.

10.   Open Forum for Community Board Members
      Funding for Eastoke Corner. Terry Worrall reported on a meeting he and Paul
      Fisher had attended with Cllr Briggs, Peter Vince and Julie Boschi regarding
      Eastoke Corner.
      Terry’s report gave rise to the following questions:
          Whether the money for Eastoke Corner had been banked
          The amount of money spent on consultants
          Reasons given at the recent ‘Have Your Say’ meeting as to why the project
             had not been completed, why costs had escalated, safety issues and the
             moving of the crossing.
          It had been agreed in 2004/5 to spend Liveability money on a strategic
             project at Eastoke Corner
          If the money was not used at Eastoke Corner it should be passed to a
             secondary project in the locality e.g.
               a) concrete ramp to improve access
               b) chevron parking around bend
               c) improvements to the layout of the Plaza
          Concern that money could be used as a contribution to Sea Change and
             Access to Nature Funding for a sculpture Trail between Central
             Beachlands and West Beach where a possible new Watersports Centre
             would be located
          Possibly referring the matter to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
      Forthright views were expressed about the way this project had been dealt with
      and the Community Board strongly supported the remaining monies being spent
      at Eastoke. It was confirmed that this would also be supported by the Residents
      Association. A copy of the minutes to be sent to Cllr Briggs. Helen Wood to           HW
      inform Terry Worrall when these had been sent and Terry Worrall would speak to        TW
      Cllr Briggs.
      Terry Worrall spoke of the ‘excellent’ letter written by John Perry and Phil Gooch
      to Havant Borough Council, concerning planning development at Selsmore Road.
      Roy Jones reported on a Library Panel meeting. Hayling Island Library would
      close from May to July for lottery funded works to be undertaken. Tony Higham
      spoke of the MTI Heritage Group contributing to an area of the Library.
      A defect on the planning pages of HBC website had been reported and was being
      followed up by HBC.
      The development of 9/10 flats at the end of St Catherines Road had received
      planning approval approximately 2 years ago.
      Terry Worrall confirmed that the April AGM would be discussed at the next             HW
      meeting and that the Community Board was looking for new members. Andy
      Lenaghan to contact the Hayling Islander regarding advertising.                       AL
11.   Date of Next Meeting
      Monday, 9 March 2009, 7.00 p.m. at The Bridge Centre, Beach Road, Hayling

Top Ten streets by crime type for the date period between :-
01/01/2009 00:00:00 and 31/01/2009 00:00:00          Hayling Island

Street Name                     Violent       Street Name             House
                                Crimes                                Burgs

SEA FRONT                            6        WHEATLANDS AVENUE          1
OLD SCHOOL DRIVE                     3                                   1
CHURCH ROAD                          2
CREEK ROAD                           1
EASTWOOD CLOSE                       1
ELM GROVE                            1
FISHERMANS WALK                      1
GUTNER LANE                          1
ITHICA CLOSE                         1
KINGS ROAD                           1
MANOR ROAD                           1
RESTAWYLE AVENUE                     1
SEA FRONT ESTATE                     1
SOUTHWOOD ROAD                       1
STATION ROAD                         1

Street Name                     Damage        Street Name             Vehicle
SEA FRONT                            4        GILBERT MEAD               1
GOLDRING CLOSE                       2        HAVANT ROAD                1
MARINE WALK                          2        KINGS ROAD                 1
SOUTHWOOD ROAD                       2        MENGHAM LANE               1
ST MARYS ROAD                        2        MILL RYTHE LANE            1
BACON LANE                           1        RESTAWYLE AVENUE           1
CHURCH ROAD                          1        SOUTHWOOD ROAD             1
CREEK ROAD                           1                                   7
ELM GROVE                            1
HAVANT ROAD                          1
HOLLOW LANE                          1
ITHICA CLOSE                         1
OLD SCHOOL DRIVE                     1
STAMFORD AVENUE                      1
STATION ROAD                         1

Street Name                   All Other

ELM GROVE                          5
SOUTHWOOD ROAD                     3
BEACH ROAD                         2
HAVANT ROAD                        2

SEA FRONT                   2
EASTOKE AVENUE              1
FISHERY LANE                1
GREEN LANE                  1
HOLLOW LANE                 1
KINGS ROAD                  1
MARINE WALK                 1
MENGHAM ROAD                1
SANDY POINT ROAD            1
STATION ROAD                1
STAUNTON AVENUE             1
YEW TREE ROAD               1

            Total Crime
JAN-09          JAN-08
80              77
            Year to Date
Apr 08/09       Apr 07/08
1006            954


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