COMMANDING OFFICER
                            MARINE CORPS AIR STATION
                                   YUMA, AZ
                              EQUAL OPPORTUNITY

As the Commanding Officer of Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, AZ, I am fully committed to
Equal Opportunity. My intent is to integrate Equal Opportunity and Diversity into every aspect
of the Air Station way of life. My desire is to provide a positive, proactive, and equal opportunity
environment for all service members, and civilian employees without regard to age, race, color,
gender, religion, disability, or national origin.

I hold all individuals in a leadership position responsible for identifying, eliminating, correcting
or preventing illegal discriminatory practices, and promoting harmonious professional
relationships among service members of the Air Station. Each service member of the Air Station
is a valuable asset to our mission, and as such bears the responsibility of promoting an
environment of mutual respect and dignity.

No form of discrimination to include Sexual Harassment will be tolerated within the Air
Station. Discrimination undermines morale and lowers self-esteem while adversely impacting
unit cohesion, which ultimatery distracts from the mission of the Air Station. Discriminatory
conduct is contrary to the core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment; most importantly,
it's illegal.

I recommend that individuals try to resolve issues first by utilizing the Informal Resolution
System (IRS), when possible, or notify the chain of command to resolve issues at the lowest
level. The preferred method for filing a formal complaint is Request Mast.

Reprisal, intimidation or further harassment as a result of a complaint will not be tolerated
under any circumstances. If you believe you have been the victim of reprisal, you should
notify your chain of command via your Equal Opportunity Representative. Setting the right
example and exhibiting core values through daily conduct will make the Air Station's team
stronger, and enhances our ability to accomplish the mission. I will not tolerate any actions that
are inconsistent with our core values. Leaders at all levels will ensure the contents of this policy
and the intent of the Equal Opportunity Program are understood and adhered to it all times. Any
questions can be directed to my Equal Opportunity Advisor at (928) 269-2529. Civilian and
non-appropriated fund employees contact your HRO with questions or for assistance.

                                    M. A. WERTH
                              COLONEL, U. S. MARINE CORPS
                                COMMANDING OFFICER

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