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                       March 2005
Buccleuch & Greyfriars Free Church                                 March 2005

MINISTER’S UPDATE                          the past year. The cost of the
As mentioned later in this                 proposed renovations (already
newsletter, at the AGM on                  estimated) should be well
Wednesday 30th March there                 within that figure (detailed
will be discussion of a                    figures will be available nearer
feasibility study the Deacons’             the time), and it is proposed that
Court will present concerning              the cost of the renovations be
the renovation of the building.            taken from that donation.
A proposal will be put to the                     It         is         entirely
congregational             meeting         understandable that there may
including:                                 be      some       questions     and
1.     The replacement of the              misgivings in the congregation
heating system with a system               about these proposals. After all,
that will comply with health and           they       will    involve     some
safety        regulations      and         considerable upheaval, and not
efficiency standards,                      inconsiderable cost, in addition
2.     The replacement of the              to changing the look and feel of
pews       with     much      more         the interior of the church. That
comfortable and aesthetically              being       so,    what    is     the
pleasing,        high       quality,       justification for the changes?
upholstered wooden chairs,                        First, no major work has
3.     The carpeting of the                been carried out on the church
whole floor with industrial                since the extensive repairs to
quality carpet,                            the stonework and spire and the
4.     The redecoration of the             creation of the hall a quarter of
church.                                    a century ago. A building the
Some of these items, such as the           age       of    Buccleuch      needs
heating and the redecoration,              constant attention and the
are essential, but equally, if the         Deacons’ court have sought to
pews       are     not    replaced,        ensure that the building has
considerable resources will                been kept wind and watertight
need to be expended to make                over these years. However, it
them more presentable and                  has been apparent to most of us
comfortable.                               that over recent years the
       In the providence of God,           building has begun to look
Buccleuch were gifted the                  shabby.         We have already
considerable sum of £50,000 in             begun to address this by repairs

Buccleuch & Greyfriars Free Church                                 March 2005

to the wall, railings and gates at         don’t refer here to the welcome
the entrance, and by the recent            of the people, but the welcome
tarmacking of the front and side           of the building!)        When we
areas. Various external repairs            invite friends and acquaintances
will continue to be carried out            into our homes, we want our
over the next few months.                  homes to look attractive, to be
However, it is apparent, when              comfortable and to express
one looks at the interior of the           something        of     our     own
building with fresh eyes, that it          personalities. Why should we
looks dingy, dirty and shabby              do any less for a building that is
and is in need of some TLC                 dedicated to the welcoming of
(tender loving care)!                      sinners into the kingdom of
      Second,              previous        God?          Something        about
generations have given us an               dwelling      in     cedar-panelled
amazing resource in what is a              houses and neglecting the house
very elegant and historic                  of God comes to mind!
building and it is our duty to                   Fourthly, as far as the
look after it, and ensure that it is       heating is concerned, it is
attractive and useful for this             obvious that the present system
age. Something that has been               is inadequate, dangerous and
brought home to me in recent               inefficient, and has reached the
times has been the fact that in            end of its useful life.
this postmodern age, having an                   Obviously, we will all
old gothic building is by no               have to consider these proposals
means a disadvantage (it might             carefully over the next few
even be attractive to Goths!)              weeks. For myself personally, I
Certainly, a building that                 think the time has come to take
resonates with a long spiritual            a decisive step in making the
history, is a distinct attraction –        interior     of     the     building
not only for local postmoderns             comfortable       and     attractive,
but also for international                 particularly for visitors and the
students.                                  infirm.
      However, thirdly, that                                 Alex MacDonald
does not mean that we can be
content with having a building             ASSISTANT MINISTER’S UPDATE
that looks uncared for and is not               "Do not be afraid; keep on
welcoming to people (and I                 speaking, do not be silent. For I

Buccleuch & Greyfriars Free Church                             March 2005

am with you, and no one is               people in this city.
going to attack and harm you,                  Not only are there many
because I have many people in            Christians in this city, there are
this city." (Acts 18:9 – 10)             many who are seeking Jesus.
       These words originally            Are we willing to speak, willing
spoken by God to the Apostle             to share, willing to welcome?
Paul were given as words of              All of these questions challenge
encouragement on Friday night            us to act and respond to God
when Ruairidh MacRae was                 and his word. As we have just
inducted as minister of the              celebrated the Lord’s supper, let
Paisley Free Church. Let us              us pray that many who as yet
remember Ruairidh and Audra              are       uncommitted         and
as they begin a new chapter in           unconverted would find their
their lives and in the life of the       faith and hope resting in Jesus.
Paisley Church and pray for the          Pray that friendships made
community in Paisley. More               through BG’s, campaigners,
than most large towns, Paisley           International meals, Bethany
has a growing culture of drugs,          Outreach, the Big Questions
violence and crime. Only the             and many other ministries
gospel can truly break these             would grow and deepen. Please
destructive cycles of despair.           pray for the people that I visit
Please pray for my friend Kevin          regularly in prison and the men
who lives in Paisley and is              who attend the church services
trying to redirect his life. Kevin       that they would hear and
is a young man with great                respond to the message of
potential but he needs God’s             Jesus. Pray for Donnie now in
help to make the right decisions         Polmont and Jason who has
and to choose the right path in          recently been released.
life.                                          These things are beyond
       These words in Acts               our ability to achieve or even
remind us here in Edinburgh              attempt but God is able to work
that we do not need to be afraid         in us and to use us in his
and that God wants us to keep            service. We need to pray and
on speaking, to keep on serving          seek the Lord’s blessing.
and to keep on praying. We are           Remember the words of Jesus,
never alone because God is with          "Ask and it will be given to
us and because God has many              you; seek and you will find;

Buccleuch & Greyfriars Free Church                              March 2005

knock and the door will be                DATES FOR YOUR DIARY
opened to you. For everyone
who asks receives; he who                 Congregational AGM
seeks finds; and to him who               The Annual meeting of the
knocks, the door will be                  congregation is due to take
opened.” (Matthew 7:7 – 8) In             place on Wednesday 30th
this coming month, may we                 March at 7.30 pm. Not only
each be resolved to ask, seek             will there be the usual reports
and knock with faith that God             (including the financial report),
will answer our prayers and               but there will also be discussion
direct our lives.                         of a feasibility study the
                  Yours faithfully,       Deacons’ Court is engaged in at
                     Bob Akroyd           present     into    a   proposed
                                          renovation of the Church
Bereavement                               building (for more details see
The congregation were greatly             minister’s update).
saddened to hear of the deaths                  Please make every effort
of two babies of families                 to attend this meeting so that
connected         with        the         the Deacons’ Court may be
congregation. First, John and             fully informed of the views of
Catherine (née Mackay, Willie             the congregation.
and Ena daughter and Eric's                                Alex MacDonald
sister) lost their baby at 7
months into the pregnancy.                Student Lunch
Then Findlay and Jen Macleod              Young people (and not so
lost their baby Emily Louise              young people) mark your
just after birth. Emily's funeral         calendars: Friday afternoons
was held in Buccleuch on                  1pm – Free food at Buccleuch!
Wednesday 16th February.                  Please come along and bring
       Our hearts go out to both          your friends!
these couples in their sad loss,
but we are thankful to God that           Prayer Breakfasts
he is upholding them. Please              We continue to meet weekly at
continue to pray for them.                9am on Saturday mornings for
                 Alex MacDonald           prayer, food and fellowship.
                                          Thanks to all who have made
                                          these breakfasts possible and

Buccleuch & Greyfriars Free Church                            March 2005

thanks to all who attend. If you         The weekly topics are:
haven’t been able come, please           6th March Acts of the Apostles
stop by one Saturday morning             15th May The Letters: Romans
to enjoy this special time of            to Philemon
fellowship and prayer together.          22nd May The Letters: Hebrews
                                         to 3 John
Home Bible Study                         29th May Revelation
The next home bible study will
be on Wednesday 9th March. A             The Big W
study sheet with details about           The next meeting of the Big W
the venues and the topic will be         takes place on Friday 4th March
available in the hall. If you            at 7:30pm in the church hall.
haven't come along to a home             The title this month is ‘Moving
bible study yet, please consider         on – career choices. The
coming - it is a great way to            speaker will be Rev. Bill
meet people and to get to know           Denholm, Associate Pastor of
the Bible better.                        Charlotte Baptist Chapel. He
                                         will speak from a Biblical point
Youth Fellowship                         of view and from his own
 6 Mar Liberty of conscience             experience.
        and legalism                           A questionnaire will be
13 Mar Living in the Spirit              distributed to those who have
20 Mar Any Questions?                    been attending to evaluate the
(See Alasdair Black for details)         usefulness of the Big W
All Age Sunday School                                     Joan Macdonald
Bible Overview: New Testament
A special six week course                Congregational Weekend Away
designed    to    provide    an          The Weekend Away will take
overview of the whole of the             place from Friday 29th April to
New Testament is planned for             Sunday 1st May 2005.
Sunday Mornings. Everybody                     We will be returning to
is warmly invited to attend.             Balvonie Conference Centre,
The course will be held at               Skelmorlie. www.balvonie.com
9:45am. It will end at 10:30am           Expected cost:
in time for coffee before the                 Adults            £80
morning service.                              Students          £35

Buccleuch & Greyfriars Free Church                             March 2005

      Children (11-16) £18                       More Parables of the
                (5 - 10) £10                     kingdom
      The cost includes all
meals      (breakfast,   morning          The Big Questions
coffee, lunch, afternoon coffee,         (Thursday 6.30pm – 8.30pm)
evening meal) from Friday                “The Big Questions” deals with
evening to Sunday afternoon.             some of the key questions that
All rooms are either en-suite or         come up in discussion of the
have private facilities. Speak to        Christian Faith. These meetings
Donald        Mackay,      Roddy         are suitable for those who are
MacLeod or Norma MacLean                 interested in finding out more
for further information.                 about what’s involved in
                   Norma Maclean         Christian     faith   and    for
                                         Christians who want to gain a
Guest Service                            better understanding of their
The next in our series of guest          faith. We meet on Thursday
services will be on Sunday,              evenings 6.30–8.30pm, and the
March 27th at 6.30pm when Bob            evening follows the usual
Akroyd will preach on the                pattern of a meal followed by a
Easter Story, “Christ is Risen!”         talk and discussion.        The
Please take this opportunity to          remaining questions are:
invite your friends to church to
hear the Good News about                  3 Mar Week 5
Jesus Christ and pray that God                  What about other
would use this occasion to                      religions?
challenge and convert those              10 Mar Week 6
who attend.                                     What about suffering?
                                         17 Mar Week 7
Late Night Bible Studies                        What about hell?
The late night Bible Studies will
continue to meet in the hall at          Christianity Explored Course
9:30pm. The programme for                There's a 'Christianity Explored'
the term is as follows:                  course in Buccleuch church hall
                                         every Wednesday afternoon at
 3 Mar Matthew 17                        1.30pm. This is especially for
       The Transfiguration               International students who'd
10 Mar Matthew 18                        like to find out more about

Buccleuch & Greyfriars Free Church                              March 2005

Christianity. Feel free to go             the home of Donald and Joan
along and bring your friends!             MacDonald (6 Craiglockhart
                                          Grove).     Please feel free to
Meetings of Kirk Session and              come along and enjoy meeting
Deacons’ Court                            people from all over the globe!
Kirk Session: (7.30pm, Manse)             As     usual,    those   needing
Tuesday 22nd March                        transport should meet in front of
Deacons’ Court: (8pm, Manse)              the church at 6.30pm.
Monday 14th March                               If you would like more
                                          information or are interested in
Women’s Fellowship                        helping with this, please speak
Thank you to everyone who                 to Catriona Macdonald.
contributed to the clothes swap                         Catriona Macdonald
evening,     particularly      Mary
Campbell and Sarah Lytle who              Night Shelter (Extra Night)
displayed our cast-offs to                Monday, 21st March will be an
amazing effect! The evening               extra night in Buccleuch for the
raised £375 for the Tsunami               Night Shelter.
Appeal. The next meeting will
be on Friday 11th March in                Sun day School Teachers’ Training
Mairi Forsyth's home (5                   Day
Gillespie Cres.) when Doug                The     Free     Church    Youth
MacDonald will speak about his            Committee in association with
work with the homeless in                 the Presbyteries of Edinburgh
Edinburgh. One or two of the              and Glasgow are putting on a
ladies who help with the care             training Day for Sunday School
van will also share their                 Teachers at the Royal Lodge
experiences.      Hopefully they          Hotel, Bridge of Allan, on
will inspire others to give it a go       Saturday 5th March 2005,
too. Feel free to bring a friend.         10.00am – 4.00pm. The main
                     Mairi Forsyth        speakers     are    Rev     Alex
                                          MacDonald, Buccleuch Free
International Meal                        Church and Mrs Irene Howat,
The next meal for international           Editor of The Instructor. There
students and friends from the             will be Workshops, Seminars
congregation will take place on           and Sunday School Resources.
Friday 18th March at 7.00pm at            The Cost of £10 includes Lunch

Buccleuch & Greyfriars Free Church                               March 2005

and Teas/Coffees. More details             foot-stomping Gospel sounds
and booking form may be found              from the movies performed by
in the January Monthly Record.             Origin Scotland. It takes place
                                           on Saturday 12th March at
Vision for 2010                            7.30pm in the Usher Hall and
What will the Free Church of               tickets are priced £5-00 (£4-50
Scotland be doing as a church              concessions).
in 2010?
      Yes, it's in God's hands,            Friends International
but it is our duty to plan for the         If you are interested in finding
future and seize opportunities.            out more about ministering to
The General Assembly of 2004               international students, here's
authorised the Stewardship and             advance       notice   of     two
Policy Committee to hold                   forthcoming events run by
consultations with ministers,              Friends International.
office-bearers        and       the              This      year's    Friends
membership. In January three               International             Scottish
conferences were held for                  conference on 29-30 April
ministers and presbytery elders            focuses on 'Crossing cultures -
and the next round of                      crossing mindsets' with Dick
conferences       is     for    the        Dowsett as the key speaker.
membership in general and any              Seminar topics include 'Islam'
office-bearers unable to attend            'How to lead evangelistic Bible
the January events.            The         studies' and 'Asian mindset'.
conferences will be interactive            The full cost is £57 or £25 for
and participative.                         Saturday only (with reduced
      These conferences are on             prices for students).
Saturdays in April and will last                 There will also be a
from 10am to 2pm.              The         gathering of those involved in
Edinburgh       Conference        is       (or wanting to become involved
planned for 16         April in St         in!)     international     student
Columba’s Church Hall. Put                 ministry in Edinburgh.        This
this date in your diary now!               forum takes place on Thursday
               Fergus MacDonald            12th May at 7.30pm at Bellevue
                                           Chapel (Rodney Street) and the
'The Gospel according to                   discussion will focus on
Hollywood' is an evening of                evangelism.

Buccleuch & Greyfriars Free Church                              March 2005

     For further details on both          Does anyone have any of these
these events, please see the              items that they could loan us for
information on the noticeboard            a short time? If so, please
or    speak      to     Catriona          contact us at 0131 662 4891.
Macdonald.                                Thank you.
            Catriona Macdonald                      Stephen and Lisa Myers

Adva nced Notice: Working To Live         Congratulations
Is work worth getting up for? Is          Congratulations to Steven and
it inspiring, motivating and              Jocelyn Hammer on the birth of
fulfilling? Or are you stressed,          their son, Ben on the 28th
weary or just plain bored? Join           January 2005 weighing in at
the Working to Live team from             7lbs 11.5oz.
Care for the Family for a                 Let us remember Steven and
seminar at Carrubers Christian            Jocelyn and all parents with
Centre on 25th May, 7:30-                 young     children    in     the
10:00pm to get fresh insights             congregation in our prayers.
and practical ideas, challenging
you to work smarter not longer            Cookery Book
and make your life count.                 The WFM committee has
       To book tickets, which are         decided to produce a second
£6 each (special offer buy three          cookery book to raise money
get one free) call 01368 864070           for the Disaster and Relief Fund
or visit the Care web site at             and so once more are asking for
www.careforthefamily.org.uk               your favourite recipes. Dishes
             Elizabeth Mackenzie          are required for all the usual
                                          categories     as     well     as
                                          international cooking, special
CONGREGATIONAL NEWS                       diets and budget meals. If you
                                          have a dish in the first cook
Help                                      book please do not resubmit it
At the end of March our nine-             as it is hoped that the second
month-old niece will be coming            edition will be completely
to visit. We are in need of the           different. Similarly please do
following for her two week                not submit any recipes that have
visit: a high chair, a crib, a            been lifted straight from any
stroller and a baby bath tub.             other cookery book as this

Buccleuch & Greyfriars Free Church                              March 2005

infringes copyright and could             those who are bringing help.
get the Committee into trouble!
Apart from those provisos                 HA PPY BIRTHDAY
anything goes - get cooking!              Nobody is too old to have a
Your recipes are wanted by the            birthday    mention    in   the
end of March.         For further         newsletter! Just speak to Moira
information or to submit any              (she’s over 40!). This month it
recipes please see Sarah Lytle.           is Happy Birthday to Alasdair
                       Sarah Lytle        Macleod who has a birthday on
                                          5th March.
S c r i p t u r e Un i o n
We are looking for volunteers             MISSIONARY NEWS
to help run weekly lunchtime              Richard and Barbara are Free
Scripture Union Groups in                 Church Members serving as
various Primary and Secondary             Missionaries in The Comores.
Schools in Edinburgh City                 (First under 30 year old who
Centre. Do you have a passion             tells the Editor where the
to reach children with the                Comores are gets a sweety)
gospel and have some free time            They have sent us the following
during the week? Then please              letter.
get in touch with Susan                   Dear Praying Friends
Gemmell – Schools Worker –                After some discussion with
susan.gemmell@scriptureunion.             village leaders, Richard is now
org.uk                                    teaching English once a week to
                                          final year students from the
Tsunami Disaster                          lycée.       They are rather
Thank you to everyone who has             discouraged      because     the
contributed the Tsunami appeal.           teachers are again on strike,
To date (including the money              most of them being about 5
recently raised by the women's            months behind on salary. Some
fellowship) a total of £2,600 has         older     people    have    also
been raised. This money will              expressed an interest in English
be channelled to Tear Fund to             classes. When they go trading
aid in the on-going emergency             to Zanzibar or Dubai, or if they
relief in South Asia. Please              go on pilgrimage to Mecca,
continue to pray for all                  English is very useful. Please
connected to this tragedy and             pray that the friendships

Buccleuch & Greyfriars Free Church                               March 2005

developed      through     English        great.
would be spiritually fruitful.                  These stories illustrate the
       We heard a true story              frustration        and       chaos
recently that illustrates the             experienced by people here.
value of learning English. A              Please continue to pray that
few years ago an older man                many would find true hope and
from Mohéli (Mwali is the local           eternal life through Jesus Christ.
pronunciation)       went       on        And please pray for us and our
pilgrimage to Mecca. He must              colleagues that we would be
have got lost in the crowds and           able to communicate the gospel
confused, and all he was able to          effectively.
communicate was that he came                    In mid-February we go to
from Mwali. Nobody had heard              Kenya for 10 days for a
of Mohéli so he was put on a              conference with others who
plane for Mali, West Africa,              work amongst Muslim peoples.
about 4,000 miles from here.              Barbara also hopes to see a
Some years later after a chance           doctor about the continuing ear
meeting with someone who                  problems she is experiencing.
knew some Shimwali, he was                Planes in and out of these
put on a plane. And a man who             islands are often unreliable. We
been given up as dead arrived             trust our travel will be smoother
home.                                     than that of the pilgrims.
       Our home help, Kibibi,             Thank you for your prayers.
left for Mecca in early January.          With our love in Christ
She got as far as Grande                                  Richard & Barbara
Comore and waited for 12 days,
not leaving the airport there as          Southern Missions Support Group
she was told the plane was just           Dear All
coming. She and others came               This is to keep you informed
home tearful and exhausted.               about this year's activities of the
The money seems to have                   southern     missions      support
disappeared.         Over      300        group. Last year we were able
Comorian pilgrims, we are told,           to send £5000 to the Dumisani
were left stranded. One from              library.    This      year      the
our village was hospitalised,             international missions board
suffering from dehydration etc;           asked if we would focus on
facilities at the airport are not         Peru, so we chose Colegio San

Buccleuch & Greyfriars Free Church                              March 2005

Andres. We hope to raise funds             worked on several occasions as
for the school to purchase a               an English teacher in San
colour laser printer, a multi-             Andres primary. The parents
media projector and to provide             now live in London, working
some financial help for the                with the Methodist church.
pupils and teachers who will be            Work is progressing at the Lima
coming again this year to                  end on appropriate promotional
Scotland.                                  material, and we hope to have
      The first activity will be in        that available at the meeting.
Edinburgh,      a     soup     and         Thanks to all
sandwich lunch in the St                                    John MacPherson
Columba's hall (thanks, Derek!)
on Saturday 12th March,                    FINANCES
probably at 1.00p.m. Since we              General fund
operate on regional bases, this            Income of £10,523 is £300 less
is intended for the three                  than January last year.
Edinburgh churches, and the                Expenditure of £1,945 is £960
organiser is Christine Campbell.           more than January last year.
      We've invited a former
pupil of the school to join us             Church funds
with his wife, and to be                   Remittances of £4,000 are the
interviewed about his time in              same as last year.
San Andres and his views on                The balance on the general fund
the school's Christian ministry.           at 31 January is a deficit of
He is Dr Toshio Baldeon,                   £197.
currently living in Surrey and
working      in    waste      water        Fabric fund
management. (He's had some                 No expenditure in January.
work visits to Scotland, and has
managed to get to a few Free               Millennium fund (for the
Church congregations.)                     expenses of the Assistant
      Toshio was appointed                 Minister)
head prefect in 1991, but three            No comments.
weeks later his family moved to
Belfast for 5 years, where his             Other special funds
father worked as a Methodist               No comments
minister. His mother has                                    Donald Forsyth

Buccleuch & Greyfriars                                                              01/2005

                                     General       Fabric       Special   Funds
Statement of financial activities      Fund         Fund    Millennium      Other        Total

Gross ordinary income                £10,523                    £1,432     £2,360     £14,315
Transfer to fabric fund               -£1,052      £1,052                                  £0
Net ordinary income                    £9,471      £1,052       £1,432     £2,360     £14,315

Expenses                              -£1,945         £0        -£1,432        £0      -£3,377
Surplus before EDO
and central funds                     £7,526       £1,052           £0     £2,360     £10,938

EDO                                        £0                                               £0
Church funds                          -£4,000                                          -£4,000
Surplus for the year to date           £3,526      £1,052           £0     £2,360       £6,938

Opening balance - at start of year    -£3,723   £29,197             £0    £50,978     £76,452
Closing balance                         -£197   £30,249             £0    £53,338     £83,390

                                     General       Fabric   Millennium     Other
Balance sheet                          Fund         Fund          Fund     Funds         Total
Fixed assets
Guardwell Crescent                   £146,775                                         £146,775
Loan from Bank of Scotland           -£98,707                                         -£98,707
Loan from Bob & Heather Akroyd       -£45,703                                         -£45,703
Fixed assets at cost less debt         £2,365         £0            £0         £0       £2,365

Other items
Advance to Alex for expenses            -£508                                           -£508
Advance to Bob for expenses              -£38                                            -£38
Amounts owed to the Congregation       £1,610                                          £1,610
Cash                                  -£3,304   £30,249             £0    £53,338     £80,283
Bills to be paid                        -£322                                           -£322
Closing balance                         -£197   £30,249             £0    £53,338     £83,390

Other special funds comprise
Special donation                                                          £50,000
Tsunami appeal                                                             £2,353
Church improvements                                                          £395
Willie Raeburn - benevolent fund                                             £253
Sunday school                                                                £237
Mother & Toddler                                                             £100

      Buccleuch & Greyfriars Management Accounts
      January 2005
Buccleuch & Greyfriars Free Church                      March 2005


6 March          Catriona Lopez             Heather Akroyd
13 March         Evelyn MacDonald           Anne Macrae
20 March         Mairi Forsyth              Norma MacLean
27 March

6 March          Douglas MacDonald
13 March         Graham Hardy
20 March         Ken MacKenzie
27 March         Rob MacDonald

5th March        Dolina Macdonald           Calum/Norma Maclean
12th March       Karen Murray               Rob MacDonald
19th March       Kenny Macleod              Hugh Griffins
26th March       Heather Akroyd             Alison MacDonald

Door Duty
6th March        John MacRae
                 Neil MacRae                Iain Gill
13 March         Roddy Macleod            Andy Cumming
                Ken MacKenzie             Donald Mackay
20th March       Eric Mackay                Alasdair Black
                 Stephen Hammer             Willie Lytle
27th March       Neil Campbell              Alison MacDonald
                 Dolina Macdonald           Nick Middlemiss

Buccleuch & Greyfriars Free Church                                         March 2005

ACTIVITIES (in church building unless marked by *)
Sunday               11:00am                              6:30pm
6th March            Bob Akroyd                           Bob Akroyd
13th March           Alex MacDonald                       Alex MacDonald
20th March           Alex MacDonald                       Alex MacDonald
27th March           Bob Akroyd                           Bob Akroyd (Guest Service)

Creche and Sunday School during morning service.
*Youth Fellowship after the evening service – see Alasdair Black
BG’s Youth Club         7-8pm – contact Alison MacDonald (664 9038) or
                        Kenny MacLeod (5551010)
*Bethany House Outreach 8-10pm – contact Bob Akroyd (664 6306)
Deacons’ Court          8pm monthly – contact Andy Cumming (667 9291)
Informal English Class         2-3pm – contact Ena Mackay (447 5937)
Campaigners                    6:30pm – contact Colin MacLeod
Prayer Meeting                 7:30pm
*Home Bible Studies            7:30pm (2nd Wednesday of the month)
Christianity Explored          6:30pm – meal followed by discussion
Late Night Bible Study         9:30pm (with food) – contact Bob Akroyd (664
*Eight-a-side Football         9:30pm – contact William Lytle (477 1403)
Mothers and Toddlers           9:30-11:30am
Student Lunch                  1pm (free food during term!)
Women’s Fellowship             as announced
Prayer Breakfast               9am

Minister             Alex MacDonald    (667 4651)    AlexJMacDonald@blueyonder.co.uk
Assistant Minister   Bob Akroyd        (664 6306)    bobandheather@talk21.com
Newsletter/sheet     Moira Mackay                    Moira@theMackays.fsnet.co.uk

            Buccleuch and Greyfriars web page    www.buccleuchfreechurch.co.uk


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