Instructions for Electronic Permit Application Submittal

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					                                             Instructions for Electronic
                                            Permit Application Submittal

Contractors who have registered with the Town of Flower Mound and who have provided a
registered email address may submit permit applications via email. To submit a permit
application via email, please follow these instructions:

   1)     Fill out the application form.

   2)     On the signature line of the form, enter the name of the applicant. The applicant
          must be authorized to submit and pull permits.

   3)     The application must be submitted as an attachment to an email sent from your
          registered email address.

   4)     Send the email and application               to   the    following   email    address:

   5)     If the plans examiner requires more information, he/she will contact you at your
          submitted email address.

   6)     When all requirements have been met, the permit will be approved, and you will be
          notified via email that it is ready to be issued and what the permit fee will be.

   7)     Pay the permit fee using one of the following methods.

   8)     You may pay by mail via check, cashier’s check, or money order, and when your
          payment has been processed, your permit packet will be emailed to you at your
          submitted email address. You must print out all contents of the permit packet and
          post them in a weather-resistant envelope or bag at the building site. At this time, we
          are unable to accept credit card payments by mail or email.

   9)     Or you may pay by cash, check, cashier’s check, money order, or credit card by
          coming to the Building Inspections office at 1001 Cross Timbers Road, Suite 2330.
          You will be provided a permit packet for posting at the building site.

   10)    Please note that your permit is not issued until payment has been received and
          processed. Do not commence work until your permit has been issued and the
          permit packet has been posted at the construction site.

                                                                                 Rev. 12/29/2009