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									Fixing your broken smile without breaking your pocket

Many consumers and dentists agree the best
toothpaste for teeth whitening is Arm and Hammer
Extreme Whitening tooth paste. It’s been proven
to work fastest and last the longest. But for those
of us who have extremely stained teeth, or who
simply want instantly white teeth, the answer
might be teeth whitening San Diego cosmetic
dentists shed light on how this procedure works.

Whitening your teeth can cost you a pretty penny.
Those at-home whitening kits can cost a fortune,
and most don’t work like they promise they will.
Going to see a cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening
may be pricier than the at-home kits but the results
are instant and guaranteed! The prices for the basic
whitening procedure start around $150 going all the way up to $600. San Diego cosmetic
dentists are a more affordable solution, as the average cost to whiten your teeth with a
San Diego dentist is about $250. That’s a great in between price. At this price we can
afford to have those pearly whites looking like they should.

Another popular procedure for correcting broken smiles is dental implants. For severely
damaged, worn, broken or missing teeth, look to dental implants San Diego dentists can
repair that broken smile without breaking your pockets along the way. With dental
implants, the replacement teeth are permanently fused to the jaw – they’re just like real
teeth! Many people who are looking to dental implants instead of having dentures which
are a hassle to clean and remove. Dental implants and other cosmetic dental procedures
are becoming increasingly popular as a way to bring back your smile and confidence.

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