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Using Voyager to find books and
Voyager is the Cardiff University library catalogue. It can be used from any of the dedicated computers in
the libraries (these computers cannot access other Internet sites) and from any computer with Internet
access. The web address is , with a Welsh version at

                                                          Searching the catalogue
  Use Voyager to search for books, journals
  and other material. Voyager shows                       Click on Search the Catalogue: Voyager
  • which libraries they are in                           automatically shows the Simple Search option.
  • whet her they are currently available or              There are brief hints on searches further down the
      are on loan to someone else                         screen.
  • whether they are available online.

  Use Voyager to
  • reserve books currently on loan
  • see which books you have on loan
  • renew the books if they are not reserved
  • check which books you have reserved
     and see if they are available
  • check library locations and hours
  • link to online journals and databases
  • see lists of new books and journals

The Voyager front page                                    Simple search
                                                          You can search in several different ways:
                                                           • Keyword Anywhere
                                                           • Title                      • Author Browse
                                                           • Journal title              • Classmark Browse
                                                           • Journal title keyword      • Subject Browse
                                                          Set your search to one of these and type
                                                          appropriate terms in the Search for box, then
                                                          press the Enter key (↵) or click the Search button.
                                                          The results of your search will be shown 50 to a
                                                          page but you use the drop down menu to change
                                                          this to 10, 20 or 25.

                                                          Keyword Anywhere search
Besides Search the catalogue, there are links to
information on loans (Your Library Account), on           The Keyword Anywhere search finds items with
Reservations, and to Cardiff University libraries,        all the words you enter. You can use almost any
giving locations, opening hours and contact               term that might be used in catalogue entries: title
details. The Quick Guide to Voyager is an                 words, subject terms; first names; surnames;
interactive tutorial. There is a link to Electronic       publishers; dates; ISBNs. For example, to find
Resources available at Cardiff. Click on                  Stephen Hawking’s A brief history of time you
Cymraeg for the Welsh version of Voyager.                 could type hawking brief or brief hawking.
Use “ ” (double quotes) for phrases: “health            Classmark search
economics” or “industrial espionage”..
                                                        Classmarks indicate a shelf location but are also
Use ? at the end of a word for plurals or variant
                                                        usually subject-related, and so give you another
spellings, for example: child? finds child, children,
                                                        way of finding books by subject. Type part or all
child’s, children’s, childhood, and behavio? finds
                                                        of a classmark and Voyager will show the listing at
behavior, behaviour, behavioral, behaviorist.
                                                        the point that matches most closely. You can also
The Keyword Anywhere search automatically puts
                                                        click on the Classmark hotlink in Location or Full
a + sign before each word to show that all the
                                                        Display to see other items with similar classmarks.
words you typed in your search have been used:
+hawking +brief or “+health +economics”. (This is       Displaying the results
similar to the Google basic search.)
                                                        Unless there is a single item that matches your
Searching by Title                                      search Voyager will display a list of brief entries:
Title search finds books, series and journals
whose titles begin with the words you type. Use
the first words of the title, leaving out The or A or
An as first word: brief history of time; daily
telegraph; state of health series.

Journal Title search finds journals whose titles
begin with the words you type.. Use the first words
of the title, leaving out The or A or An as first
word: lancet; history today; transactions of the
royal society. Do not use abbreviations: type
journal of roman studies, not JRS or J.R.S.

Journal Title Keyword search looks for a single         Click on a brief entry for more information: to
word or consecutive words anywhere in the title:        return to the list of results click Titles at the top of
for example, computing; british journal; applied        the page. The Location screen shows
linguistics. Use truncation with any of the words:
applied math? finds applied mathematics and
applied mathematical.

Important: Neither of the Journal searches can
trace articles in the journals.

Browse searches
Browse searches produce a list of authors or
subjects. The list shows how many titles are
linked to each heading - there may be more than
one line for some names or subjects - and there
may be See also links to alternative forms of
names or to related subjects.                           •   Author, title and publisher details for the item,
                                                            and a starred relevance rating, showing how
For Author Browse , type the author’s surname
                                                            closely the item matches the terms you used.
and a forename or an initial: shakespeare;              •   Location details, showing which libraries have
einstein a; handy charles.                                  it, the classmark or shelf location in the library
For Subject Browse , type a word or phrase:                 and how many copies are held. There may
physics; economic planning; medical sociology.              also Internet links to electronic versions.
                                                        •   Availability, showing whether the copies are
In the Full Display of each record you can click
                                                            currently in the library or are on loan.
Author and Subject headings to find all the other
items indexed in the same way.
Use the Next and Previous buttons to scan                To save directly as a text file, click on Format for
entries.                                                 Print/Save and use the browser File/Save As…
Full display
                                                         To email, type an email address and click on
Click on Full Display for a fuller catalogue entry,      Email.
such as subject headings and, for some books, a          To create your personal list of Voyager items,
contents list. In Full Display the Authors, Names        click on Bookbag and enter your card number,
and Subjects are hotlinks: click to see other books      PIN and name. You can view the Bookbag at any
with those headings.                                     time by re-entering your card number, PIN and
                                                         name. You can delete items from your Bookbag
Limiting your searches                                   and print, save or email as described above.
Keyword searches may find a large number of
items: using limits is a way of narrowing a search.      Renewing books and journals
There are two ways of choosing limits.                   To extend loans for items not reserved, click on
Use the Quick Limit option below the search box          My Account. Type your University ID Card
to narrow your searches to items: published in the       barcode number, your PIN and your surname.
last 5 years; in English; in electronic formats; or in   Click on Login.
Cardiff University libraries. By clicking on the
More Limits button you can specify: a language;
a library; a year or date range; or an item type.
Until you remove limits by clicking Clear Limits,
your limits remain in place.

Saving catalogue information
There are four ways of ways of saving Voyager
records: printing; saving to file; emailing; and
saving to Bookbag, a personal list of Voyager

                                                         Click the tick box for each item and then click
                                                         Renew Items. Check for a new date in the right-
                                                         hand column: if renewal has not been allowed, get
                                                         in touch with the library as soon as possible.

                                                         Reserving books and journals
                                                         Use Voyager to place reservations for books or
                                                         journals on loan to someone else. Check from
                                                         Location display that all the copies in the library
                                                         you wish to borrow from really are on loan: you
                                                         cannot reserve an item if it is not on loan. Click
From the Titles list tick the check boxes for the        on Reservation. Type your barcode number, PIN
records you want to save. Go to the foot of the          and your surname, click on Login, and then OK.
page and choose a Download Format: Brief
Record saves the Location display details and Full       If there are copies at more than one location or
Record saves the Full Display details.                   with more than one loan period (1 week loan or 2
To print, click on Format for Print/Save and use         week loan) you will see options on the screen:
the browser File/Print options.                          select one of these. Type your barcode number
                                                         again. Click on Submit Reservation.
Check regularly on Voyager by selecting My               The three pairs of search boxes have identical
Account and looking for Reservations awaiting            drop-down options. In the Search for box enter
collection.                                              one or more words and from the drop-down list
                                                         choose whether to search for all the words, for
The Voyager home screen has more details about
                                                         any of the words, or to search the words as a
the reservation system.
                                                         phrase. In the Search In box choose how the
Repeating and saving searches                            words will be searched: Keywords, Authors, and
                                                         so on. Link Search For boxes with AND (to
Voyager keeps details of searches within a               include all the terms), OR (to search any of them)
session but these are lost if Voyager times out or       or NOT (to exclude terms). You can use Limits as
you click on End Session.                                in Simple Search.
Repeating searches
                                                         New books
Click on History for a list of the current searches
with the latest first. To re-run a search click on       To see lists of newly acquired books, journal titles
the text in the Search Type or Searched For              and other resources click on the New Items tab.
columns. To edit a search click on the number of
the search. Your original search will be displayed
and can be adjusted and run as a new search.

Saving searches
You can also save a search for re-use at any time.
From the Titles list or the single entry display go to
the Record Options at the foot of the screen and
click on Save Search Query: you may be asked
to enter your barcode, PIN and surname.
To run searches, click on My Searches at the top
of the page and click on the text in the Search
Type or Searched For columns. To delete a                This searches the whole catalogue for up to 4
search, tick the check box and click on Submit.          months. Use Select Location for items in a single
                                                         library or Internet Resources, such as electronic
Advanced search
                                                         journals. To focus the search use a single word
The Keyword Anywhere search is broad and                 or consecutive words in the Search for box:
flexible but does not distinguish the function of the    education; higher education; virginia woolf; cardiff
words used in the search: for example, you might         university The results will be in classmark order,
want to find all the books in stock by a given           but you can choose Author or Title order.
author from a named publisher. The Advanced
Search allows you to specify which parts of the          Help with Voyager
record to search in. Click on Advanced Search.           Click on Help for context-sensitive help.
                                                         For an interactive tutorial click on End Session.
                                                         From the Voyager front page click on Quick
                                                         Guide to Voyager.

                                                         For further information or assistance contact
                                                         Arts and Social Studies Library
                                                         Tel: 029 2087 4818

                                                         ASS-021-Q-6/January 2010 VS/TD

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