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									                   Theme: Sustainable Innovation

       Become a sponsor and submit an actual business challenge

60 innovative master level students will provide you with new sustainable
                   perspectives and creative solutions


      An innovative collaboration between academia and industry
Instant Innovation Camp - Elective course in                The Business Camp Method®
Sustainable Innovation                                      The Business Camp Method®, by Marketing Consulting
                                                            Services, makes it possible to manage a heterogeneous group
Instant Innovation Camp - Elective Course are the           of stakeholders to co-creation breakthroughs as i.e. new
fruit of an innovative collaboration between Copenhagen     strategies, concepts and products in a very short period of
Business School, Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy,          time, even hours, through a intensive consensus driven
Lund University and Marketing Consulting Services.          innovation process.

Instant Innovation Camp is now a well-proven concept,       Marketing Consulting Services is responsible for designing and
with two successful camps in Spring and Fall 2008.          managing all issues in relation to the company sponsors, the
10 innovative Danish and International companies have       camp process and the final camp results.
participated as case sponsors on the two successfully
completed Business Camps in 2008.                           Key aspects of a Business Camp

                                                            • An ambitious common goal based on passion and needs
Company Partners 2008
                                                            • Nonstop, high-speed development

                                                            • Structured process with tight time frame
                                                            • A mixture of group work, assembly discussions and external
                                                            • The results are co-created by selected heterogenic group of
                                                            participants from a range of competencies and experience
                                                            • Process Managers facilitate the groups and secure the results
Instant Innovation Camp 2009
                                                            and time keeping after the MCS Business Camp Method®
In 2009 the Instant Innovation Camp elective will run
twice – In Spring (March-May) and Fall (September –         • Support from the camp experts and panel of judges validate
December).                                                  the results and tests the best solutions for their practical
4-6 innovative companies will put forward real life
Business Cases and 60 Master level students from all over   • Concrete and documented results at Camp end.
the world are ready to provide the companies with new
perspectives and creative solutions never thought of. We
welcome any interested companies to join this pioneering    Learn more about the Business Camp Method® at
course on Innovation and Sustainability.          
Participants                                                 Course structure
Instant Innovation Camp elective is an innovative            The elective course has three main parts– including both
course concept, combining academia and industry on           theory and practice.
issues of CSR and Corporate Sustainability.
The aim of the course is to supplement the traditional,      In the first part of the course the Master Level students
theoretical elective course with the opportunity to work     work with theory, models and tools from various
with real life business cases in practice, in an intensive   theoretical contributions within user-driven innovation,
co-creating innovation process at the 12 hours               CSR/sustainability, entrepreneurship, product development
Business Camp on May 27th 2009.                              and screening.

60 Master Level students will work in heterogeneous          EXPLORE
groups, utilizing their diverse competences within in a      The practical element of the course begins with a case
range of relevant fields of studies, such as: Market         introduction lecture on May 6th 2009 where the students
Assessment, Sales & Marketing, Economy and Finance,          are introduces to the companies and the actual business
Logistics, Engineering etc. Each company will be             cases are presented.
assigned a group of students to work on their business       On May 13th the students will visit the companies to
case.                                                        explore further the case, company and background.

See experiences from previous case companies –               DEVELOP
watch the camp film at:         The exploration part will prepare the students and the
                                                             company representatives for the 12 hours Business Camp
Sign up now for the Spring Elective running from March       during which students, companies and academia will co-
11th and culminating in a 12 hour Business Camp on           create concrete sustainable solutions to the real life
May 27th 2009.                                               business cases presented by the sponsoring partner
Become a sponsor                                                                 Benefits for participating sponsors

                                                                                 • Concrete, innovative solutions to your strategic
During the spring semester 2009 your company has the
                                                                                 challenges documented in writing
opportunity to collaborate with 60 innovative, Master level
students from various fields of study, universities and                          • Co-creating and networking with the talents and
nationalities. It is a unique opportunity to brand the                           employees of tomorrow
company to potential employees and at the same time, get
new sustainable solutions to an actual Business Case.                            • Practical and theoretical knowledge of new and effective
                                                                                 innovative methods
The business case can involve various issues and corporate
divisions, such as R&D, CSR & Sustainability, HR,                                • New perspectives on the incorporation of sustainable
Corporate communication etc..                                                    challenges into your business plan

We will inspire and advise you in the development of the                         • A better understanding of corporate challenges and
case.                                                                            potential solutions

Send a positive consent today or book a meeting where
you can hear more about the elective, the benefits and the                       Requirements for participating sponsors
sponsor requirements.
                                                                                 • A relevant business case
Contact Business Developer, Frederikke Kroon                                     • Access to corporate information
+45 20927060 or
                                                                                 • A dedicated contact person

                                                                                 • Employee availability, with diversity of strengths and
                                                                                 knowledge, during the 12 hours Business Camp on May
                                                                                 27th 2009

                                                                                 • Ambitions to make use of the solutions in the future
                                                                                 business development projects

                                                                                 • Sponsor: entrance fee DKK 95.000 excl. VAT

                                    For more practical information on the camp, please contact:
       Innovation Manager Anja Dieckmann Nielsen, Marketing Consulting Services , at or call: +45 4033 2595

                      For more theoretical information, please contact partner at Copenhagen Business School:
                  Dr. Christoph Hienerth, Dep. Of Innovation and Organizational Economics, CBS at:

               NB: places are limited. The organisers reserve the right to select the most appropriate cases submitted by applicants

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