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-Final Program-
Wisconsin Early Childhood Association
55th Annual Conference
October 22-24, 2009
Thank you to our sponsors...

                                          WECA Children’s Champion

                                             Associate Sponsors

                                                Area Sponsors

           Evening networking reception         Pre-conference sessions    Heath & Wellness workshops
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As conference manager for the 55th annual WECA conference, I
want to thank you for not only choosing to further your profes-
sional development, but also for the important work you do each
and every day as an early childhood educator or provider. Your
dedication to the field and continued support of WECA helps en-
sure that every child in Wisconsin has access to the highest quality
early learning experiences.

It is my hope that our annual event is your turn to “learn, play,
grow, and collaborate!” This year’s conference focuses on social
emotional skills and features a variety of outstanding presenta-
tions covering the multiple issues we face in our work.

It is your time to celebrate and enjoy being with others who share
in your challenges and successes. It is your time to grow profes-
sionally and to experience the richness of this ever expanding
world of ours. We hope that you will be inspired and empowered!

A special thank you to our WDEC collaborators who help to or-
ganize the workshops. And thank you to our many dedicated
volunteers and presenters. We couldn’t do it without you!

                                                  Andrea Murray
                                              Conference Manager

                                                        Table of contents
                         For your information                               2

                         Schedule of events                                 3

                         Special events                                     4

                         Roundtables                                        5

                         Exhibitors                                         6

                         Information tables                                 7

                         Planning your sessions                             8

                         Workshops                                          9

                         Continuing education record                        18

                         Membership information                             19

                         Notes                                              20
For your information
Don’t leave home without this final program!                       WECA members
Each registered attendee receives one program with registra-       WECA members will be honored during the closing celebra-
tion. Due to supply costs, there will be a small charge for ad-    tion and by having special ribbons on their nametags. A Mem-
ditional copies.                                                   ber Hospitality Room will also be available during the confer-
                                                                   ence. If you are not currently a WECA member, you can join
Program changes                                                    at the information tables near the exhibit hall or by submitting
Prior to the conference, workshop changes will be posted at        the form on page 19. Last-minute work-
shop changes and cancellations will be posted at the regis-        Children at the conference
tration table. Please check there for updates throughout the       The WECA annual conference is about children, not for chil-
conference. While we make every effort to minimize these           dren. For safety reasons, children are not allowed in the confer-
changes, they are unavoidable and we ask for your under-           ence meeting rooms, luncheons or exhibit hall. By all means,
standing.                                                          bring your family to the Kalahari with someone to entertain
                                                                   them while you attend the conference.
Workshops and room capacity
We have made every effort to offer a large selection of work-      Cancellation/refund policy
shops with plenty of seating during each time slot. You do not     Refunds of pre-registration fees will be made upon receipt of
need to pre-register for sessions. Some workshops may be full      a written request postmarked no later than September 30, 2009
by the time you get there so please have a second choice in        to the WECA office. No refunds will be made after this date.
mind!                                                              A $20 processing fee will be deducted from all refunds. There
                                                                   will be a $30 fee for all returned checks.
For your comfort
No matter what, meeting rooms are always too cold for some,        Endorsement
and too warm for others. You are strongly encouraged to dress      Wisconsin Early Childhood Association (WECA) encourages
comfortably and in layers to accommodate the sometimes fluc-       the exchange of diverse opinions at the conference. Ideas pre-
tuating facility temperature and your personal thermostats.        sented do not necessarily reflect the association’s official posi-
                                                                   tion on any given issue. WECA assumes no responsibility for
Presenter’s market place                                           any statement of fact or opinion presented at the annual con-
A table will be set up in the exhibit hall for presenters who      ference, nor does acceptance of advertising or exhibits imply
have materials they wish to sell. Any presenter planning to        endorsement of any products or services by the organization.
utilize this table will inform you at his/her workshop. There is   You are urged to discuss with or write to individual exhibi-
no selling of merchandise during workshop sessions. A sched-       tors/ presenters about any concerns you may have about prod-
ule will be posted at the table.                                   ucts, services, or practices.

                                                      NETWORKS VISION
                                                              NPR News & Classical Music
                                                                   88.7 WERN-FM                           To provide the highest
                                                                                                           quality cultural and
                                                                       Morning Edition.                        informational
                                                                    All Things Considered.              programming which will
                                                                        Classical Music.
                                                                                                        reach the greatest number
                                                                       IDEAS Network                     of listeners in ways that
                                                                        970 WHA-AM                          make an important
                                                                 Conversations with politicians.         difference in their lives.
                                                                   Conversations with authors.
                                                                   Conversations with experts.
                                                               Perspectives on the news of the day.
                                                              Perspectives on the issues of our time.

                                                               HD2 Classical Music Service
                                                                    88.7 WERN HD2
                                                                        Classical Music.                             
                                                                        24 hours a day.

                                                                               Schedule of events
                                      THURS OCT 22
      12:30 - 1 p.m.                  Registration                         South Atrium
          1 - 5 p.m.            Pre-conference sessions
                                        FRI OCT 23
     8 a.m. - 5 p.m.                  Registration                         South Atrium
           8 - 9 a.m.            Continental breakfast                     Ballroom C/D
      9 - 11:45 a.m.                   Session A
 11:45 a.m. - 7 p.m.                Exhibit hall open                      Ballroom A/B
                          (Find Courage to Explore in the exhibit hall)
 11:45 a.m. - 6 p.m.          Silent auction bidding                       Ballroom A/B
                6 p.m.     Pick up silent auction items                    Ballroom A/B
       12 -1:45 p.m. Professional development luncheon -OR-                Ballroom C/D
                                lunch on your own
        2 - 3:15 p.m.               Session B
    3:30 - 4:45 p.m.                Session C
            5 -7 p.m.          Networking reception                        Ballroom A/B
                                     SAT OCT 24
            7 - 8 a.m.        Continental breakfast                        South Atrium
    7 a.m. - 12 p.m.               Registration                            South Atrium
7:30 a.m - 1:30 p.m.             Exhibit hall open                         Ballroom A/B
                          (Find Courage to Explore in the exhibit hall)
 7:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.           Silent auction bidding                       Ballroom A/B
   7:45 - 8:45 a.m.                 Session D
     9 - 10:15 a.m.                 Session E
     9 - 11:45 a.m.                Session E/F
 10:30 - 11:45 a.m.                 Session F
     12 - 1:30 p.m.     Lunch break/roundtable discussions                 Ballroom A/B
                        (pre-purchased box lunches available for pick up
                                      in the exhibit hall)
           1 - 3 p.m.        Pick up silent auction items                  Ballroom A/B
           1:30 p.m.              Exhibit hall closes
       3 - 4:30 p.m.        Keynote & closing celebration                  Ballroom C/D

Special events
              FRI OCT 23, 12 -1:45 P.M.                                                       FRI OCT 23, 5 - 7 P.M.
         Professional development luncheon                                                    Networking reception

Treat yourself to a special luncheon in your honor! Join us for            Your conference days will be filled
the annual “Professional Development Luncheon” and “Above                  with learning, training, and profes-
and Beyond Awards” banquet with keynote speaker Hedda                      sional development. But you also
Sharapan. This is your time to celebrate the accomplishments               need time just to chat with other
of your colleagues and honor the work that you do each and                 people who do the same work you
every day. This event is co-hosted by T.E.A.C.H. Early Child-                                                               This event is
                                                                           do--people who understand what
hood® Wisconsin.                                                                                                             generously
                                                                           you go through on a daily basis.
                                                                                                                           sponsored by
                                                                           The networking reception is your
                         Hedda Sharapan spent 43 years work-                                                                   Nasco
                                                                           time to socialize with colleagues
                       ing with Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood                and enjoy special dedicated time in
                       and at the small non-profit Fred Rogers             the exhibit hall. This event is free and all booths will be open.
                       started called Family Communications,               Mingle, shop, and enjoy complimentary appetizers. In addition,
                       Inc. She holds a master’s degree in child           a cash bar will be available. It is an event that can’t be missed!
                       development and currently works as
                       the director of childhood initiatives.
                       Hedda continues to build on Fred Rog-
                       ers’ legacy through speaking at confer-
                       ences, writing for articles, books, and
                       websites, and developing professional
development materials for early childhood educators.

Help us celebrate 10 years of T.E.A.C.H. in Wisconsin: 1999 – 2009!
                                                                                     Happy Anniversary!
We can impress you with numbers: we’re talking about 6,854
scholarships awarded in this decade, which translates to over                          T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood
79,000 credit hours that our partnership with individuals and                       WISCONSIN is celebrating 10 years!
programs helped to support. We can impress you with stories:
it is indeed a fact that our very first scholarship recipient is now
an instructor at MATC-Milwaukee, teaching in the ECE Asso-
ciate degree program! Now we want to impress you with our
spirit of celebration and invite your participation in the fes-
tivities. At the Professional Development Luncheon, we will be
ceremoniously cutting the “official” 10-year anniversary cake…
and eating it, too!

THANK YOU for the gifts you share: your commitment to pro-
viding high quality early care and education, your dedication to
young children and their families, and your pursuit of profes-
sional growth through attendance at our conference.
                                                                                     Be sure to celebrate with us at the
                                                                                    Professional Development Luncheon
                                                                                            & closing ceremony!

                                                                                         T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Wisconsin &
                                                                                     R.E.W.A.R.D. Stipend Program are administered by
                                                                                           Wisconsin Early Childhood Association.

                                                                                                                Special events
                SAT OCT 24, 12 - 1:30 P.M.                                             SAT OCT 24, 3 - 4:30 P.M.
                 Roundtable discussions                                              Keynote & closing celebration

                                                                        I’m a Teacher (Not a Babysitter)…Songs from the early childhood
Back by popular demand, we are offering roundtable discussions          profession, Stuart Stotts
during the Saturday lunch break. Roundtables are hosted by your You may have taken your children to see Stuart perform. And
friendly affiliate leaders and WECA staff. These are informal dis-
                                                                you may have seen his session at last year’s conference in Ap-
cussions that give you an opportunity to join colleagues with a pleton, or another venue. Stuart travels all over Wisconsin (and
common interest (and earn a little extra credit, too). Feel free to
                                                                the country) giving presentations for school districts and early
bring a lunch along if you’d like. The roundtable discussions will
                                                                childhood programs on the role music plays in children’s de-
take place in the far end of the exhibit hall. Look for signs listing
                                                                velopment. Whether or not you’ve seen Stuart perform before,
the topic and facilitator.                                      you are in for a special treat today! Stuart has put the finish-
                                                                ing touches on a project he embarked on in 2008, which was
Some of this year’s hot topics:                                 supported in part by WECA. In that project, Stuart interviewed
• Best practices to prevent H1N1 flu problems in your program people just like you: adults involved in the world of child care
• Men in child care                                             as providers, directors, licensors, and more. Stuart shares his
• QRIS and quality early childhood programs                     powerful songs with us to acknowledge and celebrate the work
• Christian child care programs: special opportunities & issues we do. And he has assembled a choir to join him on stage to
• Celebrating holidays when your families are diverse           shout this message to the rafters: “We are teachers! Not babysit-
• Working in a 4K program? Talk with others doing the same ters!” Maybe if we shout it loud enough, someone will listen. At
   thing                                                        least we’ll get the place jumping! Refreshments will be served,
• Turning your early childhood experience into college credit   and T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Wisconsin has a special gift
•                                                               for you to take home: a commemorative 10-year anniversary
                                                                CD featuring several songs by Stuart Stotts, dedicated to the
                                                                child care workforce and T.E.A.C.H.

                                                                                              Stuart Stotts is a songwriter, storyteller
                     BOX LUNCH PICK-UP                                                        and author. He’s worked with young
         If you ordered a box lunch, please pick it up                                        children and families for over 20 years.
         in the Exhibit Hall from 12-1 on Saturday.                                           He gives over 200 performances a year,
         Preregistration and payment is required. You                                         and has several recordings. “Celebrate,”
                                                                                              which Stuart made with performer Tom
         will need to present the ticket you received at                                      Pease, has become a classic for those
         registration in order to receive your box lunch.                                     who sing with young children. Stuart
                                                                                              was invited to present at this year’s
                                                                                              national T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood®
                                                                                              conference in North Carolina, and was
                                                                        quoted by NAEYC president Sue Russell in Young Children.
                                                                        You can find more information about Stuart on his website at

Abrams Learning Trends                           Danya International                              education, with hands-on materials.
Comprehensive, thematically organized pre-K      Will be recruiting for Head Start reviewer       p: 800-421-5354
program materials.                               consultant position.                             w:
p: 800-227-9120                                  p: 202-441-3857
w:                      w:                                     Learning Props
                                                                                                  Educational games and books for bilingual
American Income Life                             Discovery Toys                                   and English preschool learning. Resources in
Offering free life insurance for WECA mem-       Safe educational toys, books, games, and         English, Spanish & Chinese.
bers.                                            music for children of all ages.                  p: 262-619-1119
p: 262-502-9777                                  p: 715-370-3104                                  w:
w:                                    w:
                                                                                                  Lifetouch Preschool Portraits
Autism Society of Wisconsin                      Feingold Association of the United States        Photography portraits for preschool aged
Information, referral, advocacy, education and   Information and support on the dietary link      children.
support to those affected by autism in Wiscon-   to behavior, learning, and health.               p: 952-826-5015
sin.                                             p: 631-369-9340                                  w:
p: 888-428-8476                                  w:
w:                                                                                 Nasco
                                                 Hansen Fundraising Services, Inc.                Offering the lowest guaranteed prices on the
B&K Fundraising                                  Full-service fundraising company featur-         widest variety of early childhood materials,
Joe Corbi's Pizza and cookie dough fundrais-     ing quality pizza products and premium gift      furniture, and carpets in the industry.
ing. Family friendly products.                   catalogs.                                        p: 800-558-9595
p: 262-537-2293                                  p: 800-236-1022                                  w:
w:                             w:
                                                                                                  North Side Music
Break Through, Inc.                              Harrison and Company                             Music CDs & DVDs, Monkey Mitts, rhythm
Offering book sales of "IQ of 63, So What!       Education furniture and supplies.                instruments, and song cards.
Going Beyond Everybody Else's Expecta-           p: 630-782-6077                                  p: 715-832-4014
tions.”                                          w:                        w:
p: 715-554-2739
w:                              Just Jewelry                                     Presenter's Booth
                                                 Incredible jewelry at even more incredible       Denise Meyer & Leslie Leline, workshop
C&D Silkscreening/Embroidery                     prices!                                          presenters, will be selling their materials.
Sportswear designed for educators and other      p: 262-716-3166
adults who work with children.                                                                    Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
p: 317-535-1003                                  Kaplan Early Learning Company                    Multinational posters with universal themes.
                                                 Educational materials and classroom supplies     p: 608 231-2445
                                                 for birth to eight.                              w:
                                                 p: 800-334-2014
Celebrate Children Foundation
Invests resources in quality early childhood &
                                                 w:                                  Tootsie's Tidbits
                                                                                                  Early learning games & organizational items.
family development experiences.
                                                 Kathy Poelker/Look At Me Productions             p: 715-423-3005
p: 608-266-6953
                                                 Teacher resource materials, including books,     w:
                                                 CDs, & DVDs.
CJ's Puzzles & Crafts                            p: 847-658-0050                                  Usborne Books
Wood puzzles, storage boxes, table top blocks    w:                              Fun, educational, colorful and engaging
and sandboxes, card holders, domino holders,                                                      children's books. Earn 25-50% in free books
puppet holders, & geo boards.                    Kerlin Bus Sales & Leasing, Inc                  with a book fair!
p: 715-868-2411                                  Thomas Built's MyBus is a multi-functional       p: 608-767-1410
                                                 student activity bus designed to be safe, easy   w:
Commercial Recreation Specialists                to maintain, and durable.
Recreational products that promote creative      p: 260-352-2722                                  UW-Platteville
play and developmentally appropriate play.       w:                           UW-Platteville offers all four child care
p: 608-848-8781                                                                                   credentials.
w:                                   Lakeshore Learning Materials                     p: 608-342-1347
                                                 Products for early childhood and elementary      w:

                                                                                                                 Information tables
Venture Sculpture
Fair trade stone sculpture and ironwood
carvings from third world artists.
p: 847-872-2014

Wisconsin Department of Natural
Providing high quality environmental educa-
tion materials to engage children in sensory
and learning activities to help them explore                                                 Your online destination for kids
Wisconsin's natural environment.
p: 608-261-8453                                                                                and the adults in their lives.

                    The Courage to Explore:
              Culture, Peace, & Anti-Bias Resources
     Explore culture, peace, and anti-bias in an area filled
     with resources on the concepts of diversity, culture,
     and peace, sponsored by WECA. Books, toys, musi-
     cal instruments and more invite your interaction and
     demonstrate inexpensive ways to develop these re-
     sources for your program.
                    Visit this interactive display in the
                      exhibit hall during hall hours

                                                                Information tables:
                                                The following organizations will be providing valuable
                                                                  info & resources

AFSCME/CCPT                                            Madison Area Technical College              Wisconsin Alliance for Infant Mental
p: 608-836-4040                                        p: 608-258-2377                             Health
w:                                   w:                          p: 608-442-0360
Child Care Information Center                          The Registry
p: 800-362-7353                                        p: 608-222-1123                             Wisconsin Division for Early Childhood
w:                                     w:                         w:

Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin                UWM-Center for Early Childhood              Wisconsin Early Childhood Association &
p: 608-221-3511                                        Professional Development & Leadership       Local Affiliates
w:                                             p: 414-227-3223                             p: 800-783-9322
                                                       w:               w:
Kaplan Early Learning Company
p: 800-334-2014                                        Viterbo University                          Wisconsin Family Child Care Association
w:                                        p: 608-796-3388                             p: 715-726-0185
Mad Science of Milwaukee, Inc
p: 414-768-1678                                        Wellness Unlimited
w:                            p: 608-232-0210

Planning your sessions
Choosing which sessions to attend
It is not necessary to register for individual workshops. You may attend any workshop as long as space permits. We do everything
we can to identify popular sessions and plan room sizes accordingly. We don’t always guess correctly. Please have a second and
third choice for each session. Workshop descriptions are followed by the audience level, age group, and Registry core knowledge
area(s). This information should help you to choose sessions according to your level of experience, area of interest, and educational
goals. Example: BEG/INT, Inf/T, DAP This session is best suited to a beginner or intermediate audience (BEG/INT), working primarily
with or on behalf of Infants and Toddlers (Inf/T), and will provide information about children’s activities appropriate for their age
and developmental level (DAP).

         Registry core knowledge areas:                                     Corresponding Wisconsin Core Competencies,
                                                                         for professionals working with young children and
      AED     Adult Education                                            their families:
      COM     Community Collaboration
      DAP     Developmentally Appropriate Practices                      I. Child Development (DEV)
      DEV     Child Development                                          II. Diversity (DIV)
      DIV     Cultural & Individual Diversity                            III. Facilitating Child Development (DAP)
      FAM     Family Relationships                                       IV. Health, Safety, and Nutrition (SAF)
      FIN     Finance                                                    V. Child Guidance and Nurturing (GUI)
      GUI     Child Guidance                                             VI. Observing and Assessment (OBS)
      LEG     Legal                                                      VII. Professional Practice (PRO)
      MAR     Marketing                                                  VIII. Parenting and Family Dynamics (FAM)
      OBS     Observation & Assessment                                   IX. Community Relationships (COM)
      ORG     Organizational Management
      PER     Personnel Management                                           For more information: visit
      PRO     Professionalism
      REG     Regulatory Policy & Standards
      SAF     Safe & Healthy Environments
      SPN     Special Needs
               For more information: visit

                                                                          CROWN PALM
                                                                          Learning Discipline: Connecting Discipline, Communication and
                 THURS OCT 22, 1-5 P.M.                                   Relationships, Hedda Sharapan, Family Communications, Inc.
                 Pre-conference Sessions                                  Good, clear communication, combined with strong relationships
                                                                          provide children the support and tools they need to grow. Dis-
                                                                          cover how discipline can be an opportunity for teaching rather
                                                                          than punishment; with the goal of helping children move from
CROWN PALM                                                                externally-imposed discipline to internal self-discipline. The
What Do You Do With The Mad That You                                      workshop format includes the use of provocative video seg-
Feel?, Hedda Sharapan, Family Communi-                                    ments, group discussions, and hands-on activities. ALL, All,
cations, Inc.                                                             GUI/DEV
A boy once asked this question of Mr.              Workshop
Rogers: "What do you do with the mad              sponsored by            IRONWOOD
that you feel?" Answering it may be               Kaplan Early            Reaching Out to Our Youngest English Language Learners
more important today than ever before          Learning Company           & Their Families, Ruth Reinl, CESA 4; Sue Albert, CESA 10; Pat
as early childhood educators report an
                                                                          Spohrs, Norwalk/Ontario/Wilton School District
increasing number of children who have
                                                                          Understand the developmental implications of having to learn
difficulty with impulse control. In this session, Hedda will blend
                                                                          more than one language as a young child. Examine current re-
the wisdom of Fred Rogers with her own developmental back-
                                                                          search and gain practical instructional techniques to effectively
ground to provide strategies that help children develop self-
                                                                          work with children when you don't speak their home language.
control and use constructive outlets when they're angry. There is
                                                                          Service delivery models for young children with disabilities,
an additional fee for this event and pre-registration is required.
                                                                          whose first language is other than English, will also be explored.
ALL, All, GUI/DEV                                                         ALL, Inf–4K, DIV

CYPRESS                                                                   BANYAN
Promoting Social-Emotional Competence in Young Children:                  Using the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards to Guide
Planning for Change, Julie Betchkal, CESA 11                              Program Decisions, Arlene Wright, Wisconsin Model Early Learning
Examine why intentional teaching of social emotional skills is so         Standards Coach; Kath Mc Gurk, Department of Children and Fami-
important. We will review the steps of the “Teaching Pyramid”             lies; Terry Whitmore, 4K Director, Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools;
developed by the Center For Social Emotional Foundations for
                                                                          Pamela Bennett, Meriter Children’s Center; Penny Chase, 4-C
Early Learning (CSEFEL). Participants will complete a self-as-
                                                                          Madison; Terryl Wheelock, 4-C Milwaukee; Dotty Lillo, Director of Child
sessment and map out next steps for program-wide implemen-
tation. There is an additional fee for this event and pre-registra-       Care Partnership Resource and Referral, Western Dairyland; Renae
tion is required. ALL, All, DEV/GUI                                       Blaschke, Head Start
                                                                          This session will assist participants to become familiar with us-
                                                                          ing the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards. Participants
                                                                          will learn about performance standards (statements of what
                FRI OCT 23, 9 - 11:45 A.M.                                children birth to 1st grade should know and be able to do), the
                                                                          developmental continuum, sample behaviors of children and
                       Session A                                          sample strategies for adults. A panel representing directors and
                                                                          program managers of child care, education and disability man-
                                                                          ager of Head Start and 4K Directors of public schools will be
                                                                          interacting and sharing information regarding how the Wiscon-
BAMBOO                                                                    sin Model Early Learning Standards are used to guide decisions
Introduction to Courage To Teach®, Mary L. Peters, Nicolet Techni-        in their programs and services for children and families. Par-
cal College                                                               ticipants will also have time to share their WMELS Stories and
Renew your heart, mind, and spirit by exploring the inner land-           interact with the panel presenters. BEG/INT, Inf–5K, DEV/DAP
scape of your life as a teacher. Reconnect to your identity and
integrity, identify and honor your gifts and strengths, and ac-           WISTERIA
knowledge your limits. Learn how this growth creates a context            Making Your Program Boy-friendly, Father-friendly and Family-
for careful listening and deep connection, honors diversity, and          friendly (& it's good for girls too)!, Bryan Nelson,
facilitates safe spaces and trusting relationships. Examine the           Do you wonder why fathers don’t visit your classroom as often
connection between attending to the inner life of educators and           as mothers? Is your classroom bursting with active boys? Come
the renewal of education. BEG/INT, Ad, AED/PRO                            to this workshop to learn creative ways to make your program
                                                                          more male-friendly (which is beneficial for girls, too). You’ll

learn practical ideas on how to invite fathers and father-figures         professional development opportunities are available statewide
to get more involved in your program. ALL, All/Ad, AED/DEV/               to individuals working with children. An approval system for
DIV/DAP/FAM/PRO                                                           training, trainers, and technical consultants has been developed
                                                                          to assure that instructors and consultants are qualified in their
TAMARIND                                                                  areas of instruction and that the training has quality content.
"Why Does She Do That?" Finding Meaning in Infant’s and Tod-              Come learn how PDAS benefits the workforce, trainers, and con-
dler’s Challenging Behavior, Jen Bailey, Wisconsin State Based            sultants. ALL, Ad, PRO
Training & Technical Assistance Office
Decoding the meaning of infant/toddler behavior is not a simple           BAMBOO
process, especially when they exhibit challenging behaviors.              Community Approaches to 4-year-old Kindergarten
Utilizing materials from Center on the Social and Emotional               Jill Haglund, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction; Danica
Foundations for Early Learning, we will identify the characteris-         Lewis, Oshkosh Area School District
tics of challenging behaviors, learn about family circumstances           Join us to learn more about community approaches to 4-year-old
that impact infant/toddler development, and outline a process             kindergarten. In a “4K community approach” child care centers,
for implementing a support plan for responding to challenging             family child care providers, Head Start programs, and the public
behavior. INT, Inf/T, DEV/DAP/FAM                                         school district collaborate to meet the needs of four-year olds in
                                                                          a way that works best for their community. School district 4K
GUAVA                                                                     coordinators and child care center directors will showcase the
Beginnings, Endings & Living In-Between, Mary Jo Rozmenoski,              accomplishments of several Wisconsin districts using a commu-
Western Dairyland Head Start                                              nity approach. ALL, Inf/4K, COM/FAM/ORG/REG
Are issues in your work or personal life preventing you from
moving forward? Caring for children is a big responsibility and           CROWN PALM
in order to be our best, we need to make sure we take proper              My Kids Won't Eat That!, Susan Pritchard-Pederson & Judy Mays,
care of ourselves. Mary Jo Rozmenoski speaks with compassion,             Wisconsin Early Childhood Association
sharing her life journey of joy, tragedy, reflection and healing.         We know that eating fruits and vegetables is important to overall
Come away from this session, knowing how to recognize life                health. In the U.S. a whopping 90% of us fail to eat the recom-
experiences as personal strengths, reframe problems into oppor-           mended amounts each day. Explore how to serve a variety of
tunities, and take charge to survive and live a healthy life. ALL,        fruits and veggies in kid-friendly ways. Learn fun activities for
All/Ad, AED                                                               introducing fruits and veggies to children and discover how to
                                                                          prepare and store fruits and vegetables, making them more eco-
BALLROOM E                                                                nomical to serve. BEG/INT, All/Ad, DEV/SAF
Come Sing and Dance With Me! Musical Fun With an Educational
Purpose, Kathy Poelker, Look At Me Productions, Inc.                      IRONWOOD
Dust off your dancing shoes for our music FUN! You'll want a              Birth-to-3 and Preschool Special Education: How Does That
partner to join you as you experience the unforgettable joy of            Work?, Elizabeth Wahl, UW-Madison Waisman Center & Mary Joslin,
music with Kathy Poelker, ASCAP award winning children's                  CESA 10
recording artist, author, consultant, and early childhood music           This session will address a plethora of issues including: how to
specialist. Learn simple partner dances even the youngest can             connect with services for a child you are concerned about, how
do successfully, and have fun with movement activities, music             a child is identified as having special needs, how a team should
games, drama experiences, and "stick-in-your-brain" songs that            decide, who is involved, types of services available, and the sim-
help children develop a wide range of skills. Each exercise is            ilarities and differences between birth-to-3 and school services.
carefully drafted to help children build a wide range of readi-           BEG, Inf–4K, DEV/DIV/SPN
ness skills. ALL, T–3rd, DEV/DAP/SAF
                                                                          I Can Read Songs: Early Literacy Intervention, LaDonna Wicklund,
                 FRI OCT 23, 2 - 3:15 P.M.                                Iowa City Community School District Reading Specialist
                       Session B                                          Joyful, song-based intervention can help all children (especially
                                                                          at-risk children) learn essential early literacy skills. Discover
                                                                          singing and dancing strategies that teach children the founda-
                                                                          tion of reading and writing. You will receive copies of the songs
ACACIA                                                                    for immediate implementation. ALL, 4K/5K, DEV/DAP
Wisconsin's Professional Development Approval System, Luanne
Platt, The Registry                                                       WISTERIA
It is part of The Registry’s mission to ensure that high quality          Stories in Motion: Drama in Inclusive Settings, Joan Collins & Edie

Baran, VSA Arts of Wisconsin                                                with ideas for props, flannel boards, books, creative play, and
Why just read your class a story when you can bring it to life?             themes. ALL, Pre, DEV/DAP
Creative drama provides a meaningful setting for early literacy
skills and language development. Learn creative drama tech-                 BALLROOM F
niques and activities to engage learners of all abilities, including        It's Not Just a Piece of Wood: Introducing Wood-Working to Chil-
students with mobility challenges, developmental delays, chal-              dren, Cindy Gillett, CJ's Puzzles + Crafts
lenging behaviors, and English language learners. Participants              Preschool children are at just the right age to learn simple wood-
will take away their own short drama lesson plans. BEG/INT,                 working. In fact, woodworking can be introduced in all curricu-
Pre–5K, DAP/SPN                                                             lum areas, to teach life skills, science and math concepts, and
                                                                            so much more. Gain hands-on experience with wood and other
PORTIA                                                                      supplies provided. Bring your imagination and be prepared to
Reflective Supervision: Promoting Professionalism & Leader-                 have fun! INT, Pre–3rd, DAP
ship in Early Childhood Education, Joanna Parker, The Learning
Focus on methods to create a culture of professionalism and ac-                             FRI OCT 23, 3:30 - 4:45 P.M.
countability in your child care setting. The session will include                                  Session C
information on the philosophy of supervision, as well as the
tools for interviewing, reviewing, and growing staff. ALL, Ad,
TAMARIND                                                                    Working with Parents Who are Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual or Trans-
Infant Attachment: The Importance of First Relationships, Lana              gender, Robin Fox, UW-Whitewater
Nenide, Wisconsin Alliance for Infant Mental Health                         Early childhood educators are well versed in how to meet the
This workshop will center on attachment theory. Participants                needs of many children and families, but one area in which most
will learn more about attachment security and ways both par-                lack training is the area of parents who are LGBT. In this work-
ents and caregivers can support healthy adult-child relation-               shop, specific examples of how to change environments, materi-
ships with very young children. BEG/INT, Inf, DEV                           als and curriculum to provide a more welcoming program for
                                                                            members of the LGBT community will be shared. ALL, All/Ad,
MANGROVE                                                                    AED/DIV/FAM
News and Updates from Child Care Licensing, Anne Carmody,
Department of Children and Families                                         BAMBOO
This is an opportunity for family and group licensed child care             Four-year-old Kindergarten Child Care Partners Networking Ses-
providers, directors, and administrators to meet with staff from            sion, Jeanette Paulson, Wisconsin Early Childhood Association & Jill
child care licensing. We will share news and updates on current             Haglund, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
initiatives in the regulation world as well as have an opportunity          Voice your opinion in a facilitated discussion designed for child
to dialog with licensing staff on issues and concerns that arise            care directors and teachers who are part of 4K community ap-
around the licensing rules. ALL, All/Ad, REG                                proaches. Participants will identify and discuss key issues for
                                                                            community site directors including: licensing, contracting, com-
GUAVA                                                                       munication with districts, team building, and scheduling. ALL,
Using Humor as a Social Emotional Strategy, Ann Ramminger, UW               All, AED
Madison Waisman Center
Humor can be an effective way to make yourself feel better, to              CROWN PALM
get along with others, and to help children maintain self confi-            Developing Learners For The Digital Age of Literacy, Julie Steuber,
dence while learning new behaviors. Explore how cartoons can                Cardinal Stritch University; Sue Saynay, Racine Public School District;
provide a snapshot of complex emotions and behaviors. Practice              & RosalieSchatzman, Racine Unified School District
using humor with other adults in good taste. Take ideas back                The amazing human brain! Join this session to learn about the
to your classroom, program, or setting to use with children and             implications of this digital age of literacy on the brain devel-
adults of all ages. INT/EXP, All/Ad, AED/DEV/GUI                            opment of young children. The more you know, the better you
                                                                            will be at incorporating new teaching strategies that maximize
BALLROOM E                                                                  healthy brain development. We will provide useful research and
Elephants Have Wrinkles - Animal Songs for The Classroom, Col-              demonstrate best practices that both support your work as an
leen Hannafin & Brian Schellinger, North Side Music                         educator and invite parental involvement. BEG/INT, 4K–3rd,
Join Colleen and Uncle Squaty for a workshop featuring songs,               DEV/DAP/FAM
chants, action, and movement focused on nature. Walk away

IRONWOOD                                                                   affecting boys. Come away equipped with effective remedies for
Are We Creating 'Praise Junkies'? Moving From Praise to Posi-              reversing this trend for children from birth to elementary age,
tive Feedback & Encouragement, Gaye Tylka, CESA 4                          and a little beyond. This insightful discussion will be of benefit
Examine the differences between praise, encouragement, and                 to parents, teachers, school administrators, mental health pro-
positive feedback and the impact each has on building self es-             fessionals, community service workers—in short, anyone who
teem, positive behavior, and motivation in children. Participants          has a stake in the success of boys. ALL, All, DEV/GUI/DAP/SPN
will have an opportunity for self reflection and will leave with
techniques that can immediately be put into practice. ALL, T–              GUAVA
3rd, GUI                                                                   Change Can Be Good! Wisconsin's New Quality Rating and Im-
                                                                           provement System, Wisconsin Department of Children and Families
BANYAN                                                                     Learn about the goals and challenges of Wisconsin's proposed
Enhancing a Thinking Organization, Mark Sweet, Disability Rights           Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS). Plenty of ques-
Wisconsin                                                                  tion and answer time will be given. ALL, Ad, MAR/ORG/PER/
In settings where momentum often rules the day, there are things           PRO/REG
that can be done to increase the thinking and creativity of all
those who come in contact with children. More than a training              MANGROVE
event, there are ways to embed ongoing training into the daily             Parent Involvement Increases Child Pre-Reading Skills: Results
practice of creating inclusive environments for children. ALL,             of an Experiment in Wisconsin Child Care Programs, Yae Bin Kim
                                                                           & Dr. Dave Riley, UW-Madison; & participating program directors
                                                                           Everyone “knows” that parent involvement in ECE programs is
WISTERIA                                                                   a good thing, but no one has actually tested this idea with a real
Using Occupational Therapy and Sensory Activities to Boost                 experiment, until now. Our results show that increasing parent
Classroom Dynamics, Haley Hennlich, New Richmond School Dis-               involvement in some specific ways leads to significantly greater
trict 4K, St. Mary's School                                                gains in children’s pre-reading abilities. Come learn how we
Expose yourself to a variety of occupational therapy (OT), brain           conducted the study, what we found, and hear from the partici-
development, and sensory activities. Plan to have some very                pating program directors how they implemented the program in
hands-on experiences while you feel with your body how these               their centers. INT/EXP, All, (FAM)
strategies may impact children. Experiential learning, discus-
sion, and hand-outs are all planned to provide you with tools to           BALLROOM E
truly enhance your classroom dynamics! ALL, All, DEV/GUI/                  Get Up, Get Down, and Get Moving!, Kaye Ketterer, Wisconsin
DAP/SPN                                                                    Early Childhood Association and Chris Schneider, Plymouth Children's
PORTIA                                                                     Young children naturally love to move their bodies. Children
Early Identification in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Do You See              need to move their bodies! We'll learn why movement is good
What I See?, Glenis Benson, Ph.D., Autism Spectrum Disorders               for children (and adults) and why some children and adults may
Consultant                                                                 not want to participate. Come and join in the fun as we move
According to the Center for Disease Control, Autism Spectrum               and do activities that are easy and infectious! ALL, All, SAF
Disorders (ASDs) occur at the rate of 1/150. In this session, early
characteristics will be discussed so that personnel can be vigi-           BALLROOM F
lant with identifying potential cases of ASDs. Gone are the days           Let's Play in Nature: Natural Science for Early Learners, Cheryl
when we would look for the hand flap or finger flick. Current
                                                                           DeWelt Robinson and Sandra Bonnici Hoecherl, Madison Children's
thinking dictates that we look for the absence of behaviors and
not the presence of the repetitive motor movements. Attendees
                                                                           This fun, interactive workshop provides educators with hands-
will leave this session equipped with state of the art identifica-
                                                                           on experiences that support children's innate connection to the
tion information and screening tools. BEG, Inf–5K, DEV/OBS/
                                                                           natural world. Learn techniques that foster scientific thinking
                                                                           and increase children's awareness of natural environments. In-
                                                                           door and outdoor activities that promote math, science, and lit-
TAMARIND                                                                   eracy concepts will be highlighted. BEG/INT, T–3rd, DAP
Lost Boys and The Failure to Launch, Larry Griffin, Kaplan Early
Learning Company
Explore the dimensions of a troubling international trend toward
an increasing number of unmotivated and underachieving boys
who seem "lost" and who "fail to launch." Learn how changes in
education, video games, prescription drugs, endocrine disrup-
tors, and a deficit of positive male role models are negatively

                                                                             CROWN PALM
                                                                             Can't We Just Get Along? Parent/Teacher Communication,
                  FRI OCT 23, 5 - 7 P.M.                                     Michelle Brown & Julie Stoffel, Cradle to Crayons Learning Center
                Special Evening Sessions                                     Do you ever feel like parents in your program have no idea what
                                                                             goes on during the day? Are you looking for unique ways to doc-
                                                                             ument children's daily learning? Explore ways to build stronger
BALLROOM C                                                                   parent/teacher relationships by developing partnerships. Dis-
The Wonderful Possibilities with Children and Nature, Gerry                  cuss communicating beyond morning greetings and daily notes.
                                                                             Make a plan to connect with parents, improve communication,
Slater, Playworks4Kids, & Pam Boulton, UWM Children's Center &
                                                                             and have a record for children's portfolios. ALL, All, PRO
Center for Early Childhood Professional Development and Leadership
Join us in a unique experience consisting of hands-on exhibits
and resource people who will guide your learning on the topic                IRONWOOD
of reconnecting young children with nature. Explore ways to                  What’s New at The Registry?, Jere Wallden, The Registry
enhance your curriculum and engage with others who care as                   2009 marks the unveiling of the new Registry website! The Reg-
deeply as you do about the value of nature in children’s lives.              istry online services have been expanded, improved and updat-
ALL, All, AED/DEV/SAF/REG                                                    ed. Learn about new career levels that offer non credit options
                                                                             for advancement. You have to see it to believe it! ALL, Ad, PRO
Child Care Information Center Film Festival, Lita Haddal, Child              BANYAN
Care Information Center                                                      When You've Tried Everything: Interventions for ADD/ADHD,
Bring your popcorn and snacks and settle in for some quality                 Autism and Brain Disregulation, Arlene Martin & Leah Thompson,
video viewing! The Child Care Information Center selected a hit              Wellness Unlimited, LLC
list of films for child care providers to preview for future use. All        This presentation provides parents and teachers of young chil-
of the videos in the CCIC collection may be counted toward con-              dren information, strategies and goals to support children who
tinuing education hours for relicensing purposes. Learn more                 have ADD, ADHD, Autism or other conditions of brain dysregu-
about CCIC, which is funded by the State of Wisconsin to assist              lation. Learn how a child's environment, specific food sources
child care providers in solving their workplace dilemmas. ALL,               and routines can directly affect a young child's developing brain
Ad, ALL                                                                      and behaviors. ALL, Pre–3rd, SPN

               SAT OCT 24, 7:45 - 8:45 A.M.                                  Music Fun For Infants and Toddlers, Colleen Hannafin & Brian
                                                                             Schellinger, North Side Music
                      Session D                                              Come and explore the importance of music and how to nurture
                                                                             it at a young age. Build your curriculum through the use of de-
                                                                             velopmentally appropriate music for infants through 3 years of
                                                                             age. Explore lullabies, singing songs, finger & toe plays, bounc-
ACACIA                                                                       es, movement and singing with books. ALL, Inf/T, DEV/DAP
A Kit to Succeed in the Child Care Business, Alana Ahrens & Dotty
Lillo, Western Dairyland
Need help with your child care records? Does staying organized
seem impossible? The Kit of Child Care Business Success makes                How Providers Can Build Strength Together, Diana Smith & Brenda
it easy for every in-home child care provider to stay organized              Danielczak, AFSCME/CCPT
and meet standards for the IRS, Licensers/Certifiers, and Food               Share ideas on how providers can work together to influence
Program. Join us as we show and explain the kit and teach you                change in our field while building on the successes that we have
how to implement it into your own in-home family child care.                 already had in improving quality for Family Child Care provid-
ALL, Ad, FIN/LEG/MAR/ORG/REG                                                 ers. Learn more about economics, public policy, and advocacy.
                                                                             ALL, Ad, AED/PRO
Could This be Grief?, Kristine Wurm-Stephenson, Family Services of           TAMARIND
Northeast Wisconsin                                                          Guiding Children Toward Success, Karen Apitz, Parents Plus, Inc
Participants will learn how to recognize typical signs of grief in           This presentation provides information on what educators,
children at different ages. The workshop will also cover various             providers and parents can do to promote social emotional com-
ways to help children progress through the grief process in a                petence for children. Topics include building relationships,
healthy way. BEG, All, GUI/FAM/OBS                                           constructing supportive environments, and effective parent in-
                                                                             volvement strategies. BEG, In–Pre, DAP

GUAVA                                                                     BANYAN
Learning Continues At Home, Bev Schumacher, Learning Props                Creating Rooms of Wonder:Teacher Made Materials, Marcia Wolf &
Regardless of our role in the early childhood community, we               Lindsay Barnhart, UW-Stout
all have an obligation to prepare the youngsters in our care for          Help your classroom come alive with this creative session! Stud-
learning success. Essential to that responsibility is fostering a         ies have found that introducing novelty in the classroom can en-
healthy partnership between families and educators. In this ses-          hance brain development. Learn new ways to turn things you
sion, explore projects, activities, and resources that help educa-        already have (including recyclables) into teacher made materials
tors and providers invite families to support learning activities         and enhance the learning process of the children in your class-
at home. INT/EXP, Pre–5K, DEV/DAP/FAM                                     room. BEG, Inf/T, DEV/DAP

BALLROOM E                                                                CYPRESS
Play Lays a Foundation for Learning, Amy Peterson, Sheboygan              Rhythms Of The Caribbean, Nelson Gill, Etcetera Records
Reusable Resource Center                                                  See how contemporary Caribbean rhythms (calypso, soca, reg-
Join Amy for a play process that inspires insight and changes in          gae, punta and merengue) can act as a medium for teaching cog-
approaches to early education. Even though free play is essential         nitive, gross motor AND social-emotional skills. Nelson Gill will
for healthy development, it is losing out to an emphasis on for-          introduce the basic principles of creative music with an empha-
mal academic training. Learn how play engages our brains and              sis on multi-cultural songs with rhythms from the Caribbean.
lays a foundation for learning, academic success, physical de-            He will also demonstrate how you can incorporate musical ac-
velopment, and social/emotional development. When provided                tivities into your daily curriculum, and discuss the importance
with a carefully structured setting, open-ended materials, and            of musical expression in early childhood education. ALL, All/
a play coach, teachers and parents can refocus and rethink the            Ad, DEV/DIV
role of play in the development and education of children. BEG/
INT, All, DAP                                                             WISTERIA
                                                                          Development: It's Not Just For Kids, Mary Erickson Gerbig, Wiscon-
                                                                          sin Early Childhood Association
               SAT OCT 24, 9 - 10:15 A.M.                                 Get us talking about children and we're quick to talk about their
                                                                          stages of development, the role self-esteem plays in their de-
                     Session E                                            velopment, and the importance of focusing on each individual
                                                                          child's needs. Join other early education teachers to reflect on
                                                                          your own development in similar ways. You'll come away from
                                                                          this workshop with some affirmations about yourself and a plan
                                                                          for moving forward. Let no teacher be left behind! ALL, Ad, PRO
Creating Food Smart Kids and Healthy Social Emotional Develop-
ment, Dotty Lillo, Western Dairyland CESA 11 Head Start
As processed food becomes more prevalent in young children's              PORTIA
diets, healthy options become harder to find. Pick up new tips            Family First in Family Child Care, Celeste Swoboda & Elizabeth
you can use to ensure that meals served are safe, healthy, and            Swoboda, Teddy Bear Totland Childcare
nutritious! ALL, All/Ad, AED/DEV/FAM/SAF                                  If family comes first in your quality family child care center, this
                                                                          is the workshop for you! Come to network, ask questions, and
                                                                          relate to others in our field. ALL, All/Ad, FAM
Using Sign Language to Build Literacy Skills in Hearing Children,
Denise Meyer, SignBridge Language Systems                                 GUAVA
Discover how the use of simple American Sign Language signs               Make-n-Take with Hands 2 Grow, Cassie Payne & Mickey Miller,
can dramatically enhance verbal, literacy and math skills in              Hands 2 Grow Puppet Productions
young hearing children. By learning to communicate with signs             Looking for a great art project or a new way to tell your favor-
before they are able to speak, young children may receive higher          ite story? Come along with experienced puppeteers Cassie and
IQ scores and engage in more sophisticated play. Participants in          Mickey as they share a few simple ways to build puppets for
this interactive training will learn more than 100 basic signs and        your classroom. Join other puppet enthusiasts while building,
effective strategies for incorporating them into daily activities.        creating, and imagining all the ways puppets can be used! BEG/
Sign Language for use with special populations (developmental             INT, All/Ad, DAP
disability and English language learners) will also be addressed.

                 SAT OCT 24, 9 - 11:45 A.M.                                               SAT OCT 24, 10:30 - 11:45 A.M.
                       Session E/F                                                                 Session F

BAMBOO                                                                       ACACIA
Supporting Infants and Young Children with Social and Emotional              Dr. Maria Montessori's Looping Strategy, Penny Urben, Milwaukee
Difficulties, Janna Hack, Wisconsin Alliance for Infant Mental Health        Public Schools & Michele Butz Craig, Montessori School
Some child behaviors present challenges…even for the most                    Learn more about techniques Dr. Maria Montessori pioneered
nurturing and capable caregivers. Spend time problem solv-                   based on her in-depth observations of how children learn. She
ing, interacting, and reflecting in a safe environment with your             believed multi-age groupings and "looping" (having the same
peers and an infant and early childhood mental health specialist.            teacher for a number of years) helped children's development
Discuss strategies to support infants, toddlers and preschoolers             and learning. Join us as we explain the how's and why's of loop-
with social, emotional and/or behavioral difficulties. Seize this            ing in a Montessori classroom and discuss its benefits for all chil-
opportunity to reflect on your work and connect to colleagues                dren. ALL, All, AED/DAP/SPN
in your field. This workshop will be limited to 15 participants.
ALL, Inf–4K, DEV/GUI/DIV/DAP/FAM/SAF/OBS/SPN                                 CROWN PALM
                                                                             Learning to Look and Listen: Observing and Assessing Teachers,
IRONWOOD                                                                     Kirsten Suer, 4C-Madison Certification Specialist
Reinventing the 3Rs: Remembering + Ritual + Respect = Rela-                  Foster reflective practices in your teachers by being a reflective
tionship, Billie Ognenoff, Heart 'n' Home Family Child Care & Kelly          leader! Directors, administrators, and trainers will learn strate-
Matthews, A Place For You Consulting                                         gies for assessing teachers in their programs. Explore ways to
If you remember your grandma's pet name for you, even after                  establish trust and create a positive experience for your teachers
all these years, this is the workshop for you! Join us for a highly          when you observe their classrooms. Learn different methods of
interactive session as we explore and identify those "intangibles"           observation, techniques for using observations to assess teach-
that make a lasting difference in a child’s life! Discover how ritu-         ing practices and curriculum, and how to present findings in a
als can help children make sense of time, themselves, and their              supportive and effective way. ALL, Ad, AED/OBS/PER/PRO
place in the world. ALL, All/Ad, DEV/DAP/FAM
TAMARIND                                                                     Thought-Less Themes, Melissa Seehaver, New Auburn School
Shaken Babies, Shaken Lives, Wendi Schreiter, CESA 7 & Delecia               District
Johnson, 4C Milwaukee                                                        How often do you wish for wonderfully thought-out themes
Join us to fulfill the required Shaken Baby Syndrome training for            without having to come up with all the ideas yourself? Come
child care providers or use the time as a refresher course. Hear             and get help organizing your theme ideas so that they are quick
the powerful story of a Wisconsin family whose child suffered                and efficient to plan. Examples of the thematic planning process,
Shaken Baby Syndrome. ALL, Inf–Pre, SAF                                      simple teacher made materials, and lots of idea sharing will have
                                                                             you ready to plan your next theme in no time! BEG/INT, Pre/4K,
Incorporating Sensory-Rich Activities in the Early Childhood
Classroom, Jenine Cramer, ECSC Teacher/Consultant & Amy Car-
                                                                             Puppet Power: Putting Character Education into Everyday Prac-
riere, CESA 10
Sensory-rich activities stimulate brain development in young                 tices, Jennifer Guenther, Rubicon Jt. 6 School District
children, prepare them for learning, and help them interact with             Meet Maggie-Lou the Marsupial and Montgomery the Spa-
peers and their environment. This session will provide a hands-              ghettiasaurus. Together they will demonstrate ways to build
on opportunity for participants to look at, manipulate, and make             students' characters- socially and emotionally- through simple
sensory-rich materials and toys. There will be a materials fee of            classroom strategies. Leave with a plan to have a "pet" promote
$1-$2 for this session. INT, Inf–5K, DEV                                     positive character in students. Geared toward those working
                                                                             with toddlers through 3rd graders. ALL, T–3rd, DAP

                                                                             From Difficult Moments to Great Opportunities: Communication
                                                                             Is Key, Leslie Leline, Author & Lead Teacher at Peninsula Preschool
                                                                             Start looking at frustrating moments with a child as perfect

opportunities to teach cooperation and problem-solving skills.                to families, caregivers, physicians, and intervention specialists.
Discuss the impact of the words you choose during difficult                   Learn how this tool can provide an important service for your
times and learn positive ways to communicate so that children                 families, become an additional child assessment for your cur-
in your care learn respect and self-confidence. ALL, Pre–3rd,                 riculum development, and enhance the overall quality of your
AED/DEV/GUI/DAP/FAM                                                           program. BEG/INT, Inf–5K, AED/DEV/DIV/DAP/OBS/SPN

PORTIA                                                                        IRONWOOD
Simple Ideas for Inclusion, Lorinda Krinke, United Cerebral Palsy of          The Ins and Outs of Leading Workshops, Pam McQuin, Wisconsin
Greater Dane County                                                           Early Childhood Association
All children are unique! Learn how you can create a healthy                   Have you ever thought about presenting a workshop? We all
environment where differences are understood and accepted.                    have knowledge and skills to offer others in the early childhood
Leave with curriculum strategies, activities to help children ex-             profession. Learn strategies for presenting to adults, share tips,
plore differences, and easy adaptations which allow children's                explore learning styles, plan for small and large groups, and
abilities to shine. ALL, All, DIV                                             more. Whether you are a novice or an experienced presenter,
                                                                              you're sure to gain some new ideas. BEG, Ad, AED
Assessing Quality: Join the Conversation!, Amy Schuster & Peggy               BANYAN
Haack, Wisconsin Early Childhood Association                                  Play and Learn: A Community Program for Caregivers and
We all talk about "quality," but do we all agree on what it means?            Children, Rissel Sanderson, Helena Bosben, Tammy Pineda, Barbara
Are quality rating systems a trend to be feared or embraced? If               Alvarado, Teri Lynn Alexander, & the entire Madison Metropolitan
money was not a barrier, what would you prioritize to improve                 School District Play and Learn team
your program's quality? Join us for a lively conversation and                 Come and learn about Play and Learn, a program designed to
learn more about what we are doing and where we're going with                 provide support, information and materials around early litera-
a quality rating and improvement system inside and outside of                 cy and math development to family, friend and neighbor child-
Wisconsin. INT/EXP, Inf–Pre, OBS                                              care providers who care for children from birth to kindergar-
                                                                              ten entry and live in low-income neighborhoods. Sessions are
                                                                              offered by bilingual teachers who model the process of learning
                                                                              through play for the caregivers during weekly 3 hour sessions.
                SAT OCT 24, 1:30 - 2:45 P.M.                                  Community buildings are used for the sessions and materials
                                                                              are transported to the session by the Play and Learn trucks. You
                       Session G                                              may be inspired to create a program like this in your commu-
                                                                              nity! ALL, Inf–5K, AED/DEV/DIV/FAM

                                                                              Working With Children In Stressful Times, Renee Zaman, Consul-
Sheamus: A Child with Autism Succeeds in Preschool, Mary Jos-
lin, CESA 10; Jaki Mushel, Marshfield School District; Krista Hoglund,        Explore different strategies teachers can use to support the needs
Parent; & Sue Luchterhand, Marshfield Area Catholic Schools                   of children who are experiencing stress in their lives. When the
Come for a panel discussion on how Sheamus, a child with                      economy is unstable, children count on us to offer them a peace-
Autism, participates with his typically developing peers in a                 ful, supportive environment. Discuss and learn real tactics you
preschool setting and how his special education needs are sup-                can use immediately to support the children in your care! INT,
ported by the school district. The panel will include Sheamus'                All, DEV
mother, his preschool teacher, Early Childhood Special Educa-
tion teacher, and the CESA Program Support teacher. There will
be an opportunity for conversation about how to successfully                  WISTERIA
include children with disabilities in settings with their typically           Communication Teams, Martha Hestad, CESA 3
developing peers. ALL, Pre/4K, DAP/SPN                                        Does the right hand know what the left hand is doing? Learn
                                                                              to create partnerships that open lines of communication, in-
                                                                              crease access to information, and provide opportunities to share
CROWN PALM                                                                    resources. Discover how partnerships between parents, school
ASQing Around: the ASQ Developmental Screener on Paper and                    personnel, and community providers can enhance children’s
in Action, Lizzie Sexton, Children's Service Society of Wisconsin             early language and communication development. Leave with
Get introduced to the Ages and Stages Questionnaire®. Find out                the necessary training and resources to communicate effectively
how this quick, inexpensive, and easy tool can predict delays in              with partners at home, child care and school. ALL, T–4K, DEV/
children's developmental with amazing accuracy. Discover ways                 DAP/FAM/SPN
to use it in your classroom to bring developmental information

                                                                            WECA Board Of Directors
Using Children's Photos in the Classroom, Judith Phillips, MATC
                                                                            President--Julia Townsend
Milwaukee Children's Center & Debra Phillips, Easter Seals of South-
                                                                            Therese Ahlers
eastern Wisconsin
Discover multiple ways that children's photos can be used in                Luke Chirhart
the classroom. They can identify a child's space, enhance class-            Jessaca Frost
room activities, and help children understand the day's sched-              Rita Kehl
ule. Learn how photos can build great connections with families,            Susan Schimke
stimulate conversations, and help transfer classroom skills to the          Celeste Swoboda
home environment. BEG, Inf–Pre, DAP                                         James Wartinbee
                                                                            Annette Wilburn
TAMARIND                                                                    Renee Zaman
Strengthening Families: It's Up To YOU!, Delechia Johnson, 4C
Milwaukee                                                                   Member Advisory Council
Wisconsin's child care providers are in the perfect position to             Dawn Abel
strengthen families. Join others to explore how the Strengthen-
                                                                            Kelly Borchardt
ing Families initiative- an innovative, research-based strategy-
can prevent child maltreatment by building on the strong re-                Pam Boulton
lationships that parents of young children typically have with              Jessaca Frost
their child care providers. Learn about five protective factors             Robin Mainhardt
and how they relate to the prevention of child abuse and neglect.           Laurie Ann Meyer
BEG/INT, All/Ad, FAM/SAF                                                    Sharon Mras
                                                                            Susan Schimke
GUAVA                                                                       Rachael Sherfield
More Finger Plays, Karen Koch-Hodgert, Kid's Kingdom Learning               Carol Spoehr
Center                                                                      Celeste Swoboda
Finger plays can set the climate in your classroom and help you             Julia Townsend
navigate children through transitions. This workshop is for new             Jamie Tramte-Brassfield
teachers who need some fun fingerplays and veterans who want                Annette Wilburn
some new ones. Please bring your favorites to share! ALL, All,
                                                                            Affiliate Leadership Group
                                                                            Dawn Abel
                                                                            Carmen Behringer
Process vs. Product Art, Julia Townsend, Woods Hollow Children's
                                                                            Jessaca Frost
Focus on the benefits of creating art and learn to love the process         Deborah Knoener
more than the finished product. Be prepared to get messy while              Nicole Leitermann
creating your very own masterpiece. Learn how to parlay chil-               Robin Mainhardt
dren's art into a family-friendly fund raiser for your program.             Laurie Ann Meyer
ALL, Inf–5K, DAP                                                            Michelle Moland
                                                                            Sharon Mras
BALLROOM C/D                                                                Patti Robinson
Singing the Changes, Stuart Stotts, Musician                                Sheri Root
Calling all singers…Learn and rehearse songs about child care               Sue Schimke
and then join Stuart- as a chorus member!- during his afternoon             Annette Schladweiler
keynote address. Celebrate the important and fulfilling work of             Rachael Sherfield
teaching and taking care of young children. ALL, All, AED/PRO               Carol Spoehr
                                                                            Celeste Swoboda
                                                                            Joanne Tomasovic
                SAT OCT 24, 3 - 4:30 P.M.                                   Jamie Tramte-Brassfield
              Keynote & closing celebration                                 Patricia Waldron
                     Ballroom C/D                                           Dawn Wilson
                                                                            Sue Wrobel

Continuing education record
                                          Documenting your conference participation
As of January 2009, Wisconsin has a new system for documenting your professional development. The Professional Development
Approval System (PDAS) was created to allow practitioners in the child care profession a clearer idea of what kind of training they
are receiving and accountability for those providing the training. For more information about PDAS, see, attend the
PDAS session Friday at 2pm, or visit The Registry information table.

The conference offers two levels of training through workshops, roundtables, Professional Development Luncheon, and special
events: registered (1.25 hours) and Tier 2 (2.75 hours). Registered sessions will require only the sticker that you receive after your
session for documentation. Affix the stickers to the grid below. Then turn this form in to The Registry. Be sure to keep a copy for your
records! For Tier 2 sessions, your name will be entered into The Registry by WECA staff after the conference. If you need a Certificate
of Attendance, please pick one up at the registration table.

         Pre-conference sessions: Thurs                                Session D: Sat
         4 hours                                                       1 hour

         Session A: Fri                                                Session E: Sat
         2.75 hours                                                    1.25 hours

         Professional Development Luncheon                             Session E/F
         1.5 hours                                                     2.75 hours

         Session B: Fri                                                Session F
         1.25 hours                                                    1.25 hours

         Session C: Fri                                                Roundtable discussions
         1.25 hours                                                    .75 hours

         Special evening sessions: FRI                                 Session G: Sat
         1.25 hours                                                    1.25 hours

         Total credit hours available:                                 Keynote: Sat
         Thurs: 4 hours                                                1.25 hours
         Fri: up to 8 hours
         Sat: up to 7.5 hours

                                                                                                                     Become a member
                                                       MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION
                                               Wisconsin Early Childhood Association (WECA)

Celeste Swoboda, long time WECA member says: “If you                        services discount plan and a child safe kit.
were to ask me, ‘Why should I join WECA?”’ I would say                  As a comprehensive member, in addition to all the basic
‘Why not?’ As an early childhood professional, you need to              benefits previously listed, you also receive five or six pro-
feel that your voice is important. We need people like the              fessional publications from NAEYC on topics of interest to
staff at WECA supporting early childhood issues when we                 child care and education professionals.
can’t participate because we’re doing our jobs as early child-
hood professionals. So please join me in joining WECA and               Members can choose a local affiliate or the Wisconsin Fam-
encourage your colleagues to join our association as well.              ily Child Care Association (WFCCA) from the list and re-
Together we can be a stronger voice for quality programs                ceive benefits from that group as well. Local chapters in-
for young children and quality jobs for ourselves. And you              clude:
get so many valuable benefits!”                                         Central Chapter
                                                                        Chippewa Valley AEYC
Here’s what you get from a basic WECA membership:                       Dane County AEYC
• Discounts on continuing education offered through                     Great Rivers AEYC
   WECA, your local affiliate, the National Association                 Kenosha AEYC Valley AEYC
   for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), and the                 Milwaukee AEYC
   Wisconsin Family Child Care Association (WFCCA).                     NEW ECHO Chapter
• Choice of Young Children or Teaching Young Children,                  North Central AEYC
   professional journals, featuring articles about profes-              Northwoods AEYC
   sional development, lesson planning, how to involve                  Sheboygan AEYC
   parents, etc.                                                        South Central AEYC
• Quarterly WECA newsletters covering special topics,                   St. Croix Valley AEYC
   featured members of the workforce, training remind-                  Valley AEYC
   ers, advocacy information, and more.                                 Whitewater Chapter
• WECA Action Alerts, providing a mechanism to en-                      Wisconsin-at large: WFCCA
   gage the voices of those who work with young children
   and their families in advocacy efforts to promote the                Become a member: The quickest way to become a member
   development of sound public policy.                                  is to visit and sign
• Meetings and activities sponsored by the Affiliate                    up online!
   group in your area.
• Shopping discounts of 10% at NASCO, and discount                      If you mail your membership form: Complete the form below
   coupons at the Johnson Creek Outlet Mall.                            and mail with payment to: NAEYC Membership, P.O. Box
• Discounts on NAEYC publications and other resources.                  97156, Washington, DC 20090-7156
• Insurance plans available through NAEYC.
• $2,000 accidental death and dismemberment insurance
   policy from American Income Life, along with a health

                                            Wisconsin Early Childhood Association Membership Form

Name (print)
                                                                                                    MEMBERSHIP TYPE AND AFFILIATION
                                                                                                New member
City                                                          State   ZIP                       Renewal (ID #)

Phone                                                 Email                                    Local affiliate

                                                                                               MEMBERSHIP LEVEL
        Check/money order      Credit card : Visa    Mastercard                               Regular $53
                                                                                                Comprehensive $88
       Card number

          Exp. date               Cardholder name                                              PAYMENT AMOUNT ENCLOSED $



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