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									                      A   P U B L I C A T I O N   B Y   A N D   F O R   T H E   S T A F F   O F   T H E   C I T Y   O F   D E L R A Y   B E A C H   F I R E - R E S C U E   D E P A R T M E N T

Character may
be manifested

                     HOT TOPICS
  in the great
moments, but
 it is made in
   the small
                                                                                                                                 November 15, 2006
-- Phillips Brooks
                                                                                                                                 Volume 6 – Issue 5

          United Way Charitable Giving                                                            resolving credit issues, money management assistance,
                                                                                                  benefits assistance and access, educational and job
                  Campaign                                                                        assistance, plus free income tax filing services.
         By: Lt. Hal Knabb                                                                           Please help! You can donate through payroll
                                                                                                  deductions or give a one time check or cash donation.
            Together, We Can Do Things That None of Us
                                                                                                  A donation in any amount will help and is truly
                          Can Do Alone
                                                                                                  appreciated. Pledge cards need to be completed before
                                                                                                  November 15, 2006.         Every employee, whether
            The City of Delray Beach’s Annual United Way
                                                                                                  contributing or not, should complete a pledge card and
        Campaign starts November 3, 2006. Delray Beach
                                                                                                  return it to Lt. Hal Knabb, Fire Safety Division. For
        Fire Rescue’s contributions last year helped the city
                                                                                                  further information contact Lt. Hal Knabb
        raise a total of $20,252.00. Thank You!
                                                                                                  @ 561- 243-7422.
           Last year 26% of 826 Delray Beach city employees
        contributed. This year’s goal is to increase the total
        dollar amount by 13.9% or a total of $23,064.00. In
        order to meet our goal this year we need 30% of 826
        employees to contribute. This is only 30 more people!
                                                                                                                   Boss’s Day was on
            Your help last year meant that the United Way of                                                  October 16th and this year
        Palm Beach County was able to positively impact                                                       Gloria, Roxanne, Megan,
        many lives and make lasting changes to the most                                                       Mary and Desiree decided
        critical issues in our community.                                                                     to treat our Boss’s with a
                                                                                                              lunch out on us. We took
          * Improving futures for children and families                                                       them to Boheme Bistro
          * Providing food, shelter, and emergency needs                                                      where we had a very fun
          * Promoting independence for people with                                                            and fulfilling time. The
            disabilities                                                                                      food was fantastic and so
          * Improving the lives of Seniors                                                                    was Ben & Jerry’s!! Until
                                                                                                              next Boss’s Day!
          In addition, the United Way was able to fund the
        United Way Prosperity Center located at 141 SW 12th                                                                                                Boheme
        Avenue, Delray Beach. This Neighborhood Resource
        Center is a one stop source of services including a
        matched-savings program for homeownership, help in

                       United Way Prosperity Center
                      “Neighborhood Resource Center”
                     141 SW 12th Avenue, Delray Beach
Page 2—Hot Topics
                                                         seriously making sure that we educate as many
Combat Challenge News                                    children as possible about the dangers of fire and what
By: Paramedic Joe Falcone                                to do in an emergency. We believe in spreading our
                                                                                    message so much that we
    The men's and women's team traveled to Clayton                                  dedicate the entire month to
County, Georgia for the U.S Nationals competition                                   going out to the schools.
this past month and came home with several awards.                                  This past month we reached
First was Tommie Osborn placing 2nd in the tandem                                   4516 children with our
competition with another firefighter from Palm Beach                                important life safety
County Fire-Rescue. The women's relay once again                                    messages. We also were
came out tough and finished with a second place                                     privileged to have Sparky
trophy. Each member competed in the individual           the Fire Dog with us for our stage shows.
competition and all gave their best. First timer Jay
Gunsten ran an impressive 2:39 and Curtis Jepsen ran
a personal best of 2:12. Joe Weitman competed in the        We did a presentation at Banyan Creek Elementary
over 50 category and Tommie Osborn took 5th place        School about 2 weeks ago. Shortly after visiting that
in the over 40 division. Crista Mockenhaupt and          school there was a fire in two of the student’s home. It
Ilene Rose each placed within the top 12 females in      was a small fire thank goodness, but the two children
the individual competition. Dave Wyatt and Ed            that lived in this house recognized Firefighter
Beardsley each ran the individuals also and both had     Eileen Tuckman from the presentation. They came up
outstanding races. Both teams travel to Henderson,       to her calling her by the nickname they had learned
Nevada for the World Competition where they will be      (“Tucky”) and told her they new what to do. They
matched up and competing from teams all over the         explained what they did
states and Canada. The qualifying times this year were
                                                         and how they got out of
lowered to ensure a tough competition.
Congratulations to both teams for making Worlds and      the house. They said
Good Luck!!                                              they were really scared
                                                         but they did what they
                                                         had learned. This is just
                                                         one example of how our
                                                         programs are reaching
                                                         out in our community with success. The children in
                                                         our community are learning life saving information
                                                         while also getting to know that we are there friends.

                                                                                             Without the help
                                                                                          of the wonderful
                                                                                          people        that
                                                                                          volunteered to help
                                                                                          with       these
                                                                                          presentations we
                                                                                          would not have
                                                                                          been     able    to
Fire Safety                                                                               accomplish      our
By: Lt. Patricia Dunkelmann                              goals. My deepest thanks go out to the following
                                                         volunteers: Paramedic Jack McKessy, Firefighter
                                   October is the        Eileen Tuckman, Paramedic Bill Briard, Paramedic
                                busiest month for        Kathy Hoecherl, Paramedic Curtis Jepsen,
                                C o m m u n i t y        Paramedic Kenny Thompson, Driver Engineer Joe
                                Educators due to Fire    Lang, Lieutenant Matt Pearce, and Paramedic Mike
                                Safety Week. Delray      Camera. All of you did an outstanding job with the
                                Fire-Rescue takes        children. This program was a success because of your
                                this month very          time and efforts. Thank you so much!
                                                                                          Page 3—Hot Topics

Support Services News                                         Leo Pruner retires as Leader of
By: Admin. Officer Ellen Wickert                                CERT in Highland Beach
    Thank you to Staff Asst. Desiree Kazakevicius for       By: Lt. Patricia Dunkelmann
a wonderful job she has done and continues to do with
the Department newsletter. Also, congratulations to             Several years ago when I was riding on the fire
Staff Asst. Mary Black on a job well done with              truck, I met Mr. Pruner here at Headquarters and he
recruitment. She scheduled a total of 60 applicants         was with the Mayor of Highland Beach doing a ride
this time around. We appreciate you keeping us              along. He was very funny, friendly and seemed very
informed of the tasks that you are actively involved        dedicated to his CERT duties. Then about three years
with, and we will continue to encourage and support         ago, I took over the responsibility of the CERT Team
your efforts. THANKS!                                       and became the Community Education Specialist. At
                                                            that time I was met by a wonderful group of CERT
  The Support Services Staff wish you all a very            Leaders; Arnie Fine, Jim Friedman, Bernie
Happy Thanksgiving!                                         Federgreen, and Leo Pruner. With their experience
                                                            and knowledge I felt that anything was possible for our
                                                            CERT team. These individuals showed dedication to
Hello from New Zealand                                      the CERT organization and to the communities which
From: Retired Chief Bill Adams                              they live in. Shortly thereafter, Bernie Federgreen
                                                            retired as a leader of the organization and the others
    Hi Everyone. We are now in Rotorua. It is in the        took on more of the primary duties and roles. They set
center of the North Island. It is known for its             their goals high and were ready for any event that
geothermal activity (I think that means geysers and         might bestow us. It is because of these leaders that our
mud springs). We will stay here a couple of days            CERT membership and participation has increased to
before heading to Wellington to make the ferry              its current levels.
crossing over the Cook Straits to the South Island. We
land in Picton. The last two nights we stayed with a                                                   Leo Pruner
couple who operate a large dairy farm. Barbara and                                                  has     recently
Leo Anselmi took very good care of us. They even let                                                advised us that
us watch as they milked and immunized the cows. It                                                  he would be
is breeding season so we even had the pleasure of                                                   stepping down
being at the breakfast table when a guy named Chris                                                 f r o m         a
delivered the bull semen in a cryogenic cylinder. How                                               leadership role
lucky can you get, eh!! While we were staying with                                                  and taking on the
them we took in the Waitomo Caves, they are similar                                                 role     as     a
to Carlsbad, only there is a river and you take a boat in                                           member. He has
to see millions of glow worms as well. Also, took a                                                 been a Leader
drive over to the west coast to Marokopa, a small           since 2001 to all the CERT members in Highland
fishing village. On the way took period short hikes to      Beach. He has done training, helped teach classes,
see a Natural Bridge over a river. Also, stopped at         implored more members to be active, solicited
Marokopa Waterfall, supposedly the most beautiful           donations for our annual picnics, attended numerous
waterfall in NZ. It was certainly the most magnificent      meetings all while spreading important life safety
one we have seen so far.                                    messages to everyone in Highland Beach. He is “one
                                                            of a kind” and Delray Beach Fire-Rescue is honored to
   Sorry that e-mails are so few and far between but        have him as a CERT member. We all look forward to
not every place we stay has internet access. Leo (the       his continued support of our program and outreach
dairy farmer) says he can't be bothered with learning       efforts as a member of our CERT Team. We will miss
that stuff. His daughter, who lives on a farm several       seeing you at all of the training classes.
miles away has the family computer! Will try to write
more later. Love, Bill and Charlotte.                          Thank you so much for doing above and beyond
                                                            your call of duty here at Delray Beach Fire-Rescue!
   P.S...The weather has been really good, with the
exception of a few cold periods during which we used
an electric blanket.
Page 4—Hot Topics
                                                           learned some general principles that I would like to
The Pension Corner                                         share.
By: Lt. Joseph Liguori
                                                              The greater the term of your investment duration,
   The buzzword for this month is “risk tolerance.” In     the higher your risk tolerance should be. If you are
a nutshell, it is the amount of risk you are willing to    young and investing your money in your deferred
take in your investments to receive a desired rate of      comp 457 plan, you should consider being more
return. In most cases, the greater the risk, the greater   aggressive with your investing. Time is a great tool
the reward for a savvy investor. That’s the upside.        for smoothing out the highs and the lows of investing.
The downside is that taking on greater risk creates the
possibility of greater losses also.                           If your investment period is short, the DROP for
                                                           instance, you may want to be less aggressive than your
   In the financial world, risk is measured by the term    long term investing, and you should become more
“standard deviation.” A standard deviation of say +/-      conservative the closer you get to the end of that term.
8.5 means that for the period of time that is being        At the end, you want to emphasize capital preservation
measured, an investment that returns say 5%, on            and retain all those great returns you have built up.
average, may fluctuate between 13.5% (5 + 8.5) and -
3.5% (5 – 8.5). The lesson here is that if you try to         Diversify your portfolio. A rule of thumb is that
market time, you may be highly successful or worse,        you should not keep your money in any one class of
take greater losses. But, if you stay with your            investments. A proper mix of stocks, bonds, T-notes
investment over a longer period of time, the               and alternative investments, will help reduce your risk
probability is that you will earn a 5% return.             and increase your return. Please consult a trained
                        ________                           professional investment advisor and/or financial
                                                           planner on how to best accomplish this for your
   A recent entrant into the DROP asked me my              particular circumstances.
opinion on how he/she should invest his funds. I am                                 ________
not a financial planner and don’t profess to be. But       Next month the topic will be investment classes and a
from my continuing education into investing, I have        brief description of each class.

               Join us for Bagels and Coffee
                            at the
                   CERT Refresher Class
       “Hands On” Radio and Incident Command Class
             November 18th from 9-11:30 am
                         Please RSVP
                  Lt. Trisha Dunkelmann
       243-7456 or dunkelmann@ci.delray-beach.fl.us
                                                                                           Page 5—Hot Topics

                                                                                 Roasting Time      Roasting Time
                                                              Weight of Bird
                                                                                  (Unstuffed)         (Stuffed)
                            Buying, preparing, and
                         roasting a turkey are time              10-18lbs           3-3.5 hrs.       3.75-4.5 hrs.
                         consuming.     With careful
                         preparation and attention to            15-22lbs           3.5-4 hrs.
                                                                                                       4.5-5 hrs.
                         timing, you will be rewarded
                         with a beautiful and tasty              22-24lbs           4-4.5 hrs.         5-5.5 hrs.
main course.
                                                                 24-29lbs           4.5-5 hrs.       5.5-6.25 hrs.

   Your first decision will be selecting between a
frozen or fresh turkey. A fresh bird is more expensive,         Bake until the skin is a light golden color, and then
but will save you time and precious refrigerator space.      cover loosely with a foil tent. During the last 45
Buy the bird the day before you wish to roast it, but        minutes of baking, remove the foil tent to brown the
remember to reserve your turkey with the butcher. It         skin. Basting is not necessary, but will promote even
can be catastrophic to find that the only turkey             browning.
available for your intimate four person dinner is a
26-pound glacial beast.                                         The best test for doneness is the temperature of the
                                                             meat, not the color of the skin. The turkey is done
   A frozen turkey needs to be defrosted. The                when the thigh meat reaches an internal temperature of
preferred method is to defrost it in the refrigerator.       180 degrees F, and when the breast meat reaches an
(Yes, the one filled with the rest of the holiday fare).     internal temperature of 170 degrees F. If your turkey
Allow one day per 5 pounds. A 15-pound turkey will           has been stuffed, it is important to check the
require three days to defrost thoroughly. An alternate       temperature of the dressing. The stuffing should be
method is to defrost the bird in a cold water bath.          165 degrees F. When the turkey is done, remove from
Allow 30 minutes per pound. That 15-pound turkey             the oven and allow to stand for 30 minutes.
will require only 7 1/2 hours to defrost using this
approach. It is also possible to use a combination of
these methods.

    Now you are ready to prepare the turkey for
roasting. First remove the giblets. This is a
                                                                   November Training Schedule
fundamental step not only because you might want to
use them to make the gravy, but also because it is           November 1st-3rd
disconcerting to find these paper-wrapped lumps when         Shift Paramedic Lt. 160 Training
carving. Next, rinse the bird inside and out. Pat dry
with paper towels. If you are stuffing the bird, do so       November 8th-10th & 15th-17th
                                                             Hose Evolutions/ALL SHIFTS Model: TBA
now with a freshly prepared dressing. Stuff loosely,
allowing about 1/2 to 3/4 cup per pound of bird.
                                                             November 22nd-24th
Brush the skin with melted butter or oil. Tuck the           Spill Control and Recovery Model: 15 -HazMat Techs
drumsticks under the folds of skin or tie together with      ***Thanksgiving Make-up on Friday Dec. 1st***
string. Lastly, insert a meat thermometer into the
thickest part of the thigh. The thermometer should           November 28th
point towards the body, and should not touch the bone.       Driver-Engineer Written Exam @ Old School Square
                                                             Time: TBA
    Place the bird on a rack in a roasting pan, and into a
preheated 350 degree F (175 degrees C) oven. Use the         November 29th
following chart to estimate the time required for            Promotional Test & Practical Test @ DBFR HQ
baking.                                                      Times: TBA
                              The distribution of our next newsletter is
                           December 15, 2006. All news articles should be
                           turned in to Staff Assistant Desiree
                           Kazakevicius in the Administrative Office on or
     November 21st
                           before Monday, December 4, 2006. Deadline
     Richard Bush          for turning in news articles will be December 4,
        24 yrs.            2006 at 5:00 PM. Thank you once again for
                           your contributions and we look forward to our
     November 22nd         next exciting issue of “Hot Topics”.
     Wayne Dorcas
        24 yrs.

     November 23rd
      Scott Gainer                       November 3rd
        19 yrs.                           Walter Hirst

     November 30th                        November 5th
     Victor Williams                    Roxanne Tilghman
         14 yrs.
                                           November 8th
     November 8th                          Antonio Ojea
    William Marino
   David Marchsteiner                     November 11th
       Ilene Rose                        Robert Moreland
     Mark Reynolds
    Andrew Zimmer                         November 14th
    Danielle Connor                       Craig Merrill
   Christopher Bitzer
     Mark Siciliano                       November 16th
      Rylan Rose                           Sean Close
     Joseph Albano
   Michael Thornton                      November 17th
         13 yrs.                         Jennifer Lasko
                                       Crista Mockenhaupt
     November 15th
     Joseph Drayson                      November 20th
         13 yrs.                        Michael Thornton

     November 18th                       November 25th
      Andy Zepeda                       Christopher Zidar
         4 yrs.
                                          November 28th
                                           Mark Wood

     We’re on the                         November 29th
        WEB!                             Steven Anderson
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