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                                                                                                                                   3 The Power of
                                                                                                                                       Short Films

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     Magdalena: Released
        From Shame

    In 2007 Magdalena: Released From Shame debuted to rave reviews in 22
countries with more than 300 showings in theaters, churches, private homes,
city centers, remote villages and even prisons across Central Asia, the Middle
East, Latin America and Africa. As part of International Women’s Day in
March, the film also premiered at the United Nations in New York City for
diplomats, ambassadors and other leaders representing 70 countries. Released
by Nardine Productions in association with Inspirational Films, Magdalena:
Released From Shame portrays the story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of Mary
Magdalene, and demonstrates how He values women by focusing on historical
accounts of His interactions with them.
    Added to digitally enhanced footage from the original 1979 JESUS film,
                       Magdalena: Released From Shame seamlessly weaves the
                       stories of four biblical women—Mary Magdalene, the
                        Samaritan woman at the well, the woman who touched                                          Magdalena: Released From Shame
                        Jesus’ garment, and the woman caught in adultery—                                               Worldwide Statistics
                        into newly filmed scenes. The film emphasizes Jesus’                                                March - September 2007*
                         compassion toward women and His ability to restore
                         their dignity and identity through a personal                                                   367 showings in 22 countries
                          encounter with Him.
                             While these initial showings premiered in                                                                 155,570
                        Russian, French, Arabic and English, film ministry
                         workers hope that the continuous development of                                                      Television viewers
               new translations of the film will bring the message of Jesus to                                              5 million in 3 countries
even more women in their heart language. Created for use in the United States,                                                 DVD distribution
a new eight-language DVD also includes Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Latin                                                   Approximately 360,000 DVDs,
American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.                                                                               reaching 3.6 million people
   On Easter one Middle Eastern television station broadcast an 80-minute-                                               Reported decisions for Christ
long seminar of Magdalena: Released From Shame, reaching millions of viewers                                                        4,013
                                                                                           continued on page 2      * Statistics reported for Central Asia, Middle East
                                                                                                                    and North Africa included only through August 2007

            issue 1   2008
                                  Magdalena continued from page 1

                                  throughout Europe, South America and the Arab world. The program featured
           Women prisoners view
                                  video clips and a lively discussion about the film and Christianity, giving the
 Magdalena: Released from Shame   audience unprecedented exposure to topics such as the death and resurrection of
                                                      Jesus. Amazed at viewers’ positive responses to this broadcast,
                                                      one Middle Eastern ministry leader remarked, “Praise the Lord
                                                      for what is being done through this film!”
                                                          Even the most hardened criminals responded to the film’s
                                                      message of redemption and forgiveness through Jesus. Nearly
                                                      350 inmates gathered to watch Magdalena: Released From Shame
                                                      at a women’s prison in Central Asia. After watching the film,
                                                      almost 60 percent of the inmates indicated their desire to know
                                                      and follow Jesus! Ministry workers gathered contact
                                                      information to ensure each woman would receive follow-up. A
                                                      ministry worker shared this story: “There was a woman who
                                                      killed 42 people. And then she watched [the film] .… God
                                                      opened her heart. There are a thousand like her, millions like
                                                      her, waiting for Jesus.”
                                     Magdalena: Released From Shame also premiered at a women’s conference in Nigeria
                                  that included partners from both the United States and local Nigerian ministries
                                  and churches. The theme of the conference, “God, do You see me?” bonded women
Magdalena: Released From          together as they related personal stories of sexual and physical abuse, abandonment,
Shame Producer Jill Schrag        betrayal, shame and fear, and how they questioned the presence of God amid their
commented on the relevance        pain. One participant told film workers: “You came to Nigeria for me. You made
of the film:                      this film for me.”
“As you know, women in many           Following a premiere in Cartagena, Colombia, one woman said, “… for me the
parts of the world are often      film was very moving for women, because ... we saw the value that Jesus Himself puts
subjected to the most cruel       on women. … here in Colombia … [we] have been devalued … I think that the movie
and inhumane treatment            can have a great impact on women who don’t know Christ who have been
suffered anywhere on earth.       mistreated, even physically .…” Through tears, another said: “I was touched by the
Honor killings, female genital    movie because I feel that we women have been put down for a long time ... and to see
                                  how since the time of Jesus, women have had a leading role in evangelism .…”
mutilation, rape and simply
being treated as property—all        One Middle Eastern leader who had helped launch Magdalena: Released From
these things say to women,        Shame further emphasized the vision for the film: “We want to help give women back
‘You have no significance. You    their pride and respect, exactly like Jesus did when He touched the heart of Mary
don’t matter.’ But this film      Magdalene.” Remarking on the importance of building spiritual movements, he
says to women, ‘God cares         added, “If you want to reach the country, reach the women.”
about you. You are significant.      Ministry leaders hope that Magdalena: Released From Shame will help transform
And you have more value than      the face of evangelism in their countries, based on the film’s ability to resonate
you can imagine.’ ”               emotionally with audiences in unprecedented ways. As one ministry leader
                                  remarked, “I think the JESUS film has been born again.” n

Capturing the Power of Short Film                                                                       issue 1        2008

   A short film is a visual story—told in a matter of minutes. This medium is
growing in popularity among students and young professionals who hunger to
experience a visually stimulating story. Often these artistic stories provide a
springboard for discussion.
   In 2004, The JESUS Film Project, in partnership with other Campus Crusade
for Christ ministries, developed the Global Short Film Network. One
component of GSFN is the Short Film Strategy. Team members collect films
from filmmakers around the world that unlock the imagination. The Short
Film Strategy utilizes a DVD which samples these films—including interviews
with the filmmakers and interactive questions. The DVD can be used in small-
or large-group settings.
                                                                                         “Thirty minutes before
   After the audience watches the film, facilitators walk them through thought-
                                                                                         the event started, the
provoking questions related to it. Next each facilitator associates a biblical story
with the film and shares how he or she came to know Christ personally. This              line at the entrance
leads to a discussion of how viewers too can make this decision, and gives them          was more than 50
an opportunity to do so.                                                                 meters [long]. Two
   Some countries already have launched this unique outreach strategy. In                hundred and eighty
March 2007 Campus Crusade’s ministry in Romania hosted a short film night                seats were occupied …
for students. One ministry team member shared the following about the event:
                                                                                         and every empty place
   “… We organized an evening of short films with the theme: Spiritual                   … in the conference
Experiences in Film. Thirty minutes before the event started, the line at the
                                                                                         hall was filled.”
entrance was more than 50 meters [long]. Two hundred and eighty seats were
occupied … and every empty place … in the conference hall was filled. We decided
to project the films outside the building, too, where at least 100
young people waited, enduring the cold weather. … we decided to
repeat the event the following evening and again the hall was full .…”
   Recently the Campus Crusade ministry in France also hosted a
short film night. After facilitating an event on her campus, one team
member said: “It was a blessed evening in every sense …. For me it will
stand out as one of the most striking moments of this year’s ministry.
In small groups, students discussed some suggested questions for 15-
20 minutes after watching … short films arranged by theme.”
  The Short Film Strategy also is being used on campuses in the
United States. Since media remains a dominant influence on today’s
young people, this strategy provides a creative environment to experience film          Students at the Sorbonne
and consider a relationship with Christ. As one staff member in France                  in Paris watch a short film.
commented, “Movies are the language this generation uses to communicate.” n

For more information about the Short Film Strategy, visit
                                      Film Clips
                issue 1     2008

                                      Making the Most of Every Opportunity

                                      A  A JESUS Film staff member led a JESUS Film Mission Trip to minister to Argentina’s
                                      isolated Mapuche people—known for their opposition to any foreign influence. Proud of
                                      their historical resistance to conquest by the Incan Empire and later the Spanish
                                      conquistadors, the Mapuche rarely embrace new ideas from outsiders. Despite these
                                      obstacles, the trip leader recounted God’s miraculous work through a seemingly missed
                                      opportunity to show the film, resulting in a flood of mercy and grace:

                                         “One particular day when we arrived in the area [where] we were to show the film, there
                                      was no one to open the building …. The lady had left to go to another city. We decided to
                                      show the film anyway on the side of the building. It was 4:30 in the afternoon because the
                                      people came on horseback and needed to return before dark to get back to their homes.
                                      Needless to say, very little of the film could be seen.
Mapuche villagers view an outdoor,
                                         “Occasionally you could see a figure, but with little detail because of the brightness. The
daytime showing of JESUS.
                                      15 people that came to watch arrived by foot and horseback and [our] van picked some of
                                      them up. They sat and watched the blank wall intensely! They listened so carefully. They
                                      stood and some sat on the ground because we were outside and there were no chairs. By the
                                      end of the movie one older man was wiping his eyes and nose. They were touched by the
                                      Holy Spirit. We knew a mighty work was happening … as I gave them an opportunity to ask
                                      Jesus to be Lord of their life all of them responded! We were certainly blessed to be there at
                                      that place and time.” n

Haiti’s national director of Campus
                                      The Case of the Missing Generator
Crusade, Esperandieu Pierre.             One evening in Thiotte, Haiti, an important part of the JESUS film team went missing.
                                            Deeply upset by this discovery, the community began to search, scouring the village
                                             for three days. Then, one person recalled seeing a neighbor burying a bundle in his
                                              backyard late at night. Could it be what they were looking for? They rushed to his
                                               yard and began to dig. Beneath a freshly planted tree, they uncovered a plastic bag
                                                containing the indispensable item they were looking for—the generator!

                                                        In Thiotte, where electricity is hard to come by, the generator serves as the
                                                  only means to power the JESUS film projector. “We have a resurrected generator that
                                                  is being used right now to show a resurrected Jesus Christ through the JESUS film …”
                                                   beamed Esperandieu Pierre, the national director of Campus Crusade for
                                                    Christ in Haiti.

                                                      The generator was not the only one to receive a second chance. At first, the
                                               anger of the community swelled dangerously against the man who stole it,
                                             teetering towards mob-like thoughts of revenge. The pastor of the local church
                                           urged them to forgive him. Fearing for his safety, the man fled the village, returning
                                          months later. He eventually asked God for forgiveness and changed his behavior,
                                            bringing about peaceful relations between him and the village. The Haitian JESUS
                                                 film team even showed the JESUS film in his yard! n

Partnership Profile                                                                        issue 1       2008      Prayer Impact

Christian Motorcyclists Association:                                                                               Your prayers vitally help
                                                                                                                    sustain this ministry.
Changing the World, One Heart at a Time
                                                                                                                   .   Praise God for Magdalena: Released

T  Truly exemplifying their vision, “Changing the World, One Heart at a
Time,” members of the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA)
sacrificially raise support for other ministries. May 5, 2007, marked the
19th anniversary of CMA’s Run for the Son (RFS)—a nationwide
motorcycle ride designed to help fund the Great Commission worldwide.
                                                                                                                   From Shame. Pray that millions will come
                                                                                                                   to know Jesus after seeing it.

                                                                                                                   .    Pray for opportunities and funding to
                                                                                                                   translate Magdalena: Released From
                                                                                                                   Shame into the heart languages of people
    John Ogden, Sr., chairman of the board for CMA, explains: “… CMA                                               living in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and
members have caught the vision of the Great Commission; they have been touched by                                  South and Central America.
the Spirit of God, and challenged to do their part in changing the world, one heart at a
time. … Through Run for the Son, we are able to combine our resources with our                                     .   Praise God for the partnerships The
ministry partners and more effectively impact the world.”                                                          JESUS Film Project has with organizations
                                                                                                                   like the Christian Motorcyclists
                                                               CMA gives 60 percent
                                                                                                                   Association. Pray for opportunities to
                                                             of the funds raised
                                                                                                                   partner with additional Christian
                                                             through RFS to world
                                                                                                                   ministries, mission agencies and
                                                             missions via the
                                                                                                                   churches, so that more people worldwide
                                                             following three                                       will have opportunities to hear about
                                                             organizations: The                                    Christ.
                                                             JESUS Film Project,
                                                             Open Doors, and                                       .  Pray for short-term mission teams
                                                             Missionary Ventures.                                  and in-country staff who minister in
                                                             Since 1997, CMA’s                                     Argentina and Haiti using JESUS.
                                                             cumulative gifts to The
                                                             JESUS Film Project                                    . Praise God for the effectiveness of the

                                                             exceed 4.7 million                                    Short Film Strategy on college campuses
                                                             dollars which help to                                 in the United States and abroad. Pray
Cole McQuirk, 11, sits atop a commemorative motorcycle support film teams and                                      that the students who watch these films
displaying artwork representing The JESUS Film Project, Open                                                       will come to know Christ.
                                                             provide equipment,
Doors, and Missionary Ventures.
                                                             transportation, follow-
                                                                                                                   .   Pray The JESUS Film World Report
up literature, training for rural church planters, and new language                                                radio listeners will be blessed to hear
translations of the JESUS film.                                                                                    what God is doing around the world and
   Chris McQuirk, CMA’s JESUS film regional representative, said,                                                  that they will become involved in
“… [CMA’s] ministry of giving is making an eternal impact far beyond what our                                      missions by going, giving, praying.
minds can comprehend. The bikers of CMA, who give their time and talents to make
RFS a success, are laying up treasures in heaven—treasures that will last for eternity.                            We thank you for your prayers.
Thank you, CMA, for your partnership with us!” n                                                                   For more prayer information:
                                                                                                                   Call (800) 988-7729.
Information for this article was used by permission from the Christian Motorcyclists Association and compiled      Email
from the following sources: the September 2007 issue of “Heartbeat,” Look What God Has Done: Run for the Son—the
First 20 Years and
                                                                                                                   Log on to
Behind the Scenes                                                 6

                                                                             issue 1   2008

      Mixing For the Master
    In 1990 Kary and Maria Hagen’s church in Washington
state hosted a missions conference featuring Paul
                                                                  Reporting the Stories
Eshleman, then director of The JESUS Film Project. He told
amazing stories of God using the film to change lives
                                                                  of JESUS
around the world, sharing the need for technical help at
The JESUS Film Project’s Master Studio.

    Kary felt God leading him to this task. After joining
Campus Crusade for Christ staff, he and his family relocated
to Orlando, Florida, where he received his first assignment—
editing and mixing recently recorded translations of JESUS.
                                                                  S  Sheila, an illiterate woman living at an inner-city
                                                                  homeless shelter, admitted she never had fully
                                                                  understood how to have a personal relationship with
                                                                  Christ. One evening, after a deep conversation with a
                                                                  staff member at a rescue mission, Sheila began to
He removed extra breaths and "lip-smacks," moving the             comprehend Christ’s message for the first time. Later
voices to sync properly with the mouth movements in the           they watched the JESUS film together, and Sheila
original film. “Audio mixing is like painting a picture with      dedicated her life to following Jesus. Excited to finally
sound,” said Kary. “We vary the volume, tone and                  understand the truth, she asked to watch the film two
reverberation for each voice according to the scene.”             more times!
    Currently, Kary gives leadership to the Postproduction
                                                                     Like Sheila, millions around the world have
Department of the Master Studio. His most recent project
involved participation in many stages of the development
                                                                  indicated decisions to follow Christ after watching the
of Magdalena: Released From Shame. “It’s going to go              JESUS film in their heart language for the first time. In
places the JESUS film has never gone. … I … knew when I           1994 The JESUS Film Project began documenting these
saw the second revision of the script … that God’s hand was       intriguing stories in a series of radio spots called The
on it. From that point forward, I really believed that this is    JESUS Film World Report.
going to be a significant thing for the kingdom.”
                                                                     Once a day more than 200 radio stations across the
    While Maria’s primary responsibilities focus on their         United States and Puerto Rico broadcast these one-
family—Amanda, Tanner, Adam and Muffin the cockapoo—
                                                                  minute public service announcements to an estimated
she is also involved in other ministry opportunities. Recently
                                                                  14 million listeners, allowing
she represented the JESUS film, promoting Magdalena:
Released From Shame at a national women’s conference. n
                                                                  them to hear amazing stories of “After       hearing
                                                                  changed lives resulting from one of the stories
                                                                  JESUS film showings. The on the radio, I
The Hagens will soon celebrate 17 years on staff with Campus      program encourages listeners
Crusade for Christ. Please pray for them as they continue to                                         realized I wanted
                                                                  to become involved with the
                             serve the Lord in full-time
                                                                  JESUS film ministry on various to be a part of
                               ministry. To learn how you can
                                personalize your giving,
                                                                  levels. World Report Writer and something bigger
                                      please call 1-800-          Producer Matt Bendell said, than me.”
                                         CRUSADE or log onto      “Besides its concise, one-
                                          minute format which is perfect for automated systems,
                                                                  stations appreciate the encouragement their listeners
                                                                  receive from hearing the stories.”
                                                                     Bob Parfet is one of those listeners whose life has
                                                                  been changed by the World Report. Bob believes it was
                                                                  no coincidence that he heard the radio program in
                                                                                                        continued on page 7

                                                                                                                issue 1      2008
World Report continued from page 6

Minneapolis while driving to work one day. “I had been looking for God’s
direction for my career. After hearing one of the stories on the radio, I                      Reach Out With
realized that the world is much bigger than just my daily life … it’s about
                                                                                             the Outreach Pack!
the kingdom of God … and I wanted to be a part of something bigger than
me.” As a result, Bob decided to get involved on a level beyond praying or
giving—he decided to pursue a career ministry with The JESUS Film
Project. Now residing in Orlando, Bob serves as the ministry’s statistical
research coordinator.
   Terry Brooks, reporting manager for The JESUS Film Project and current
host of the World Report program, said: “Some of these stories are from
interviews or events I have been a part of, or from places I have visited, and
that’s very exciting for me when it comes time to share them with listeners.
                                                                                            What do you get when you mix
Now the broadcasts are available online. So if you miss part of a story you
                                                                                        JESUS film evangelism and follow-up
heard on the radio, all you have to do is go to to              tools together? The JESUS Film Project
hear our archived World Report broadcasts.” n                                           Outreach Pack®, a wonderful toolbox
                                                                                        for any partner serious about doing
                                                                                        outreach ministry. Every Outreach
                                                                                        Pack includes two copies each of our
                                                                                        main DVD resources (the classic JESUS
                                                                                        film, The Story of Jesus for Children
                                                                                        and JESUS: Fact or Fiction?). You even
                                                                                        get to choose an additional ministry
                                                                                        tool—either a bonus DVD for sports
                                                                                        enthusiasts called The Prize: The
                                                                                        Quest for the Ultimate Goal or The
                                                                                        Oracle, an interactive CD-ROM for

                                                                                             In each Outreach Pack, you will
                                                                                        also receive a resource CD-ROM that
                                                                                        co n ta i ns p r i n ta bl e P D F f i l e s o f
                                                                                        outreach resources for children such
                                                                                        as “Celebrate JESUS for Children Day,”
                                                                                        the “Home Parties” manual,
     Matt Bendell monitors audio levels as Terry Brooks voices the World Report.        a n d a “Following Jesus Discipleship
                                                                                        Course” that includes four main
                                                                                        follow-up lessons for children. A
   As film teams and ministry partners continue to show JESUS, stories of God’s         JESUS: Fact or Fiction? discussion
                                                                                        guide and an outreach guide are on
transforming power pour in daily from around the world. We invite you to rejoice
                                                                                        the CD-ROM too.
with us in the Lord’s faithfulness by listening to these exciting testimonies through
the JESUS Film World Report. If you would like to share a story of God changing
                                                                                        For your Outreach Pack or other
someone’s life through the JESUS film, or if you would like your local radio station
                                                                                        JESUS Film Project resources, call
added to the distribution list, contact Matt Bendell at (888) 732-2489 or at            1-800-432-1997 or go to our website                                                                at

         2007 in                                      Completed Translations of JESUS

         Review:                            1
         Totals to Date
         as of October 1, 2007

         Completed translations of
         The Story of Jesus for Children

         Countries where JESUS                        Cumulative Estimated Viewers (in billions) 2
         has been shown

         Countries where JESUS
         has been viewed on television

         JESUS film teams

         Film prints in circulation
         17,758                                       Indicated Decisions for Christ (in millions)

         Videos, VCDs, and DVDs
         in circulation                                                                          4


         1 Statistics as of December 31 each year,
           except for 2007 (as of October 1).
         2 Includes viewings and listenings.
         3 Recorded only at live showings. Does
           not include TV, Internet and distributed
           products. Cumulative totals.
         4 Includes newly reported 2005 and 2006
           data. 2007 numbers will be reported in

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