Maximizing Charitable Giving Impact

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                                            F U RT H E R I N G T H E T R A D I T I O N O F P H I L A N T H R O P Y

  Charitable Giving Impact
  Fidelity® Charitable Gift FundSM donors                       Nonprofit organizations are appreciative                      for donors to maximize their philanthropic
  are well-known for their generosity, passion                  of donors’ generosity at any time of year,                    efforts is to deepen their relationships with
  and willingness to do what it takes to make                   but many nonprofit executives noted that                      the organizations they support.
  a difference. Donors are continually looking                  having access to funds earlier would be                       An enhanced relationship can take various
  to raise the bar with regard to their philan-                 helpful to their organizations.                               forms, such as having more in-depth and
  thropic efforts, and are always interested in                 “We anticipate the large inflow of year-end                   frequent discussions about the organization’s
  new opportunities, as well as the latest                      donations, but it causes us to continually                    needs, establishing connections with other
  giving trends.                                                assess our cash flow and programs for                         donors or creating opportunities for family
  We recently spoke with executives at several                  expenditures throughout the year,” said                       giving.
  nonprofit organizations to learn how donors                   Anne-Marie Grey, vice president of leader-                    Nonprofit organizations encourage donors
  can increase their charitable giving impact                   ship giving for Save the Children. “A more                    to seek out meaningful relationships with the
  and provide even more assistance to their                     steady flow of funds would certainly be                       charities they choose to support, noting that
  favorite charitable causes.* Nonprofit execu-                 very helpful with our overall forecasting.”                   donors who establish a values-based connec-
  tives shared their perspectives on the chal-                  Nonprofit organizations are challenged                        tion and become better acquainted with the
  lenges and opportunities unique to their                      to run on a one-time revenue inflow                           beneficiary of their gifts will most likely have
  organizations, and what every donor can                       and look for other giving opportunities                       a more fulfilling giving experience.
  do to make the most of their giving.                          throughout the year to offset year-round                      “I would like nothing more than to sit
  GIVE YEAR-ROUND                                               financial stress. Nonprofit organizations                     down in January with a donor to discuss
  It is no surprise that many of the charitable                 work hard to educate donors about                             the mission of the organization and how
  organizations with whom we spoke receive                      their organization’s challenges and various                   we can work together,” said Palmer. “This
  the majority of their gifts at the end of the                 giving opportunities, such as annual                          adds another dimension to giving and is so
  calendar year. In fact, in 2007 the Gift Fund                 campaigns, specific fundraising initiatives                   inspirational; we are not here to just receive
  received 55 percent of its contributions                      and seasonal events.
  between October and December, and 37
  percent of grant recommendations were                         “Giving makes us healthier, happier and richer individuals.”
  made during the same timeframe.
                                                                                ~ Arthur C. Brooks, professor of public administration at Syracuse University
  With the holidays and tax deadline for
  contribution deductions coinciding, giving at
  this time of year is a long-standing tradition                “Our donors understand our goal to have                       a check, we want to have a relationship
  that is anticipated among the majority of                     a more even flow of income and are helping                    with our donors.”
  nonprofit organizations.                                      by timing their gifts for earlier in the year,”               MAKE UNRESTRICTED GIFTS
                                                                said Lori Palmer, CEO of Girls Inc. of                        According to the nonprofit executives with
  “We receive the bulk of our funds in                          Metropolitan Dallas. “This is helpful to our
  December and take responsibility to manage                                                                                  whom we spoke, another opportunity for
                                                                organization and it also allows us to be more                 donors to provide additional assistance is
  our cash flow throughout the year,” said                      respectful of our donors, by not putting
  Peter Fortenbaugh, executive director of                                                                                    to give unrestricted gifts, or donations that
                                                                them in a position to rush to give a year-end                 are not designated for a specific purpose.
  Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula. “We                      gift during a very busy time of year.”
  are fortunate to have generous donors and                                                                                   These gifts provide the organization
  a healthy endowment, which allow us to                        ESTABLISH A VALUES CONNECTION                                 with much-needed funds to cover general
  meet our year-round needs.”                                   In addition to giving on a more regular basis,                operating expenses as well as the broad initia-
                                                                nonprofit organizations say that another way                  tives that serve the charity’s core mission.
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  * References to individual nonprofit organizations herein are not intended to be solicitations, endorsements or recommendations.                                     ®
           SPRING-SUMMER 2008

                                Dear Fellow Donor:   In this newsletter, several nonprofit            participate on a board or volunteer with
                       During the first              executives will share their perspectives         your family, nonprofit organizations rely
                       quarter of 2008, I am         on the benefits of year-round giving and         on various types of assistance. This issue’s
                       pleased to report that        how donors can maximize their charitable         Helpful Hints column outlines a number
                       Gift Fund donors con-         impact. A common theme is to give more           of ways to provide help.
                       tinued their commit-          regularly to support nonprofit organizations.    I look forward to continuing to share more
                       ment to philanthropy          I encourage donors to consider how to            news and updates with you in the coming
                       with steady grant rec-        establish a more regular pattern of giving,      months. Thank you again for supporting
ommendations. I applaud donors for their             such as recommending grants to honor             philanthropy; your continued generosity is
dedication and ongoing efforts to give, par-         special occasions like birthdays or anniver-     vital to the burgeoning number of nonprofit
ticularly during these uncertain economic            saries. Giving with a donor-advised fund         organizations that need assistance.
times that produce heightened need.                  makes it easy to do this, providing the flexi-   Sincerely,
As we approach June 30, the fiscal year-end          bility to make grants throughout the year
for many nonprofit organizations, the need           on a recurring basis.
for continual giving is evident. Most charities      Donors’ ability to support nonprofit organi-
– including the Gift Fund – receive the              zations in other meaningful ways is also
majority of their donations during the final         important. According to the Gift Fund’s
months of the calendar year. Although all            2007 annual donor survey, 76% of donors          Scott Bergeson
gifts are appreciated, many charities could          dedicate part of their time by volunteering.     Chairman
benefit from a steadier cash flow.                   Whether you donate your time or expertise,       Board of Trustees, Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

NONPROFIT PERSPECTIVES: Maximizing Charitable Giving                                                                   (continued from page 1)

Anne-Marie Grey of Save the Children                 transparency about how their donations           agree that they desire to do more and that
believes these gifts are critical.                   are being used.                                  increasing the impact they have is a worth-
“We are seeing a downturn in undesignated            “There is an aggressive push for charitable      while objective.
funds, but our specific projects are ahead           giving, and donors need to be able to ferret     As we learned from our conversations
of our projections,” said Grey. “To offset this      out what they should support and which           with nonprofit organizations, doing this
trend, we are working to educate our donors          organizations will use their money wisely,”      is not difficult. Donors who change their
about the overall needs of our organization          said Susan Paresky, senior vice president        giving pattern from giving at year-end to
and the important role that unrestricted             of development at Dana-Farber Cancer             giving year-round can make a big difference,
giving plays in meeting these needs.”                Institute. “We recognize this and make it        without necessarily increasing the monetary
                                                     a point to show our donors how we are            support they provide. Taking the time to
                                                     using their gifts.”                              establish a deeper relationship with a charity
                                                     Nonprofit executives also highlighted the        also creates a significant impact, for the
In addition to sharing their perspectives                                                             organization as well as the donor. And,
on how donors can maximize their giving,             benefits of various giving vehicles, noting
                                                     that donor-advised funds allow philanthro-       staying abreast of trends and current events
these nonprofit executives also discussed                                                             that affect the giving landscape is also
how recent philanthropic trends and the              pists on an ongoing basis to maximize
                                                     charitable giving in a flexible way.             important, so donors have the information
current economic environment impact giving.                                                           they need to make the best decisions.
Fortunately, all of the nonprofit executives         “Donor-advised funds are helpful because
                                                     they allow the donor to give in a more           When delivering a speech at the annual
with whom we spoke reported that the                                                                  meeting of the Association of Fundraising
uncertain economy has not had a negative             structured, thoughtful way,” said Ellen
                                                     Frank, director of major gifts at WGBH.          Professionals, Arthur C. Brooks, professor of
impact on their organizations, which they                                                             public administration at Syracuse University,
attribute to the ongoing generosity and com-         “We would absolutely encourage donor-
                                                     advised funds.”                                  said, “Giving makes us healthier, happier
mitment of their donors. However, if the                                                              and richer individuals.”1 Every time Gift
economic environment continues to remain             GIVE MORE                                        Fund donors give, they’re making a differ-
unsteady, they agreed that the competition           One of the true benefits of charitable           ence, bettering themselves and others; and
for charitable dollars will likely increase.         giving lies in its interpretation, which is      with increased awareness of their actual
Donors are encouraged to continue to                 very personal and can mean different things      giving habits, they can further increase
educate themselves on the organizations              to various people. However donors define         their impact on nonprofit organizations. ❖
they support and should insist on increased          their philanthropic efforts, most will

    Chronicle of Philanthropy, April 1, 2008.

PA G E 2
Making an Impact through Continual Giving and Involvement
When you ask Gift Fund donor, Chris                            strongly believe in the importance of public                   He likes getting behind the scenes to see
Connolly of Sudbury, MA, about what                            broadcasting. They also enjoy assisting                        firsthand how charitable dollars are working
inspires him to give, he talks about his                       other local organizations. Another charity                     and to increase his understanding of future
father and the giving legacy he created for                    they support is Women of Means, which                          needs. Chris, a psychologist, and Marjorie,
his family. According to Chris, his father                     was established by a physician in Wellesley,                   a teacher, do this by volunteering their time
was a selfless, hard-working man who                           MA and provides medical care and services                      and regularly visiting the nonprofit organiza-
never forgot his humble beginnings.                            for homeless women. They are also ardent                       tions they support.
Despite economic struggles, his father                         supporters of Meals on Wheels, an organiza-                    “I thoroughly enjoy making visits to non-
instilled in his family the importance of                      tion that provides meal services to elderly,                   profit organizations to better understand
a strong work ethic and                                                               homebound and                           what they do, it allows me to see how they
focus on achievement.                                                                 disabled people.                        work and to make grant recommendations
Chris’ father was a                                                                        Chris believes                     to programs where the dollars will be most
dedicated student                                                                          that giving with                   useful,” said Chris.
who worked to pay his                                                                      the Gift Fund allows               A passionate Gift Fund donor who is
own way through two                                                                        him to be a more                   determined to do more for the causes he
prestigious universities,                                                                  proactive, organized               is committed to, Chris has some suggestions
Massachusetts Institute                                                                    philanthropist. His                for other donors who want to enhance their
of Technology (MIT)                                                                        Giving Account® offers             philanthropic efforts as well.
and Harvard Law                                                                            him the flexibility to
School. His father                                                                         either recommend a                 “Visiting nonprofit organizations to
later profited from a                                                                      grant whenever an                  learn more about their mission, as well
successful career, and                                                                     opportunity arises                 as volunteering, can make your experience
established a private                                                                      or to schedule grant               more real and meaningful.” ❖
                                  Gift Fund donor Chris Connolly (left)
foundation to support                and fellow volunteer Hank Manz
                                                                                           recommendations on
those less fortunate               prepare to deliver Meals on Wheels                      a recurring basis.                 Share Your Story and Pictures
than himself.                            to homebound seniors.
                                                                                      In the past, Chris
                                                                                                                              Send an email to:
Following his father’s                                                                typically made most
death, Chris and his five siblings divided                     of his grant recommendations at the end of
the foundation assets to more easily manage                    the calendar year. In speaking with the non-
their own philanthropic efforts and to                         profit organizations he supports and learning
achieve their personal giving goals. Chris                     more about their work, he changed his giving                      CONTACT US
allocated his portion to establish a Giving                    pattern and now front-loads his grant recom-                      Visit any time to make
Account®, a donor-advised fund at the                          mendations.
                                                                                                                                 online transactions or to provide feed-
Gift Fund, and he contributes cash and                         “My wife and I make approximately three                           back. We’re also available to answer your
appreciated securities.                                        quarters of our grant recommendations dur-
                                                                                                                                 questions, or to receive faxes and mail
Chris says, “To me, charitable giving is                       ing the first half of the year so organizations
                                                                                                                                 during business hours, Monday through
a privilege and I am extremely fortunate                       have the money earlier, when they really
to be able to provide support that makes                       need it,” says Chris.                                             Friday, 8:30 - 5:30 Eastern time.
a difference.”                                                 He also regularly looks for opportunities                         Regular Mailing Address:
A Gift Fund donor for over seven years,                        where his gifts make the most impact.                             Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Chris and his wife, Marjorie, support from                     For example, many of the organizations                            P.O. Box 770001
their Giving Account approximately 30                          he supports have challenge grants, where                          Cincinnati, OH 45277-0053
charities annually. They recommend grants                      every dollar raised for a specific initiative
to large, well-established organizations and                   will be matched by another donor. Chris                           Overnight Delivery Address:
also recognize the value of discovering                        targets these types of opportunities, which                       Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
smaller, lesser known ones that are just                       take place on an ongoing basis throughout                         100 Crosby Parkway
getting started. They are most passionate                      the year, striving to make his donation                           Mail Zone KC1D-FCS
about causes in the health and medical                         go further.                                                       Covington, KY 41015-9325
research, community and human services,                        Chris views philanthropy as an opportunity                        Phone Number:        Fax Number:
environment and education sectors.                             to better understand an organization’s                            800.952.4438         877.665.4274
Chris and Marjorie are long-time supporters                    mission and works closely with them
of WGBH Educational Foundation, and                            to achieve goals that make a difference.

The Fidelity® Charitable Gift FundSM (“Gift Fund”) is an independent public charity with a donor-advised fund program. Various Fidelity companies                     ®

provide non-discretionary investment management and administrative services to the Gift Fund. Charitable Gift Fund and the Charitable Gift Fund
logo are service marks, Giving Account® is a registered service mark, and The Benefactor® is a registered trademark of the Trustees of the Fidelity
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PA G E 3

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
P.O. Box 145445
Cincinnati, OH 45250-5445



Benefactor                              ®

HELPFUL HINTS:                                                  volunteer, and research organizations             that comes with helping others makes
                                                                that are a good fit. For instance, if you         for a fulfilling family activity and creates
Traditional Support of                                          enjoy working outdoors or have expertise          lasting memories. Consider participating
Nonprofit Organizations                                         teaching adults, look for organizations           in a volunteer activity together, one that is
                                                                where your skills can be put to good              suitable for the ages and interests of your
A recent study 2 published in the journal,
                                                                use. The Internet is an excellent resource        family members. If you are unable to
Science, found that people are happier when
                                                                to research volunteer opportunities,              donate your time, work together to identify
they spend money on others, versus when
                                                                and sites such as and               nonprofit organizations to which you
they spend it on themselves. The study
                                                       provide useful                 would like to recommend grants from
validates what Gift Fund donors have long
                                                                referral services to help you get started.        your Giving Account. Nonprofit organiza-
understood about the emotional benefits
                                                               • Donate Needed Resources. Nonprofit               tions will benefit from the strong values
of charitable giving – it feels good to give.
                                                                organizations increasingly need to stretch        that come along with a family legacy of
Giving your time and other resources are                                                                          giving. Visit to find volunteer
                                                                their dollars. Before discarding something
great ways to give year-round. Nonprofit                                                                          opportunities for families.
                                                                of value in your home or office, consider
organizations rely on various types of
                                                                if it could be useful to your favorite chari-   • Participate on Boards. Charities
traditional assistance from donors outside
                                                                ty. For example, a homeless shelter may           depend on their board members to guide
of monetary contributions. Here are some
                                                                have a need for furniture while a local           the organization’s mission, manage goals
reminders and tips to help you support
                                                                library may need updated computer                 and provide financial oversight. Donors
your favorite charitable organizations:
                                                                equipment. Keep in mind that most                 who are interested in becoming involved
• Volunteer Your Time or Professional                           charities can only make use of items              with a nonprofit organization at this level
  Expertise. Nonprofit organizations rely                       that are new, unused or nearly new.3 To           can research board opportunities online at
     heavily on their volunteers, and one of                    research charitable organizations in your or
     the best ways to help is to donate your                    area that may be interested in donated
     time and your skills. To find the right                    goods, visit              If you have any additional questions about
     opportunity, reflect on personal causes                                                                    how to support nonprofit organizations, visit
                                                               • Involve Your Family. The sense of
     most important to you. Consider what                                                              ❖
                                                                pride, accomplishment and satisfaction
     professional expertise you can offer as a

    Science Magazine, March 21, 2008.
3, “Guide to Donating Noncash Items.”                                                                             CGF-BEN-SPRING-SUM/2008
PA G E 4