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									                               DRIS 2010 FACT SHEET ON CALL CENTERS

•   There will be 11 Call Centers situated across the United States to support Telephone Questionnaire Assistance
    (TQA) and Coverage Follow-Up (CFU) for the 2010 Census from Feb. 25, 2010 through Aug. 14, 2010. The Call
    Centers play an integral element in the Decennial Response Integration System (DRIS) program team’s efforts to
    deliver the people, process, technology and infrastructure for the 2010 Census.

•   The Call Centers will be managed by Lockheed Martin’s subcontracting partners, IBM and Vangent. IBM is a
    leading global business services and technology provider, helping commercial and public sector clients design and
    enhance processes, systems and technology to achieve their business goals. Vangent designs, builds and operates
    mission critical systems and processes that help commercial and governmental organizations help people, every

•   TQA supports inbound calls from residents in response to receiving the Census questionnaire in the mail. Residents
    can call if they have general questions about the Census, would like to receive materials to help them fill out the
    Census questionnaire or provide their Census questionnaire information over the phone.

•   TQA calls begin on Feb. 25, 2010 and end on July 30, 2010, employing about 5,000 workers across the U.S. and
    providing call support for about 7 million calls.

•   CFU, principally an outbound calling program, contacts residents and conducts interviews to help ensure they have
    been counted properly.

•   CFU calls begin on April 11, 2010 and end on Aug. 14, 2010, employing about 7,900 workers across the U.S. and
    providing support for the processing of about 8 million cases requiring 15 million calls.

•   Both TQA and CFU support callers in the following languages: English, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Mandarin
    Chinese, Russian and TTY/TDY.

•   All information gathered by the Call Centers during the U.S. Census will be strictly protected. All Call Center
    workers must pass a security process that includes fingerprinting. Employees will also receive extensive training
    for their positions and will be sworn in to protect the Census data.

•   IBM has teamed with TeleTech to provide a centrally hosted call center solution to support inbound and outbound
    calls, service quality monitoring assistance, workforce management and call center reporting. TeleTech is a leading
    global business process outsourcing company that provides a full range of front- to back-office outsourced
    solutions spanning the entire customer lifecycle.

•   IBM and Vangent have partnered with four leading-edge call center partners to support TQA and CFU operations --
    Convergys, TeleTech, Senture and ACS, all with a focus on empowering and growing their staff with real results as
    well as providing professional, highly-motivated staff.

•   Thirty percent of the DRIS subcontract value is targeted for small business.

•   Vangent is responsible for providing the TQA Call Centers. The five Call Centers selected for TQA, and managed
    by Vangent, will be located in Phoenix, AZ, two locations in Sandy, UT, Lawrence, KS and Monticello, KY.

•   IBM is responsible for managing the overall CFU operation and providing six CFU expansion Call Centers located
    in London, KY, Ogden, UT, Murray, UT, Stockton, CA, Denver, CO and Kennesaw, GA.

•   IBM selected the Convergys call center located in Murray, UT to support the additional CFU workload funded by
    the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), providing jobs for about 1,100 people.

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