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                                                                        February 5 to 7 , 2010
                                                                        Grant Memorial Church


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Volunteers are urgently needed!
For Missionfest Manitoba 2010 to be a success, we need volunteers who are willing to serve as
an usher/greeter/host, help in our children’s area, and other areas as required. Volunteers are
required for Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening and
Sunday afternoon. Volunteers for our children’s area are required on Friday night, Saturday
morning and Saturday afternoon. Please fax the completed form to 668-1992. Thank you for
your willingness to serve.

     NAME                 PHONE              E-MAIL              Area of Service and Availability
Greeters/Hosts –
   - To welcome our attendees and provide each visitor with an event
   - Answer any general questions. Each team will have an updated exhibitor
   - Direct any questions that they cannot answer to the Information Booth
   - Each shift is approximately 3 – 4 hours
   - Shifts are as follows: Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday
     Afternoon, Saturday Evening and Sunday Afternoon

Workshop Hosts –
  - Each host will be responsible for one of our seven workshop
     rooms. There are three shifts: Saturday morning (11:30), Saturday
     afternoon (1:30) and Saturday afternoon (4:30)(new) and will be one
     hour in duration, so each shift will be approximately 90 minutes. Because
     of the short duration of each shift, it would be great if the volunteer would
     commit to both sessions that take place in that specific room.

Children’s Area (Mini-Missionfest) –
   - Under the direction of the Children’s coordinator to interact with the
      children, provide general supervision and safety.
   - At least six volunteers are required for each session, and the more the
      better – the number of children that we can accommodate is directly
      proportionate to the number of volunteers
   - These volunteers are required to have been approved for
      Children’s ministry within their home church, and have had the
      required police checks done (again at their home church).
   - Shifts are as follows: [Friday evening (6:15 to 9:00), Saturday morning
      (9:15 to 12:00) and Saturday afternoon (2:15 to 5:00)]. Each shift will
      be limited to approx. three hours.

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