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									                                                                 Philanthropy in Florida

The Council on Foundations is a membership organization of                                                         Florida Philanthropy Statistics*
grantmaking foundations and corporations. Our mission is to
provide the opportunity, leadership, and tools needed by                                                     Total Number of Foundations                                      3,507
philanthropic organizations to expand, enhance, and sustain their                                            Total Foundation Assets                                       $15,015+
ability to advance the common good.
                                                                                                             Total Foundation Giving                                         $931+
  Council on Foundations members:                                                                            National Ranking in Total Giving                                   10
   • Number more than 2,000
   • Have combined estimated assets of over $276 billion                                                                       Assets of Florida Foundations by Type
   • Made charitable grants of over $15 billion in 2006                                                                          (Number of each in Parentheses)
                                                                                                                                                        Operating (234),
  Council on Foundations members include all types of                                                                              Public (25), $971
  grantmaking organizations:                                                                                           Corporate (61),
  Community Foundations (700 in the United States)*
  Build their endowments through contributions from many
  donors within a given geographic region, and typically focus on                                                                                      Independent/
  local need.                                                                                                                                          Family (3,187),
                                                                                                                (Dollar amounts in millions)
                                                                                                              (Dollar amounts in millions)
  Corporate Grantmakers (2,596)*
  May be private foundations established by for-profit                                                                 Top Florida Foundations by Assets+
  corporations but legally separate from the parent corporation.                                              John S. and James L. Knight Foundation      $1,939
  May also be corporate giving programs, which are programs                                                   The Picower Foundation                       $540
  within a company that make charitable contributions from the                                                Publix Super Markets Charities               $503
  company’s pretax income.                                                                                    Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation                  $397
                                                                                                              Wallace H. Coulter Foundation                $392
  Family Foundations (31,347)*
  Are private foundations in which the original donor or the
                                                                                                                   Top Florida Foundations by Total Giving+
  donor’s family plays a significant role in governing the
                                                                                                              John S. and James L. Knight Foundation        $90
                                                                                                              The Picower Foundation                        $31
                                                                                                              The Lucy Gooding Charitable Foundation
  Independent Foundations (28,684)*                                                                                                                         $26
  Are private foundations, usually endowed by one source such
                                                                                                              Publix Super Markets Charities                $23
  as an individual’s bequest or the conversion of a nonprofit to a
                                                                                                              Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation                   $21
  for-profit organization.

  Operating Foundations (4,409)*                                                                                 Top Foundations Awarding Grants in Florida
  Are private foundations that use most of their income to                                                     The Ave Maria Foundation, MI
  provide charitable services or programs of their own, rather                                                 John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, FL
  than making grants to outside organizations.                                                                 Publix Super Markets Charities, FL
                                                                                                               The Batchelor Foundation, Inc., FL
  Public Foundations                                                                                           Quantum Foundation, FL
  Are public charities that operate significant grantmaking
                                                                                                           +Dollar amounts in millions
  programs in addition to their other charitable activities.

  Non-U.S.-Based Foundations
  Exist in a wide variety of forms, including those described
  above as well as others that result from the various legal and
  economic institutions of different countries.

*All statistical information courtesy of FC Stats: The Foundation Center’s Statistical Information Service, 2004

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