STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITIES We the parents and students recognize our duties and responsibilities with regard to enrollment at De La Salle University In view by efd15348


									                                 STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITIES

We, the parents and students, recognize our duties and responsibilities with regard to enrollment at De La Salle
University. In view of this, we jointly agree to the following:

    1. to pay the non-refundable fee of PhP5,000.00, which upon enrollment, will be credited to tuition
       assessment and, in case of withdrawal of confirmation, will be charged against administrative
       and processing costs;

    2. to enroll our son/daughter in a degree program at De La Salle University, and fully subscribe to
       all University policies and requirements;

    3. to abide by the rules and regulations governing our enrollment at De La Salle University, as
       specifically stated in the Student Handbook and/or other University circulars/ memoranda;

    4. to actively participate in the Parent-University Relation Program geared toward the concept that
       the total development and education of the student depend on home and school;

    5. to pay a yearly tuition fee increase as decided by the DLSU-Multi-Sectoral Committee, or the
       tuition fee increase mandated by the government, if any, for the duration of our child’s stay in
       the University;

    6. to be active members of the DLSU-Manila PUSO (Parents of University Students Organization),
       the parent organization acting as liaison between DLSU parents and the rest of the school

    7. to attend the official activities of the DLSU-Manila PUSO; and

    8. to share equal access to the student’s official school records.

            Signature of Parent/Guardian                                              Signature of Student

           Printed Name of Parent/Guardian                                         Printed Name of Student

                      Date                                                                     Date

   NOTE:       The submission of this signed Statement of Responsibilities to the College Admissions Office is one of the
               requirements for confirmation of enrollment.

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