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									Role Statement

The Position                 Exhibition Coordinator, Melbourne Museum
Department and Division      Melbourne Museum Operations; Museum Operations
Classification               Grade 4; Value Range 1
Position Type                Full Time; Fixed-term to June 2010
Salary                       $63,358 per Annum (Base of the Grade)
Position Number              MV/0361
Reports to                   Manager, Melbourne Museum
Date Prepared                January 2010

Purpose of this Position
The purpose of this position is to manage long-term exhibitions, as well as incoming and
outbound temporary exhibition projects and contribute to the development of special
exhibition projects and displays for Melbourne Museum.

Primary Accountability
The position is accountable for the management, coordination and effective resolution of
issues relating to the presentation of long-term and temporary exhibitions, public spaces and
displays, to ensure a quality visitor experience.

1. In collaboration with relevant stakeholders, manage galleries and public spaces to ensure
   the Museum’s brand and agreed house style is implemented, that spaces are
   appropriately maintained, and exhibitions and displays are presented to the highest
   practicable standard to visitors; includes resolution of issues that occur in these spaces.
2. Ensure compliance with OHS and risk management policies and procedures and be
   proactive in addressing issues that arise.
3. As a project leader for exhibitions and displays (including incoming and outbound touring
   exhibitions) be responsible for overall project management including team performance,
   allocation of project tasks, monitoring and management of project budget and
   deliverables, liaison with contractors and stakeholders.
4. As venue representative for Melbourne Museum, participate on and provide advice to
   long term exhibition development teams regarding brand, house style and museum
   operations; contribute to the development of project briefs and specifications where
   appropriate. Liaise with relevant stakeholders and present their views to the Producer.
5. Provide leadership to Melbourne Museum staff; lead or contribute to the planning and
   ongoing development of Museum Victoria and Melbourne Museum, as well as advocacy
   and promotion of the Museums (to internal and external stakeholders and networks).
6. Keep abreast of developments in exhibition presentation, establish and maintain peer
   networks within the industry; and develop and maintain effective relationships with
   internal and external stakeholders.
7. Comply with Museum Victoria's policies and procedures and with relevant legislation and

Note: The incumbent can expect to be allocated duties, not specifically mentioned in this
document, but within the capacity, qualifications and experience normally expected from
persons occupying positions at this classification level.
Selection Criteria
1. Demonstrated experience and knowledge in the development and delivery of exhibitions
   or other major visitor experiences, preferably in a museum, visitor attraction or
   entertainment environment.
2. Demonstrated project management skills including proven ability to set priorities, manage
   timelines, resources and compliance requirements (including OHS).
3. Demonstrated capacity to work flexibly in a multi-function team and provide leadership
   that fosters a co-operative and collegiate approach.
4. Proven ability to apply high level communication, negotiation and presentation skills to
   engage a broad range of stakeholders, individuals and community groups.
5. Demonstrated capacity to influence colleagues and advocate, on behalf of identified
   audience segments, to ensure that visitor needs are met at Melbourne Museum.
6. Sound industry networks and an understanding of quality standards applicable to the
   exhibition and Museum industry.
7. The successful applicant must be willing to undergo, and meet the cost of, a National
   Police Records Check and be assessed as suitable.

Organisation Context

Exploring Victoria. Discovering the world.
Museum Victoria will reach out to an increasingly diverse audience through its collections
and knowledge using innovative programs that engage and fascinate. We will contribute to
our communities' understanding of the world and ensure that our inheritance is augmented
and passed to future generations.

Strategic Directions
Great Places and Spaces
Research and Collections: Knowledge and Connections
Inspiring Experiences: Engagement and Learning
Innovative People, Creative Museum
Visibility and Reputation
Environmental Responsibility

Strategic Enablers
Maximising Resources
Practising Good Governance

Leadership             Respect
Reconciliation         Human Rights
Responsiveness         Integrity
Impartiality           Accountability

Divisional Responsibilities
The Museum Operations Division is responsible for implementation of the Museum Victoria
Strategic Plan through the provision of daily access to a range of innovative, high quality
experiences and programs at the Melbourne Museum, Royal Exhibition Building, Immigration
Museum and Scienceworks, for all of the various museum audiences. This will be achieved
in collaboration with staff from across Museum Victoria to ensure the most effective and
quality outcomes and will be undertaken in accordance with the values espoused by the
Organisational Relationship
It is expected that staff will work collaboratively in carrying out their duties and meeting their

Reporting Relationships

          Manager, Melbourne Museum

          Exhibition Coordinator, Melbourne Museum

Lateral Relationships
To effectively perform the role, the incumbent must develop collegiate working relationships
within the work unit team, the Department, the Division and related Departments across
Museum Victoria.
The incumbent must be prepared to work from each of the Museum's main sites, if required.

Inherent Physical Requirements
Museum Victoria has a duty of care to all staff. If a staff member is unable to perform the
physical requirements of the role, Museum Victoria will take reasonable steps to assist the
staff member, or to modify the duties, so that the staff member can continue to perform the
role without further detriment to their health or safety.

                 Physical Requirement                                              Frequency
Posture          Sitting at Workstation                                            Frequent
                 Standing                                                          Frequent
                 Walking                                                           Frequent
Upper            Computer Operation                                                Frequent
Limb/Body        Handwriting                                                       Occasional-Frequent
                 Reaching above shoulder and bending below the knee to access      Occasional
                 files and books
                 Sustained neck flexion when reading documents                     Occasional-Frequent
                 Lifting and carrying equipment                                    Occasional
Trunk            Twisting in a seated position to access drawers at the desk       Occasional
                 Bending below the knee                                            Occasional
Other            Simultaneous talking on the telephone and writing down of notes   Occasional-Frequent
                 Climbing of stairs                                                Occasional
Work             Indoor air conditioned offices with carpeted floors

About Role Statements
As Museum Victoria evolves to meet the changing needs of the Victorian community, so will
the roles required of all its staff evolve. As such, staff should be aware that this document is
not intended to represent the role which the occupant will perform in perpetuity. This role
statement is intended to provide an overall view of the incumbent’s role as at the date of this
statement. In addition to this document, the specifics of the incumbent’s role will be
described in Department work and project plans, and in performance plans developed by the
incumbent and relevant supervisor as part of Museum Victoria’s performance management
Other Relevant Information
Conditions of employment will be in accordance with the prevailing Museum Victoria
Enterprise Partnership Agreement.

This is a full-time position with the ordinary hours of work being 76 over a 14-day cycle.

Museum Victoria operates from five locations: Immigration Museum, Melbourne Museum,
Scienceworks, the Royal Exhibition Building and the Moreland Collection Store. Employees
may be required to work from any of these locations.

Human Resources Department
Museum Victoria
PO Box 666
Melbourne VIC 3001
Telephone: 03 8341 7720

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