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									                                 How to use an Iridium Phone system
Phone Numbers & Systems - An Iridium telephone number looks like this: 8816 41421854

The first 4 digits indicate a county code (8816) that is specific to Iridium phones. Just like the U.K.(44) or France (33)
has a specific country code, Iridium is treated like a separate country for dial up. The rest of the phone # is a specific a
phone number that is linked to a SIM card (much like your cell phone). It is also called a MSISDN number.

Currently there are 3 types of Iridium offerings we have for customers. We provide service for the Airsat I (business
a/c use), Airsat II (business & commercial) & we offer services for portable Iridium phones (9505A handheld model).

Security & Settings

When the system gets powered on, it performs a self test of internal function to ensure proper operation. It will then
ask you to enter the unlocking code. The factory default (PIN) is 1111. Once the code is entered, the system is
operational. If ever a customer gets locked out of their phone (usually by entering the PIN incorrectly 3 times) they
will need to call Honeywell to receive a PUK code to input into the phone to release the block. The PUK code can be
found in the Cabin Services Master Database.

How to Make & Receive Calls (Dialing Strings)

1) Make a call from a Landline phone to an Iridium satellite phone

The dialing string is: (international access code) + (Iridium telephone number)

        Ex. Dialing from the USA: 011 8816 31420983

        Ex. Dialing from Europe: 00 8816 31420983 (other examples can be found @

2) Originating a call from the Iridium satellite phone (does not matter where the satellite phone is
located) to a landline/cell phone.

The dialing string is: 00 + (country code) + (city code if any) + (phone number)

        Ex. Calling the GDC via Iridium phone: 00 1 425-885-8100 (note the country code for the USA is “1”

3) Calling an Iridium phone to another Iridium system.

The dialing string is: 00 + (Iridium country code) + (Iridium phone number) Ex. 00 8816 41421854


If a customer wants to retrieve voice mail, have them dial 011-8816-629-90000. It will prompt them to input a PIN
number. The PIN will be the last 7 digits of the customer’s Iridium phone number.

If a customer calls in and states that their phone/system is not working, ask them to dial 1234 then “send” or “ok” and
they should get a message stating they are “connected to the global network”.

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