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									         How to Use LeechFTP to FTP your files to us:
How to Use LeechFTP to FTP your files to us:

     I GNO RE
1. Go to the LeechFTP website and download LeechFTP. The website address is

       It should look something like this.

       Click on the download link.

       Now a screen should come up that looks like

       the screen 2. Click on the link.

     S ECT
       Download this file and install on your

       Now you finished part 1 of how to ftp files.

2. Now you will need to learn how to connect to our ftp site using LeechFTP.

       The first thing you should do is open LeechFTP. Your program will probably have different fonts than
       ours, but don’t worry. Everything should work the same. When you first open the program it should
       look something like here.

       Click on the lightning bolt in the upper
       left hand side of the screen.
          How to Use LeechFTP to FTP your files to us:
       A screen should pop up that looks like this:

       Now you just need to type in the information
       in order to connect to us. When you are finished,
       your screen should look like the one below.

       Your information should look exactly like to the
       right. Since the Password does not show here,
       you should type in:


       for the password. After clicking OK you should
       be connected to our ftp site.

3. Now you can send your files to us.

       First you should understand what each section
       of the screen does. As you can see, there are
       three different sections.

       The first is where files that are going to be
       upload are shown. Your screen should have nothing
       in it, like below.

       The second is a directory
       of the files on your computer.
       This is where you will select
       the files which you will be
       uploading. Here you see our
       files, but on your screen it
       should look different, you
       should see your files.

       The third is a directory of our
       ftp site. This should look
       somewhat similar to the right,
       but the files will probably be
       different on your screen.
         How to Use LeechFTP to FTP your files to us:
       From here it is pretty simple to upload files to our ftp site. First find the file/s you wish to send to
       us in the second section of the window. For demonstration purposes, we will be uploading the file
       TEST FILES to our site. If you are sending more than one file, it is a good idea to put them all
       in folder and just send the one folder. This will help keep all your files together.

       First click on the file or folder you
       are sending. As you can see to the
       right. This should highlight your file.

       Next, click on the upload button on
       the menu bar at top as also shown
       to the right.

       You will notice that the file is placed
       temporarily in the left section of the
       window. The file should disappear
       in after it has been completely

       If you click on the refresh button you should now notice that the file is now on the right section of the
       window. This means that your file has been successfully uploaded to our ftp site.

CONGRATULATIONS, you have just uploaded your first file to our ftp site, where we will download it in seconds and
begin work on your job.

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