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									                                                                           Would You Invest 15 Minutes of Your Time To Learn How You Can Make More
                                                                           Money, Have Better Relationships, Improve Your Health and Make The Rest of Your
                                                                           Life, The Best of Your Life?

                                                                               How to Use Jose Silva’s Mental Video
                                                                                  Technique to Gain Money, Love
                                                                                  and Health Answers from Higher
                                                                                         While You Sleep

                                                                                                               By Jason Bedunah
                                                                           Dear Friend,

                                                                           What if you had a simple way to contact the “other side” to get help with your most
                                                                           pressing, most urgent problems?

                                                                           What if you could use a simple technique that could harness the FULL POWER of your
                                                                           mind to actually pull solutions from the mental world into your everyday world, the
                                                                           world of bills, stress and endless work?

                                                                           In the late 90’s Jose Silva created just such a technique for use in his Ultramind ESP
                                                                           System. It is one pillar (some say the MOST IMPORTANT pillar) of Jose Silva’s new
                                                                           Ultramind ESP System.

                                                                              • For the web-based UltraMind QuickStart go to
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                                                                           I’m going to give you the entire techniq ue in this Special Report for free. Why would I
                                                                           give away something so important and valuable that thousands have paid for? Because, I
                                                                           believe that if you see the power of this simple technique, you’ll be so impressed and
                                                                           amazed, you’ll want to know more a bout the Ultramind ESP System. And, you’ll come to
                                                                           a seminar to learn the full system or, at the very least, purchase the Home Study course.

                                                                           Also, I have a mission to improve conditions on the planet. If I give you this technique
                                                                           and you use it, then I’ve done a great service to humanity.

                                                                                           Here’s the Truth About All The Other Success Systems

                                                                           If you’re reading this, you’ve probably purchased and tried one of the other success
                                                                           systems out there. They probably worked for a while but after a while, their ability to
                                                                           move you into action wore off and you settled back into your normal everyday life.
                                                                           Is that right? Here’s why.

                                                                           The other success systems work at the ‘outer conscious level.’ As you’re reading the
                                                                           words on this page, your brainwaves are vibrating at 20 cycles per second. This is called
                                                                           the beta brain-wave cycle. Any time you focus your eyesight, you go to beta.

                                                                           The problem with beta is that the information you receive is limited to your five physical
                                                                           senses (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell). In short, you are like a one-legged man in a

                                                                           True success and true solutions require much more than the physical senses. You must
                                                                           have a way to gain information using more than just your left-brain while at beta. You
                                                                           must go to the Alpha brainwave level. The Alpha rhythm ranges from 7 cycles per second
                                                                           (cps) to 14 cycles per second. It has a tendency to center itself at 10 cycles per second.

                                                                           At the Alpha brainwave level, you have an exact copy of everything coming from your
                                                                           left-brain hemisphere and you have access to the subjective dimension. In the subjective
                                                                           dimension, there is more information.

                                                                           Jose Silva used to have people do simple experiments to demonstrate this. He’d have a
                                                                           child think of all the solutions to a problem with their eyes open. Then he’d have the
                                                                           child go to Alpha. At Alpha, the child could think of a great deal more solutions. Many of
                                                                           the solutions were incredibly creative.

                                                                               • For the web-based UltraMind QuickStart go to

                                                                           Why did the child do so much better at Alpha? Simple. Alpha gives you access to both
                                                                           brain hemispheres so you have more (and more pure) information. This information
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                                                                           comes from the Subjective (Spiritual) dimension and the Objective (Physical) dimension.

                                                                           The ultra-successful people are almost always natural Alpha-thinkers. About 10% of the
                                                                           population retained this ability from childhood. The other 90% had this ability
                                                                           “educated” out of them.

                                                                                    By Going to the Alpha Level, You Can Access More Information to
                                                                                          Get Solutions for Business, Health and Relationships.

                                                                                              You Can Direct Your Mind to Sense Information
                                                                                             At Distant Locations and Heal Yourself and Others.

                                                                           When you are at Alpha, you are using the full power of your mind. You can detect
                                                                           information by mentally projecting your sensing faculties to any person or place, no
                                                                           matter how distant.

                                                                           But, there is a bit of a catch-22.
                                                                           Most of the population cannot activate their mind at the Alpha level. It requires guidance
                                                                           of an experienced Alpha thinker to train a person to get and stay at this level.

                                                                           It took Jose Silva 22 years of research and nearly $500,000 (in 1960s dollars) to devise a
                                                                           method to train people to easily and naturally go the Alpha Level and activate their

                                                                              •    The Silva Centering Exercise is available on Audio in the UltraMind ESP
                                                                                   QuickStart Web Course

                                                                           His system is taught in more than 100 countries around the globe. Millions have
                                                                           benefited from his work.

                                                                           So, it is impossible for me to teach you to go to the Alpha level unless you attend one of
                                                                           my seminars.

                                                                           But, remember how I told you I was going to give you a special technique that is a pillar
                                                                           of the Ultramind ESP System? This is Jose Silva’s me thod to get around that catch-22.
                                                                           He called it the Mental Video Technique.

                                                                                       How to Use Jose Silva’s Mental Video
                                                                                      Technique to Gain Health, Relationship
                                                                                  and Business Answers from Higher Intelligence
                                                                                                 While You Sleep

                                                                           When you go to sleep, your brain moves through all of the brain-wave cycles, Beta,
                                                                           Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Every time we sleep, our mind subjectively crosses into the
                                                                           spiritual realms.
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                                                                                                                     Jose Silva’s Laws of Programming
                                                                           Theta runs from 4 to 7 cps.
                                                                           Many people who meditate            1. You must do to others only what you like others to do
                                                                           regularly can go to Theta.             to you.
                                                                           This is good for health and         2. The solution must make the planet a better place to
                                                                           relaxation and to receive              live.
                                                                           information but as soon as          3. It must be the best for everybody concerned.
                                                                           an untrained person                 4. It must help at least two or more persons.
                                                                           activates the mind at Theta,        5. It must be within the possibility area.
                                                                           they will immediately skip
                                                                           past Alpha and into Beta.

                                                                            Delta ranges from 0.5-4 cps. But, interestingly, half of Delta is missing. It isn’t a full
                                                                           octave. Delta is the first brainwave we produce as a fetus and the last that we produce
                                                                           when we die. This is why we say that Delta straddles two dimensions and serves as the
                                                                           doorway between the spiritual and objective dimensions.
                                                                           So, the other half of Delta is “on the other side,” in the Spiritual Dimension where the
                                                                           hierarchy of God resides. It is there that we get help from our Tutor to help fulfill our
                                                                           mission in life. The Tutor is your personal representative in the hierarchy of God. You
                                                                           may refer to it as your guardian angel or an unseen guide. Napolean Hill called them
                                                                           “unseen guides.”

                                                                               • For the web-based UltraMind QuickStart go to

                                                                           We use the Mental Video Technique to get answers from Higher Intelligence so we can
                                                                           improve life and benefit humanity, starting with ourselves. We deliver the Mental Video
                                                                           as we sleep (in Delta, the spiritual doorway) and our Tutor takes the information-images
                                                                           and provides guidance in the objective dimension in the form of coincidences.

                                                                           It’s not necessary to be a Silva Graduate to use this Technique but it is helpful if you are.
                                                                           Here’s why:

                                                                              1. The better your psychic ability, the better you can communicate with Higher
                                                                                 Intelligence in the spiritual dimension
                                                                              2. At the Alpha level, you have access to more information so you can better
                                                                                 interpret and understand the information you are receiving from the other side.

                                                                                                      How To Make a Mental Video
                                                                           Step 1: Create the Mental Video at Beta.

                                                                           Imagine you have a video camera and you are video taping the problem. Include
                                                                           everything that has life. Include every person that this problem affects. The more people
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                                                                           this problem affects, the more your Tutor can help.

                                                                           Step 2: Review the Mental Video at Alpha

                                                                           Mentally convert the problem into a project. Create, with imagination, a Mental Video of
                                                                           the solution, this should contain a step-by-step procedure of how you desire the project to
                                                                           be resolved. This solution should follow the Laws of Programming (See the sidebar: Jose
                                                                           Silva’s Laws of Programming).

                                                                           When you retire for the evening, totally relax your body and allow yourself to get near
                                                                           the edge of sleep. When you are in that middle area between awake and asleep you are in
                                                                           Alpha. If you are a Silva Graduate, use the 3 to 1 method or any other method you know
                                                                           to get to Alpha.

                                                                           Remember, the step-by-step solution video is created at Alpha. Why? Because there is
                                                                           more information at Alpha and a better quality solution video can be made there.
                                                                           Step 3: Go to sleep with the intention of delivering the Mental Video to your Tutor while
                                                                           you sleep.

                                                                           After both videos are complete. Go to sleep with the intention of delivering the Mental
                                                                           Video to your Tutor while you sleep. Understand, with strong intention the delivery will
                                                                           be made.

                                                                           Step 4: During the next 3 days, look for indications that point to the solution.

                                                                           Every time you think of the project, think of the solution, in a past sense. Your Tutor will
                                                                           arrange for “coincidences” to occur at the outer conscious level, the physical world of
                                                                           your everyday life. It may appear to be a “coincidence” but it is really an opportunity
                                                                           provided by Higher Intelligence.

                                                                           It is your responsibility to take action on the coincidence. If you are presented with an
                                                                           opportunity, you must make the best of it.

                                                                           Every night, make a new Mental Video with the updated information. This will let your
                                                                           Tutor know what further help to send.

                                                                                            How the Mental Video Technique Saved Me
                                                                                          $1350 Through a Chance Email From A Stranger

                                                                           A few weeks ago, I started investigating conference calls as a way to get high-profile,
                                                                           time-starved prospects on the phone to educate them on the services of my Marketing
                                                                           Optimization company.

                                                                           A trusted friend recommended a company he used on a regular basis. I investigated this
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                                                                           company and asked for a quote. They sent me a quote for 6 live conference calls. They
                                                                           would record the calls and send a tape to each client on the call. This, including set-up
                                                                           fees, would cost $1500.

                                                                               • For the web-based UltraMind QuickStart go to

                                                                           I felt like this was too much. So, I used the Mental Video Technique. I showed the plans
                                                                           for the conference calls. I pictured all the potential clients receiving fabulous benefits and
                                                                           how I had searched for a teleconference company but couldn’t find one for a reasonable
                                                                           price. At Alpha, I made a Mental Video of me making phone calls, asking friends and
                                                                           searching on the internet for a reasonably priced company.

                                                                           The next day I received this email:

                                                                                  I’ve been “drawn” to your website several times. I just now realized you’re in
                                                                                  Arlington. We should get together. We have a lot of the same interests. I also use
                                                                                  EFT and have read the Abraham-Hicks books.

                                                                                  We’re obviously supposed to meet-up.

                                                                                  Jay H.

                                                                           My ESP prompted me to act on this opportunity. So, I emailed him back and we set up a
                                                                           lunch meeting that Friday. Within that hour-and-a-half lunch meeting he gave me at least
                                                                           5 crucial elements for the project I was working on. One of them was the name of a
                                                                           teleconferencing company that charged only $25 per hour for 100 guests, with no set-up
                                                                           fees. I found out I could record the calls via my computer. This is a coincidence, isn’t it?
                                                                           Well, we call it a coincidence but it is really a planned opportunity by the Tutor. Think of
                                                                           it! The Hierarchy of God is actually creating opportunities for you! Because, you are
                                                                           following the Laws of Programming.

                                                                           What if I had brushed him off? Then, I would have missed the opportunity and the Tutor
                                                                           would’ve arranged another one.

                                                                           You can do the same thing for Health and Relationships, as well as Business. Remember,
                                                                           the more people that benefit, the greater your Tutor’s ability to arrange opportunities.

                                                                           If you have a health problem, make a Mental Video of it. Show in the video the health
                                                                           problem, how it limits you and who it affects. Include as many people, animals and even
                                                                           plants as possible. Show how it affects your family, your co-workers, your friends and

                                                                               • For the web-based UltraMind QuickStart go to
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                                                                           Then, go to Alpha and create another Mental Video.

                                                                           This time imagine, in a step-by-step manner, all the things you are going to do to solve
                                                                           the problem.

                                                                           Imagine buying books about your health challenge, contacting respected authorities for
                                                                           more information, going to workshops and researching orthodox AND alternative forms
                                                                           of care.

                                                                           Imagine all the people, with the same challenge, you can help along the way. Imagine
                                                                           everyone who will benefit from your healing.

                                                                           Then, carry out your steps and look for opportunities. This is an active technique. It is in
                                                                           the “God helps those who help themselves” category, not the “Let Go and Let God”
                                                                                         The Real Purpose of The Mental Video Technique

                                                                           Jose Silva became more and more convinced in his later years that the purpose of
                                                                           developing your Natural ESP or psychic ability was to carry out your purpose in life.

                                                                           He believed that Higher Intelligence sent us here for a reason and that psychic ability, our
                                                                           ability to communicate with the Spiritual Dimension, is just a tool to help us fulfill that

                                                                                               You Can Use the Mental Video Technique
                                                                                                    to Discover Your Life Purpose

                                                                           The first time I heard that I had a Spiritual Purpose I rejected the idea. What if I didn’t
                                                                           want to do my Spiritual Mission? What if it was boring or I didn’t enjoy it?

                                                                           Through much study, I discovered that most systems that teach you to discover your
                                                                           life’s purpose start out with questions like these:

                                                                           What did you want to do when you were young?

                                                                           What do you enjoy doing, now, that you would do if money were no concern (remember
                                                                           Higher Intelligence ALWAYS provides what you need, plus more)?

                                                                           What are your hopes and dreams?
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                                                                           Consider that your life’s dreams are usually attached to your purpose. Use this as a
                                                                           starting point for the Mental Video.

                                                                           Then, start working towards your purpose and notice how it’s going. Are you overcoming
                                                                           obstacles? Are subsequent (and related) obstacles easier or much more difficult? If they
                                                                           are more difficult take a step back and re-evaluate. Use the Alpha-level to make decisions
                                                                           and deliver an updated Mental Video to your Tutors every night.

                                                                                                       In Just 19 hours,
                                                                                     You Can Learn to Unleash Your Innate Psychic Abilities
                                                                                                  For the Good of Humanity
                                                                                                      Including Yourself
                                                                           The Mental Video Technique is just one (albeit an important one) technique that we teach
                                                                           in the Ultramind ESP System.
                                                                           We also teach how to mentally project your mind to any person or place to detect
                                                                           information (if it is useful and beneficial for humanity).

                                                                           We teach you to mentally correct health problems.

                                                                           And even more:

                                                                               •   3 Methods to easily and naturally enter the Alpha Level of Mind
                                                                               •   The 3-Scenes technique for bringing solutions from the Spiritual Dimension to
                                                                                   the Physical Dimension
                                                                               •   How to use Remote Viewing to really (finally!) understand your wife (or
                                                                                   husband). Imagine being able to close your eyes and immediately understand
                                                                                   their deepest fears, wants and desires. Every person will be like an open book (as
                                                                                   long as the intent is pure and honest).
                                                                               •   How to use Remote Influence to correct physical and mental problems in
                                                                                   yourself, your family and others. Become a natural healer by mentally directing
                                                                                   healing energy from Higher Intelligence like a laser beam while at your
                                                                                   clairvoyant level.
                                                                               •   How to mentally program yourself (at every level of the mind and to each of your
                                                                                   body' s cells) for greater success.
                                                                               •   A way to get instant rapport so your natural charisma shines through every pore.
                                                                                   People you meet will greet you like an old friend
                                                                               •   Mentally install the Laws of Programming for Success so success flows from you
                                                                                   like clean, pure water from a natural spring
                                                                               •   A method for discovering your spiritual purpose in life. Once you know it, you' ll
                                                                                   act with purpose and conviction (even your softest words will resonate with
                                                                                   universal thunder)
                                                                               •   How to mentally project into plants, animals, any physical location and any
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                                                                                   human life for the purpose of benefiting humanity spiritually

                                                                                              If You Can Sit Still for A Few Minutes,
                                                                                             Close Your Eyes and Follow Instructions,
                                                                                             You Can Easily and Naturally Go to Your
                                                                                                           Alpha Level
                                                                           The core of the Ultramind ESP System is a set of mental conditionings that Jose Silva
                                                                           developed over 22 years of research. Then, he and his instructors taught them over the
                                                                           next 33 years, improving them as he went along. Each conditioning cycle represents
                                                                           millions of dollars and decades of research.

                                                                           We teach the Ultramind ESP System in one weekend, less than 19 hours, so you can take
                                                                           the training without having to miss work or spend significant time away from home. The
                                                                           training takes place over an intense, jam-packed, no-nonsense weekend. We’ve ruthlessly
                                                                           cut the fluff away leaving a very tight, very hands-on experiential training.

                                                                           In the training we do a totally of 11 mental conditioning cycles.

                                                                           You’ll learn to enter and function at the Alpha Brain Wave Level within the first 2 hours.
                                                                           And, you’ll enter the Alpha Level at least 19 times before you leave. We do this to make
                                                                           sure you absolutely, positively KNOW how to enter your Center at will and with ease.
                                                                           You will have the ability programmed-in and impressed on every level of mind before
                                                                           you leave.

                                                                           Let me tell you a bit more about those conditioning cycles, ok?

                                                                           A conditioning cycle is a series of instructions that the Instructor reads to assist you in
                                                                           going to the Alpha level. You close your eyes and follow the instructor’s voice. It is very
                                                                           relaxing and comforting. It is similar to hypnosis except your mind is active instead of
                                                                           passive. You are given instructions that you must mentally follow. In the background, we
                                                                           lightly play a tapping sound, called the Alpha Sound, to help guide your brain to the
                                                                           Alpha level.

                                                                               •     The Silva Centering Exercise which uses the Alpha Sound is available on Audio
                                                                                     through the web at

                                                                           During some conditionings you will simply mentally visit a pleasant place of relaxation.
                                                                           Like a warm beach where you are soothed by the rhythmic sounds of the waves, a
                                                                           pleasant meadow with a cool breeze and the smooth singing of the birds or any other
                                                                           relaxing place you like.

                                                                           In order to quickly train others in this method I’ve created a new web course complete
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                                                                           with audio conditionings. You will be able to listen to the conditionings and read the
                                                                           lessons immediately after joining. Just go to


                                                                           I’ve also included a full description below.


                                                                           Jason Bedunah

                                                                                 This new web-based course titled, The UltraMind ESP QuickStart, will guide you
                                                                           through the fundamentals behind Jose Silva’s research on ESP, Clairvoyance and Remote
                                                                           Viewing and quickly installs the core skills you need to achieve Psychic functioning
                                                                           using the Silva Centering Exercise.
                                                                           using the Silva Centering Exercise.

                                                                                The course has six lessons. Each one is designed to give you the foundational
                                                                           knowledge you need to begin opening up the psychic centers for your first Remote
                                                                           Viewing experience. Here are the titles of the six lessons:

                                                                              1. Secrets of UltraMind ESP
                                                                              2. Psychic Development Fundamentals
                                                                              3. The $500,000 Psychic Poem that Unleashes Your Innate Psychic Ability,
                                                                                 Intuition, Remote Viewing and Influence
                                                                              4. "How to Get Health, Relationship and Business Answers From Higher
                                                                                 Intelligence While You Sleep -- Using Jose Silva' s MentalV Technique. Two
                                                                                 bonus audios. One describes The MentalVideo Technique and how to use it and
                                                                                 the other is the actual Conditioning Cycle we use in the UltraMind ESP Course.
                                                                                 That' s another 40 minutes of audio.
                                                                              5. How to Secretly Influence Anyone from a Distance
                                                                              6. How To Apply UltraMind ESP to All Areas of Your Life
                                                                              7. Plus: The MP3 of the Silva Centering Exercise Audio
                                                                              8. Plus: How to Use the 3-Scenes Technique to Change the Future - Two more
                                                                                 audios for a combined 21 minutes. One of the audios is the core conditioning
                                                                                 cycle to program yourself for success that we use in the UltraMind ESP 3 day

                                                                                  Here' s what a few of the users have said:
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                                                                                   "Thanks for putting together such a great introduction to the Silva Ultramind
                                                                           Program. The material is excellent...The centering mp3 alone is worth many times the
                                                                           cost of the introductory course." - Craig C.

                                                                                   "Well, I have finished the first read of your course and will be starting on the
                                                                           second read/with notes tonight. You did a great job! You actually gave techniques and
                                                                           real ' How-Tos' and didn' t resort to selling just a big sales letter and you don' t give pieces
                                                                           of info with the rest left ' secret' where you have to pay $500 for the rest of the ' secrets' ..."
                                                                           - Damien

                                                                                  "I just finished your quickstart course. It looks good. It' s easy to follow and flows
                                                                           well. Your 2-day course sounds great and I would like to attend sometime in the future. I
                                                                           am currently residing in Japan, and will work out travel plans." -Erik B.
                                                                           am currently residing in Japan, and will work out travel plans." -Erik B.

                                                                                  By the end of the course, you will know the 3-to-1 method for achieving the
                                                                           Alpha Level of mind at will and you will have a simple method to Remote View and
                                                                           beam mental messages to anyone on the globe.

                                                                                   The Conditioning cycle, in MP3 format, runs approximately 25 minutes. It uses
                                                                           the Alpha Sound to guide your brain to function at the Alpha Brainwave level to begin to
                                                                           open up the Remote Viewing and Clairvoyant centers of your mind. Jose Silva spent 22
                                                                           years of his life and over $500,000 (in 1960s dollars) to develop this Conditioning cycle,
                                                                           which has proven time and again its ability to enhance ESP and Remote Viewing

                                                                                  If you wanted to take The UltraMind ESP System Seminar, it would cost you
                                                                           $597. That doesn' t even include airfare, maybe $300. Hotel, another $120. And, you' d
                                                                           spend 3 days away from home. All just to see if my incredible claims are true. But, you
                                                                           don' t have to go through that trouble to discover if this system has merit. In fact, can
                                                                           take 60 minutes to your first Remote Viewing by taking the UltraMind ESP QuickStart
                                                                           Web course.
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                                                                                  You can take the course and listen to the Silva Centering Exercise in the privacy
                                                                           of your own home or office, at your computer, as many times as you want for just $37.

                                                                                 Also, I' m including "How To Practice Suggestion and Autosuggestion" by Emile
                                                                           Coue' as a bonus html ebook as part of the QuickStart.


                                                                           Jason Bedunah

                                                                           P.S. Here' s another rundown of everything you get:
                                                                           P.S. Here' s another rundown of everything you get:

                                                                              •   You get the Six Lessons to lay the Psychic Foundation and condition you for
                                                                                  Psychic Functioning,
                                                                              •                       y
                                                                                  Jose Silva' s "Metaphsical Laws of Success" Transcript,
                                                                              •   Lesson: "How To Practice The Silva Centering Exercise" by Juan R. Silva
                                                                              •   Emile Coue' s book "How To Practice Suggestion and Autosuggestion."
                                                                              •   Audio: 25 Minute Audio The Silva Centering Exercise Conditioning Cycle
                                                                              •   Audio: 24 Minute Audio Lecture on the MentalVideo Technique
                                                                              •   Audio: 13 Minute Audio Conditioning Cycle for the MentalVideo Technique
                                                                              •   Audio: 10 Minute Audio Lecture "How to Use the 3 Scenes Technique for Future
                                                                              •   Audio: 14 Minute Audio Conditioning Cycle - "The 3 Scenes Technique"
                                                                              •   “Paraphysics R&D – Warsaw Pact (U)” DST 1810S -202-/8 and “Parapsychology
                                                                                  Research (U)” DST 1810S -387-75 Government De-Classified Documents

                                                                           To sign up go to

                                                                           -- Jason Bedunah
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