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Specialty Institute®

                       Marketing Your Business with Catalogs
                                                               How Thousands of Distributors
                                                                  Succeed in Growing Sales
Notes and Action Items
Office of the President

Dear ASI Distributor:

Catalogs are one of the smartest ways that you can market your
business. This booklet guides you through the most effective catalog
strategies. As you read, keep in mind that ASI is best suited to help
you with your catalog needs because ASI catalogs are different.
Here’s how:

Client Focus
ASI offers a complete range of catalogs geared toward the needs of
different market segments, so you can offer your clients a focused
catalog solution. Your clients get what they need, while you appear
professional, forward-thinking and ahead of the game.

Suppliers in ASI catalogs are carefully selected to represent quality,
service, and profitable pricing. We balance the content of each
catalog to avoid repetition of the same products, so each catalog
offers different ideas for your clients.

Our experienced Catalog Sales Team has been working with
distributors for years, helping them refine their marketing strategies
and finding what works best. They hear catalog success stories
every day; why not take advantage of their expertise? Your account
representative will be happy to work with you. Just give them a call
at 800-546-1365.

At ASI, we take your success seriously. If I can be of help at any
time, please send me an e-mail at tandrews@asicentral.com. I look
forward to hearing from you.


Timothy M. Andrews
                    Why Use Catalogs?

To sell products.   Your business is selling products and marketing solutions.
                    Bottom line. You can’t sell products if your customers
                    don’t know what to buy, so you need a way to introduce
                    products to your market. Catalogs are a direct way to
                    showcase items to your clients and help them find products
                    to meet their marketing needs. 87% of end-buyers use
                    catalogs to generate ideas for promotions.

                    A recent survey conducted by The Response Center, an
                    independent market research firm, found that:
                    • On average, distributors attribute 49% of sales to
                      paper catalogs.
                    • Of distributors who use catalogs, nearly three-quarters
                      say that catalogs are “absolutely essential” or “very
                      important” to generating sales.
                    • The more catalogs a distributor uses, the higher their
                      sales volume!

For a great ROI.    Suppose you spend $1.50 on a catalog to give to a client.
                    The average-priced item in the catalog has a $2.00 margin.
                    Your client chooses that product and buys a quantity
                                      of 500. Your return is over six hundred
                                            times that of your investment!
                                                 Now think about your return
                                                      on investment for
                                                           repeat orders!
Why Use ASI Catalogs?

• ASI catalogs give you the ability to showcase products
  from multiple suppliers in one book. Your clients will
  love having a selection of hundreds of products, laid out
  in a format that encourages buying.

• ASI offers imprinting at any time of the year. No matter
  when you decide to purchase or re-order, you can make
  ASI catalogs your own with a professional imprint.

• Your interests are protected. In ASI catalogs, supplier
  names, contact information, and websites are concealed.

• ASI offers a complete range of catalogs for every client
  and situation, from event-specific catalogs such as
  Everything Sports™, to broad catalogs like Media File ,
  the world’s most comprehensive promotional
  products catalog.
                                     Tips for Marketing
                                     with Catalogs.

 Make Catalogs Your                  There are numerous touch points you have with your cus-
Marketing Backbone.                  tomers and prospects: personal visits, phone calls, online,
                                     and direct mail. Catalogs support and reinforce each of
                                     these touch points. There’s no better way to get your
                                     name and what you do into the hands of clients.

          Make Your                  Be sure your imprint contains your contact information,
       Imprint Count!                including e-mail and website, and a “Call to Action.” A
                                     tagline like “We’re your marketing consultants. Call us for
                                     program recommendations or product information!” is
                                     more inviting than just your name and address.

             JAMISON                                                         JAMISON
            MARKETING                                                      MARKETING
                               g consultants                              We’re your marketing
           We’re your marketin s or product information!
                                                                           Call us for progra
                                                                                               con        sultants
                                                                                             m recommendatio
                        recomme                                                                               ns
    Call us for program                                                           or product informa
                                                                            500 Ocean
                          Park Drive                                                   Park Drive
               500 Ocean            1
                                                                           Santa Monic
                                                                                       a, CA 9040
                        ica, CA 9040                                           (310) 555-8       1
              Santa Mon                                                                    650
                  (310) 555-8650                                            www.jamiso
                          mmktg.com                                             Robert Mi
               www.jamiso                                                                 lls
                   Robert Mil                     00-0504                                                 00-0504
Use a source code on all your catalogs – a numeric code        Track Results of Your
that indicates where a client found your name or the           Catalog Investment.
product they’re interested in. Use different codes for mail-
ings and for the books you use as leave-behinds. When a
client calls, ask for the number so you know which catalog
marketing programs are most effective.

While many people order products online, most want             Drive Traffic to Your
something printed when trying to generate ideas. Think         Website with Catalogs.
about how many catalogs you use when “shopping.” Let
catalogs and your online presence complement each
other. Be sure your catalog has your website address
imprinted with your contact information!

               arketing cons
   We’re your m
                   gram recom
    Call us for pro ct information!
            or produ
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             ean Pa          1
       500 Oc        CA 9040
      Santa M   555-86
                                                    JAMISON MARKETING
              misomm                                 www.jamisommktg.com
                     Mills    00-0504
                        Making Catalogs Work for You.

  Using your catalogs   There are thousands of ways to use catalogs as leave-
   as a leave-behind    behinds. Of course, you’ll always want to leave a catalog
                        with a client after you’ve met with them. But catalogs can
                        be used as leave-behinds just about anywhere you go . . .
                        in your dry cleaners, at a restaurant waiting area, in the
                        lobby of a local trade association or charity office, even in
                        your dentist office:

                                “Our office is located above a dental office and
                                we asked if we could put Media File in their
                                waiting room. Patients looked at Media File
                                then called us about items they saw. No
                                cold calls for us . . . just dental patients with
                                promotional products needs. We’re proud to say
                                we surpassed our first year goal by $75,000.”
                                                                    Debbie Chused,
                                                 Coastal Connections Marketing

Mailing your catalog    Sending a catalog mailing to your clients can be a great
                        promotional strategy. Always send a letter with a special
                        offer or coupon along with your catalog. Or send a
                        short survey asking clients to tell you about upcoming
                        promotions. All replies create opportunities for follow-up
                        calls and appointments.

                                “We send Spectrum® to all our clients twice a
                                year. We use a clear-front envelope so the
                                clients can see our imprint right away, and we
                                send a coupon for free set-up. This really
                                helps stimulate business . . . we get a great
                                                         Laura Ward, President,
                                          Ward Promotional Marketing Solutions
General-purpose catalogs are great for a broad audience                                                  Giving the right
to help them generate ideas, but remember that there are                                                 catalog to the
specific niche catalogs that work better for different clients.                                          right clients
For example, Affordable Solutions would be great for
your local school or club, while Logo Shop is best for

corporate buyers. Using the wrong catalog with a client
can make you look inept and actually sabotage your
efforts. Ask about the ASI catalog sampler kit so you can
identify which catalogs are right for your clientele.

   “We send Affordable Solutions to all our smaller clients,
   like schools, auto shops, and civic clubs. They love it
   because they can get ideas without being overwhelmed.
   And the best part is, my clients pass it on to others . . . it’s
   amazing where the book ends up. I get business from
   companies I’ve never even spoken to. Catalogs are an
   easy, cost-effective way to promote our company.”
                             Sue Johnson, Purchasing Agent,
                                        AB&C Enterprises, Inc.

                                                           Marketing Solutions, Inc.
                                                   “Helping Businesses Build A Company
                                                                              Image For Over A Decade”
                                                              209/847-9529 888/440-95
                                                    www.FreshPromos.com • www.killer 29
                          Great Ways to Use
                          Specific ASI Catalogs:

   ASI’s Catalog Sales    Send Everything Sports to your local, state and regional
    Team speaks with      associations. Most sponsor sporting events for their members
distributors every day.   every year.
   For more ideas on
                          Visit local charity groups, schools, or community sports teams
how to make catalogs                                                       ®
                          and give them a copy of Affordable Solutions . These
    work for you, call
                          organizations use promotional products regularly but are
   your Catalog Sales     usually on a tight budget.
    Representative at
                                                                 ®                     ®
       800-546-1365.      Leave an imprinted copy of Spectrum or Idea Showcase in
                          the waiting areas of doctor’s offices, restaurants, and pharmacies.
                          You never know where your next order may come from!

                          Send a copy of Logo Shop to financial institutions, pharma-

                          ceutical companies, and professional offices and include an
                          introductory letter that highlights some great products for
                          their next promotion or event.

                          Jump-start New Year sales by mailing clients and prospects
                          Debut ™ in January. It’s the first full-size catalog available
                          and features the new year’s hottest products.

                          Present your best clients with a copy of Media File and
                          keep your name top of mind, all the time. Remember
                          the marketing managers and buyers at universities, large
                          medical practices, and corporations, too.

                          Benefit from showing corporate accounts a new catalog
                          mid-year with Promotion Book . A planning checklist and
                          promotional events calendar help you make the sale.

                          Send The Gift Book to local corporations in August. Most
                          companies start thinking about holiday gifts during the summer.
Notes and Action Items
                                                                                             Specialty Institute®

Marketing Your Business with Catalogs
                                                    How Thousands of Distributors
                                                       Succeed in Growing Sales

Advertising Specialty Institute® asi/33020 4800 Street Road Trevose, PA 19053-6698 800-546-1365 www.asicentral.com


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