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									                 How to use Digital Scrapbook Templates in PhotoImpact
 This tutorial is literary property of Tahera and may not be distributed or published on any webpage without prior written
                         permission! For any questions, contact me at

The tutorial was written for Photo Impact 12 but should also work in previous versions! I used my own Easter Egg Album
Templates and Easter Garden Kit. Both are available in my store at Scrap Outside the Box.
If you need help with other progarms, please check this tutorial at Scrap Outside the Box!

Open Ulead`s PhotoImpact and click on File/Open. Browse to your templates and choose one. It doesn`t matter if you use a
single png file or a layered psd file. In this tutorial, I will work with layered psd files. The steps for png files are nearly the
same, so don`t worry if you prefer to work with png files.

Before the a psd files will open in your PhotoImpact, this box should appear:
If it does not show up, please click File/Preferences/General and choose PSD Settings. You have to enable "Open each
layer as an object"!

In the following screenshot, I have opened my psd template and three background papers in PhotoImpact.
With the small arrow selected in the toolbar, click on a black egg shape in the template (you would click on the bottom
shape in your template) and copy it to your clipboard by using the hotkey "ctrl c" or click "Edit/copy".
Click on the paper that you want to use for the shape and press "ctrl v" or click "Edit/Paste/As Object" to paste the shape
into the paper graphic.

With the template shape (here the black egg) as active layer, click on "Edit/Trace Edges/ Selection Marquee". A box shoes
up. Simply click OK without changing the settings. The shape will be surrounded by a box. Now you have to tell
PhotoImpact the mode. Click on the small tringle as shown in the screenshot above (right hand side) and choose
"Selection". Click the small arrow in the toolbar and on the paper to deselct the shape --- the mask is still active! Copy the
shape to your clipboard and paste it into the template. It becomes the top layer and you need to send it to the back (see
With the paper egg as the active object, press "shift" and click on the template shape to select them both. Click on the align
buttons. In this case, I had to choose "align right" and "align bottom". Maybe you have to align your shapes at the top or
left, it`s depending on the place where the paper shape is sitting.

Repeat these basic steps for each shape in your template. When you`re happy with the result, you can add your photos,
journaling and some embellishments.

To make an egg shaped album, print all pages, fold them to the half (print is outside) and cut them out. Stick or sew them
together so that the white back of the prints is inside and no longer visible. Punch two holes in each page and bind them
with a matching ribbon.

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