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Am I Being Spied On?

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Am I Being Spied On? - Am I being Secretly Videotaped? – Am I being tracked with GPS? - Learn how to find out if you are being spied on! Affordable bug detection devices are on the market and will prevent your home or office from being bugged! Your car being tracked via GPS! Or even help you finds hidden wireless video cameras if you are being secretly videotaped!

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									Am I Being Spied On?
No One is Safe!
Did you know that innovations in the technology industry have enabled the production of audio and video monitoring
systems that can spy on your every move without even being in your home, office or car?

In fact, these devices are so small and effective that someone could bug you or your house
within a matter of minutes.

Not a Single Place is Off Limits
It’s entirely possible that someone could be spying on you without even needing to enter a

Thanks to secret technology, they can:

        Tap your phone
        Tap your Fax Machine
        Tap your Internet Connection
        Use your Cell Phone’s GPS device against you, even if it doesn’t have one

If you run a business and your competition is savvy enough, they can spy on you to learn your trade secrets.

If you work in a government building, someone might be using you to get intelligence, without you knowing a thing
about it.

We’re not just talking about bad guys either. If you run a business that is secretive, sensitive, or classified, the last thing
you need is someone listening in on your conversations and using video to record your every move.

But it gets worse…

These Devices are Available to the Public!
That’s right…

Anyone can buy this stuff. Your neighbor, your husband or wife, friends, and
anyone else that might want to learn something more than you’re willing to share.

Provided they have enough cash, anyone can purchase state of the art spying
technology to get a jump on you.

That’s Why You Need Protection
The good news is that even though they have tools to use against you, there is a
way to even the score and protect yourself.

And it’s available to you

It’s called the Spy Matrix PRO SWEEP Bug Detector Kit, and it’s the greatest device
you’ve ever seen.
                                                                                         Spy Matrix PRO SWEEP Bug Detector Kit
It’s Time to Fight Back
The Spy Matrix PRO SWEEP Bug Detector Kit can stop information thieves in their tracks.

You can stop:

        Video Surveillance – Wireless Hidden Cameras
        Audio Taps
        Phone Taps
        GPS devices
        Scanners, Wireless Microphones, and even Laser Taps!

Better yet, it not only scans for and locates these devices, but it has the ability to jam them back!

It uses white noise to scramble microphones and wire taps so that even if you don’t find the device, they can’t hear you

It’s the Perfect Anti-Surveillance Device!
Track bugs in your house, car, or office!

It works anywhere you do!

Whether you are being watched by the government, another business, or even someone you know…the Spy Matrix PRO
SWEEP Bug Detector Kit can stop them dead in their tracks.

You have a right to your privacy
Your privacy needs to be protected at all costs, which is why you need to be pro-active in defending it.

Most people that are being monitored have no idea there’s someone watching.

Isn’t it Time for You to Find Out?
A bit of money is a small price to pay to reclaim your privacy. Act now before it’s too late.

Prevent your Home or Office from being Bugged!

Your Car being Tracked via GPS!

Even Finds Hidden Wireless Video Cameras!

                Spy Matrix PRO SWEEP Bug Detector Kit

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