How to write successful European project proposals by qyz18834


									How to write successful European project proposals

   You already have submitted a European project proposals or being part of it with more or
   less success. Looking at results you didn’t understand why some other projects which look
   irrelevant could have been accepted and not yours.

   What makes the difference between a good project and a successful project? One of the key
   filters to access to the successful projects club is the evaluator’s agreement. After having put
   weeks into your proposal, the evaluator has about 1 to 2 hours to read it, to understand it, to
   assess it with the grid of the European Commission and to make his/her comments and final
   score on it!
   Don’t forget, the project proposals game is a competition; you don’t only need to get a very
   good proposal, you have to present the best one.

   In some other cases, you may have been rapidly stopped in your proposal preparation by
   the maze of the process and its burden: Where to start? Which documents? Which
   programme? Where is the info? Which partners? What are the rules? When? But even
   having all that information, it easy to miss the Why and the How?

   This workshop will present you some fundamentals aspects to build successful proposals:
      Starting backwards: the context of selected projects:
         The evaluation processes
         The grids and evaluation frameworks given to the evaluators
         The priorities of the Call, the Unit in charge, the Programme
      From the idea to the Project
         Your wills and strategic objectives
         Your environment
         Several tools: brainstorming, mindmap, SWOT, Logical Framework Matrix, …
         Key question/problem set-up (+ Go/No-go as a leader?, a partner?, for the project?)
         Expected results/outputs + Impacts
         Action and activity plans and work-plans/packages
         Partners and Roles
         Iterative process + do’s and don’ts
         What before, during and after the submission of your proposal?
      Types of project proposals preparation: the technology-size of the team scissors defines
      the level of the collaborative process
         Core team
         Whole team
         External resources or not?
      Programmes and Synergies between programmes + useful links.

     Better understanding of the implications of the proposal game
     Is it worth for your activity/strategy…? Or How to make it worth?
     Better vision Where to start or How to get in?

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