4. How to write a scientific publication

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					4. How to write a scientific
Writing a publication is a totally different task from teaching,
doing research or experimenting. Not everybody is a born writer.
For some, writing a publication is the hardest thing they have ever
done! Some people suffer from “writer’s block”. They sit down in
front of the computer or an empty sheet of paper and cannot think
of a single sentence.
If you have trouble writing, you are not alone! Here are a few hints
on how to successfully write a publication. First, I give a chronology
of writing, and then I introduce the general structure and style of a
typical scientific publication.

4.1. Chronology

1. Identify your audience
The style of your document is different if you write a seminar
report, group-internal progress report, a document for the
department, a research proposal, or a publication for a scientific

2. Choose a title
The title will set the frame and the goal of your publication. It
should be a first working title. Of course, it can be changed for the