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									VOL. 21, ISSUE I                                                                                                                     February 2008

How To Write A Great Marketing Letter
by Iris Salsman                                    and everyone is leaving for the week-end. Not      Supply Social Proof
                                                   you. You’re sitting with a pile of applications
  We’ve all received one: a letter in the mail                                                          As much as readers will want to believe you,
                                                   to sift through. And when that’s done, you
hyping the latest and greatest product that                                                           a little extra proof will seal the deal. To build
                                                   have to tackle time reports, insurance forms
you simply have to buy—right now. Or the                                                              your credibility, present them with testimonials
                                                   and unemployment and injury claims. You
friendly, concerned note inquiring why “we                                                            from satisfied customers. To make their claims
                                                   need to get a life—and we can help.”
haven’t heard from you lately.” Which letter                                                          even more powerful, include photos with
gets tossed aside and which gets read? Even        Provide a Solution                                 their names and contact information – at least
more, which elicits the desired response: your                                                        the city and state, if not the entire address. It
                                                     In this section, you will introduce yourself,    demonstrates that you are real – and so are the
phone call or email, or—best yet—a sale?           your product and/or your service. Relieve          testimonials.
  It’s not easy to write an effective market-      readers’ minds by reassuring them that your
ing letter. However, if you understand that a      product or service will solve their problem        Make Your Offer
letter is the most intimate, one-to-one form       because you’ve had experience helping people
                                                                                                        The most carefully crafted letter is worth-
of advertising there is, you can create a piece    just like them. Back up your claim with facts
                                                                                                      less if it doesn’t contain an offer. The best are
that will be truly effective in developing or      or concrete examples, including your creden-
                                                                                                      an attractive combination of price, terms and
enhancing your relationship with customers         tials. It’s helpful to mention:
                                                                                                      free gifts. No financing or a free trial period
and prospects.                                     n Successful case studies.                         is always popular. So is a free added service
Make It Personal                                                                                      or product. Just remember – your offer should
                                                   n Prestigious companies or individuals you         not come across as a sales promotion (even
  Begin by envisioning a single, real live hu-       have done business with.                         though it is). You want your readers to feel
man being rather than an anonymous group. If       n The length of time you’re been in your field     that you are offering whatever it is because
you write with a “crowd mentality” you are far       of expertise.                                    you sincerely care about them and want them
less likely to make a genuine connection with                                                         to experience the benefits that your product or
the recipient and your hard work is more apt to    n Conferences where you have spoken or             service provides.
end up in the waste basket.                          articles you have published.
                                                                                                      Don’t Leave Them Hanging
  The very first sentence has to grab and          n Important awards or recognition.
intrigue the reader. For example, “Do you                                                               Every marketing letter should end with a call
                                                     Your readers should get the impression that      to action. Whether it’s picking up the phone
remember a time when you didn’t feel guilty        you’ve “been there and done that” with great
about all the things you should be doing and                                                          and making a call, filling out a reply card, fax-
                                                   success, and that you will do the same for         ing an order form or emailing a response—tell
have been putting off? Well join the crowd.”       them.                                              your readers exactly how to take advantage of
   Or, “I wanted to drop you a line to let you     Demonstrate The Benefits                           your offer. You can even plant the suggestion
know that we have a new catalogue which                                                               in your testimonials: “When I called their num-
I’m sending in a separate envelope. When             In building a relationship through a market-     ber, I talked to a friendly, helpful person,” or “I
it arrives, I hope you’ll give it as friendly a    ing letter, always remember that readers are       contacted their web site and someone got back
welcome as if I were visiting you myself. I’ve     interested, not so much in you, your product       to me the next day.” And, for the ultimate
tried to put into it just the words I would say    or service, but what it will do for them. Make     in customer service, tell your readers that
to you if we were to spend an evening together     a list of every possible benefit and include the
                                                                                                      you or your representative will contact them
chatting.”                                         information in your copy.
                                                                                                      within a specific time period and then make
Describe a Challenge                                 In the previous example, for instance, the       sure you follow through!
                                                   reader was presented with a painful situa-
  Nothing resonates with readers more than         tion and was told that you could help. To
when you present a situation they can relate to.   reinforce that message, you might elaborate:         Iris Salsman (iris@
When you spell out a problem, and describe         “At our company, all temporary workers are  is the
how it feels to have that problem, it not only     our employees, which means we take care of           owner of I. Salsman
establishes rapport and makes people think         the paperwork – not you. Plus, we invoice            PR, LLC, a full-service
“yeah, that’s exactly how I feel,” but it elimi-   you weekly and provide competitive pay-              creative communica-
nates their sense of being sold to.                ment terms, which means you write one check          tions company located
                                                   instead of hundreds.” Who could resist?
                                                                                                        in Clayton.
 Here’s a great opener: “It’s Friday afternoon,

                                       Reprinted by permission of the St. Louis Small Business Monthly

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