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                 How To Handle a Foreclosure Cleanup Job When a Home Has No Power

       By Cassandra Black, Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC
       Dated: Dec 26, 2009

       Many homes that have been foreclosed upon will not have electrical power. You can either walk away from
       these foreclosure cleanup jobs or equip yourself and still make a profit.

       Many homes that have been foreclosed upon will not have electrical power. Ideally, the realtor handling the
       job should get the power turned on so you can effectively handle the foreclosure cleanup job.

        But in many instances you will have to work around no power (which will often mean you will not have
       hot water, and it's hard to clean with no hot water!).

        Now, either you can walk away from those jobs, or you can buy a small, gas-powered generator. Our first
       generator was a 1200 watt generator.

        We purchased the generator from Wal-Mart in our area. It works great, is light-weight, easily portable, and
       it's pretty simple to operate and perfect for most foreclosure cleanup jobs. (It's a little noisy, but that was a
       non-issue for us.) We paid a little less than $200 bucks for it.

        As you grow, you may want to consider investing in a more powerful generator, which can run upwards of

        You can rent generators from stores like The Home Depot, but it will cost you. See approximate rental
       costs below based on generator power:

        --3000 Watts $39 for 4 hours / $56 per day

        --6500 Watts, $49 for 4 hours / $70 per day

        I suggest not buying a generator until your business can truly afford it and not renting one unless you are
       charging enough to still make a profit on the job. There are enough foreclosure cleanup jobs out there in
       homes with power to get you started in this business. Consider tackling those jobs first.

        Some jobs you may have to pass up because you are not equipped to handle them. That's okay; start small
       and grow as your finances allow you to grow. Remember, you're in it for the long haul.

        Continued success with your foreclosure cleanup business! (http://


       Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC specializes in clearing out & cleaning up homes that have been foreclosed upon
       in the Atlanta area. They are authoring company of "How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business" e-Book.

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