How to Earn $1000 - $5000. per month in Passive Residual Income with by xsl18466


									 How to Earn $1000 - $5000. per month in Passive Residual Income with TNI
                                      (napkin presentation)

There are a lot of people who earn a lot of money but very few have the time to enjoy it. The
business model which I’m about to show you will give you both time & money. When combined
with the right consumable product which people cannot buy anywhere else, and a management
team which treats the Distributors as their Business Partners, it becomes a perfect formula for
passive residual income.

This business model is based on our ability to leverage our time by training other people to do
the same thing as we do (duplicate our efforts).

Here are the 3 things we ALL do and teach others to do:
  1. Enroll as a TNI Distributor for $35. … “Can you do that?”
  2. Enroll on Case AutoShip
     (pledge to purchase 4 bottles of TNJ or other products equaling 120 points) …
     “Can you do that?”
  3. Enroll 12 Business Partners, who want to earn residual income and are willing to do the
     same… “Can you do that?”

   Out of the 12, let’s say that 3 are product users, 4 change their mind, and you end up with
   5 Business Partners, (use your 5 fingers)
      Who find 5 of their own Business Partners
      Who find 5 of their own Business Partners
      You will have a total of 155 people in your group3 levels.

   If everyone just orders 1 case (4 bottles of juice) or an equivalent of 120 points of other
   products a month… you will earn an average of $6. per case, giving you $930. in monthly
   passive residual income.

   When you add the Fast Start bonus income, you are well over a $1000. per month, every
   month! Are you with me?

   Let me ask you few questions to be sure you understand what I am saying.
     • How many cases of juice did everyone purchase? … Answer: 1
     • How many Business Builders did you and everyone else enroll? …
        Answer. 12, and found 5 good Business Builders

Is $1000. a month not enough?
   Teach your 5 Business Partners how to also earn a $1000. a month, (building your level 4)
   now you will earn over $5,000. / per month, every month!

   The formula works, it’s just a matter of finding the right 5 Business Partners, who believe in
   themselves enough to dream big dreams.

Save as TNI/New Distributor/Earn (Revised 1-30-06)                                                  1
How long will it take you to earn this type of income?
It’s up to you. You decide how long it will take you to enroll your first 12 and find your 5
Business Builders, who will enroll their 12 and find 5 of their Business Builders. Some people
do it in a week, some in a month, others do it one a month. How soon do YOU want to be
earning $1000. - $5000. per month in residual income?

How did we arrive at $6.00 per case as an average income?
Our permanent royalty income is paid on 8 levels, ranging from $1.20 on the first level where we
have the least amount of people: only 5 in our business model, all the way to $9.40 on the 8th
level. So as you can see, $6.00 is a conservative number.

Disclaimer: This business model is designed to show you the potential of exponential growth and is not intended to
imply that you are guaranteed to earn this income.

Save as TNI/New Distributor/Earn (Revised 1-30-06)                                                                   2

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