How to do a Mary-Lou

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					How to do a Mary-Lou

   With Tom and Duncan
  Step 1: The start-position
• Identify suitable victim (large bouyant
  boat and gullible expression preferable)
• Approach slowly and with broad
  disarming smile so as not to startle
• Bring boats close together
Step 1: The start-position
         Step 2: The setup
• Quickly dive on victim’s boat before they are
  able to initiate evasive action
• Lie flat on front deck of target-boat
  sandwiched underneath own boat
• Use chin-leverage and mighty stomach
  muscles to start to pull boat vertical
Step 2: The setup
  Step 3: Vertical and ready
• Pull boat fully vertical
• Plant hands firmly at cockpit and nose
  of boat to give a stable base
• Balance
• Start to bounce by doing little press-ups
  and using abs
• Bounce bigger…
Step 3: Vertical and ready
      Step 4: … And bounce
•   … And bounce higher…
•   …And higher…
•   …And higher.
•   Make sure to keep your balance
•   When you’re bouncing big enough that the
    boat’s coming right out of the water, move
    onto the next step.
Step 4: …And bounce bigger!
            Step 5: Invert
• Just before you get to the very peak of a
  super-high bounce, throw your weight
  forwards - HARD, and plant your head on the
  front deck.
• Feel the boat start to go up and over you
• Use your abs to keep the momentum going
Step 5: Invert
           Step 6: Landing
• Your arms should be bent at the elbows in a
  head-stand type position, so give a big push
  as the boat starts to fall.
• Straighten your body out with a quick snap to
  push/flick the back of the boat underneath
• Either let go of the target boat, or scream as
  your shoulder dislocates (I prefer the latter).
Step 6: Landing
          Step 7: Finish
• Straighten up quickly, throwing weight
  forwards to flatten boat off
• Relocate shoulders
• Grin and give the victim “The Sloth”
• Feel smug!
Step 7: Finish
          The End

Now go and try it for yourself! ;o)
     This move is really really stupid. There is a high
probability of planting the back of your boat in the victim’s
head, leaping into the air and then pancaking flat on your
    face onto their boat, serious shoulder injury, and
  probably snapping your neck/spine too. So really you
 should only do it if you/they don’t mind any of the above
 happening. Oh, and try not to bleed in swimming pools -
                    it’s not very hygenic!