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                                                                Helpful Information:
                                                                Federal Trade Commission
                                                                Consumer help line: 1-877-382-4357.
                                                                Identity theft line: 1-877-438-4338.
                                                                Fannie Mae Foundation
                                                                                                                                                      How to Buy
                                                                Free guides on credit and home loans.
                                                                Call toll free: 1-800-611-9566.
                                                                Español: 1-800-782-2729.
                                                                                                                                                       a Home
         Beware of aggressive
           sales techniques!                                    Housing and Urban Development
                                                                Free advice on home buying.
         Don’t be forced into quick                             Call toll free: 1-800-569-4287.
         decisions – even if you’re told               or
         you will lose the deal if you
         don’t act fast.                                        Online Consumer Help:
                                                                Federal Reserve Bank
         Never sign blank documents                             Brochures on credit, finances, and how to buy
         or anything you do not                                 a car or home.

         Advertisements that say                                My Money
                                                                Financial education materials from U.S.
         “No credit? No problem!”                               government agencies.
         or “Why pay rent when you                              Call toll free: 1-888-MYMONEY (696-6639).
         can own your own home?”                      
         are often bad deals.                         

         Keep copies of all your                                Call the Attorney General’s office in your state if
         documents.                                             you believe that a provider of goods and services
                                                                has treated you unfairly.

                                                                                                                                                         BANK ON
                                                                                                                                                       YO U R F U T U R E
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                                                              for their invaluable contribution to the drafting and design of this brochure series.
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     You can own a home.                                     Do I need a social security number                         With an adjustable rate mortgage,
     Before you start looking for a home, take a home        to get a home loan?                                        the interest rate moves up or down depending on
     buying class offered in your community. Call the                                                                   the market rate. Be sure you can afford payments
                                                             Some lenders do not require a social security number       at the highest possible interest rate.
     Housing and Urban Development number on                 or proof of immigration status. To avoid scams
     the back of this brochure for classes in your area.     aimed at recent immigrants, ask a local community          A manufactured or mobile home may
     Also, check your credit history so that you can         organization for the name of a reputable lender.           be more expensive than it first appears and will lose
     clear up problems before you apply for a loan.          Protect your investment. Consider establishing legal       value with time. Don’t forget to include land
                                                             “power of attorney” so that someone you trust can          purchase or rental, insurance, installation, and the
     Even if you do not plan to buy a home right             make decisions about your home if you leave the            cost of transporting the home if the park closes.
     away, taking a home-buying class will help you          country.
     set goals and plan for the future.
                                                             How much cash do I need                                    Home Loans to Avoid:
                                                             to buy a home?                                             High points and fees. Points – money paid to
     What should I shop for first,                           Some loans require you to pay 20% of the value of          lower the interest rate – and fees should not total
     a house or a loan?                                      the home in cash – the “down payment” – in addi-           more than 3% of your loan amount or 4%
     Shop for a loan first. If you shop for a house first,   tion to other closing costs, such as loan fees, property   for FHA or VA loans.
     you will be pressured to get a loan quickly and         taxes, and homeowner’s insurance. There now are
     you could end up paying too much for the loan.          options that require down payments as low as 3%            Balloon payments. Do not agree to a loan
                                                             and some special programs to help with closing costs.      where, after several years of manageable monthly
     Compare the offers of several lenders. Interest                                                                    payments, you have to repay the remainder of the
     rates and fees are not fixed! You do not have to        Be careful of low or no down payment offers                loan in one large balloon payment. If you can’t
     use the lender recommended by your realtor.             from people selling homes, including                       afford the last payment, you could lose your home!
                                                             manufactured and mobile homes.These loans
     Lenders will review your credit history, such as        often come with high fees and high interest rates.         Rent-to-own. These offers are rarely a good
     your accounts, credit card debt, and other loans.                                                                  idea. They cost a lot, and the seller could take
     The interest rate on your home loan will be             Can I afford the payments?                                 away your right to buy the property and still keep
     lower if you have a history of on-time loan and         Lenders approve loans you may not be able to               your down payment.
     bill payments.                                          afford. Be sure YOU think you can afford the               Owner financing. If the seller is also the lender,
                                                             payments.                                                  make sure the seller has good title to the property.
     Lenders must give you a good faith estimate,                                                                       Get help before you pay money or sign any papers!
     which includes the interest rate and an estimate of     Your total monthly payment – including
     all the money you will have to pay to get the loan.     your loan payment, property taxes, home insurance
                                                                                                                        Prepayment penalties. These are high and
                                                             and, if necessary, mortgage insurance (PMI)– should
                                                                                                                        unnecessary fees charged for paying off your loan.
     You do not have to pay a high interest rate to          be no more than one-third of your monthly income.
     borrow money just because you have never used                                                                      Single payment credit insurance. You don’t
                                                             A fixed-rate mortgage – a home loan where                  need to buy credit life or disability insurance.
     credit before. You can show good credit with a
                                                             the interest rate stays the same for the entire loan
     history of paying rent and bills on time.                                                                          Never pay insurance fees up front or add the fees
                                                             term – helps you plan because your monthly loan
                                                                                                                        into your loan.
                                                             payments will always be the same.

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