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									Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Partners in Technology Industry Briefing
7 August 2009
 Sunshine Coast Regional Council

• SCRC overview
   –   Formerly Noosa, Maroochy and Caloundra Councils
   –   4th Largest Local Government in Australia
   –   3,127 square Kilometres
   –   300,000 population growing to more than 470,000 by 2026
   –   Approx 150,000 rateable properties
   –   Growth rate (pa) 3.4% (1996-2006) predicted 2.4% (2006-2026)
   –   Visitors (pa) – 2.5 million domestic, 270,000 international
   –   200 klms Coastline, 4,000 klms roads
   –   Budget 09/10 FY - $750 million Incl $250 million Capital
   –   2700 staff

• SCRC vision for the future
      • VIBRANT
      • GREEN
      • DIVERSE
        Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Total ICT Budget $33.5 million including $13.5 million capital

Operating Environment
•   2,500 desktops/laptops
•   200 virtual Servers on 75 physical Servers
•   Over 70 locations connected by Telstra network, GWIP and Ethernet Campus
     – Datacentres to be connected by 10GB Telstra Wavelength fibre optic service
     – Over 300 staff utilizing Telstra NextG service for mobile access to corporate systems
     – Telstra IP telephony at 2 sites servicing over 700 staff
     – Expanding TIPT to an additional 21 sites over next 2 years
     – Over 1200 mobile phones including 100 Blackberries
•   Corporate SOE’s – Windows XP, MS Office 2003, Citrix, Mcafee
•   Cisco networking hardware, over130 switches, routers with full Voip support, Cisco core
•   Dell servers and EMC SANS using extensive virtualisation
•   Data Cabling is a mix of Cat5, 5e and Cat6 utp cabling and fibre optics. 100mb-1GB to the desktop
•   Security Solutions
     – Checkpoint Firewall One Firewalls on Crossbeam appliances
     – Clearswift Websweeper and Mailsweeper appliances
     – Bluecoat appliances to reverse proxy and filter our published web applications
     – RSA Secure-ID tokens for remote access via Citrix Nfuse gateway
     – Mcafee and Kaspersky anti virus products
     – Externally hosted Library system and SCRC websites
     – DMZ servers providing infrastructure services
Sunshine Coast Regional Council

•   Key Systems – Administrative

    –   Records mgt – FileNet, Dataworks, InfoExpert
    –   Asset mgt – Maximo, Civica, CivicView
    –   HR Payroll – Chris 21, Civica, Aurion - consolidating to Chris
    –   Finance – T#1 Financials, Civica, CivicView - consolidating to Financials
    –   Agenda &Minutes Preparation – Romark CAPS
    –   Help desk – Quantum
    –   Email/Calendar – MS Exchange

•   Key Systems – Operational

    – ESRI, MapInfo, Geographics – consolidating to ESRI Arc GIS Server
    – AutoCAD, 12D, Microstation, 3DMax – consolidating to mainly AutoCAD
    – Customer Service – T#1 Proclaim, Civica CRM, CivicView - consolidating
      to T#1 CRM
    – Property & Regulatory – T#1 Proclaim, Civica, CivicView - consolidating to
      T#1 Property & Rating
    – Library – Civica Spydus – hosted solution
Sunshine Coast Regional Council

• Business Drivers
    –   Amalgamation
    –   Robust economy
    –   Ecological sustainability
    –   Innovation and creativity
    –   Health and well-being
    –   Social cohesion
    –   Accessibility and connectedness
    –   Managing growth
    –   Great governance
Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Major Procurement Plan
• Broad procurement plan
    – The short to medium term focus is on
      consolidation onto one consistent hardware and
      software platform – expanding an existing base
      using a “strategic procurement” approach
    – The medium to long term plan is yet to be
Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Software Procurement
• Significant Procurement (over $100,000)
   – Consolidation of existing multiple system environment
   – Therefore increased licensing from existing vendors
   – What we look for in a vendor – partnership – understanding our
     business needs, priorities and limitations and working with us to
     provide cost effective solutions

• Minor Procurement (under $100,000)
   – Consolidation of the several hundred minor business applications
     (specialised applications)
   – Key factors affecting our buying decision
       • Do we already have software which covers this requirement
       • Is this software available from an existing panel eg. LGAQ
       • Is this compatible with our current architecture
       • Is this a cost effective solution to a business need
       • Is there budget for this purchase
Sunshine Coast Regional Council
Hardware Procurement
•   Significant Procurement (over $100,000)
     – Consolidating existing IT Infrastructure with existing suppliers – from
       6 small data centres to 2 larger data centres with a minimum 5 year
     – Developing a printer strategy currently – this may include a managed
       print service option
     – What we look for in a vendor – partnership – understanding our
       business needs, priorities and limitations and working with us to
       provide very cost effective solutions

•   Minor Procurement (under $100,000)
     – Choice of desktop/laptop hardware is fixed for approx 2 years as we
       consolidate onto one SOE
     – Will then review and evaluate alternatives
     – Key factors affecting our buying decision
        • Value for money (cost and performance)
        • Vendor support and responsiveness
        • Compatibility
        • Energy consumption – green IT factors
        • Continuity of supply of chosen configurations
        • Clearly articulated technology direction
Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Services Procurement

•   Significant Procurement (over $100,000)
     – Most purchased services in the next 2 years will be around
       consolidation efforts and from existing vendors
     – What we look for in a vendor - partnership – understanding our
       business needs, priorities and limitations and working with us to
       provide cost effective solutions

•   Minor Procurement (under $100,000)
     – Possible opportunities in
        • Strategic review
        • Process review and design
        • Web 2 enablement
     – Key factors affecting our buying decision
        • Strong skill base in the particular service/technology
        • Previous experience in other relevant organisations
        • Demonstrably successful assignments
        • Ability to work with and within SCRC
        • Ability and willingness to transfer knowledge
  Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Dealing with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council

• SCRC is now a large organisation covering a large and diverse area
  and the intention is to maintain a distributed administration

• SCRC is still forming. Management team only recently placed so still
  working on the business and establishing direction

• CIO’s responsibility includes IT &C, Corporate Records,
  GIS/Mapping, Asset systems and data and property data integrity

• Due to Water Reform the components of the business concerned
  with managing water will separate in July 2010
Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Into the Future
 • Issues
    – Complete amalgamation (consolidation)
    – Loss of water business and associated revenue in 2010
    – New organisation with a newly appointed management
      team with broad responsibilities
    – Enormous pressure from the business for assistance
      whilst undertaking a very significant consolidation
 • Opportunities
    – Limited to expansion of existing bases for the next 2
    – Some specific areas of interest will need exploring
 • Changes in strategy
    – Conducting a strategic review over the next few months
      – could lead to a shift in strategy
 Sunshine Coast Regional Council

  Contact Details
• Tony Herald
  – Telephone: 07 5441 8341
  – Email address:
  – Responsible for: IT&C, Corp Records, Asset systems
    & data, property data integrity
Sunshine Coast Regional Council


• The information provided in this briefing
  has been provided for information
  purposes only to assist you with your
  business planning and is subject to
  change without notice.

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