BME Próba nyelvvizsga 1 Cloze Complete the text below by writing a

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                              BME Próba nyelvvizsga 1
   I. Cloze

Complete the text below by writing a suitable word from the list in each space provided.
There are twenty gaps but 25 words are given. Use each word once only. The first one is done
for you as an example.

                                    Popular TV Shows

For (0) more than 50 years, television has been the medium_____ (1) choice for_____ (2).
From the _____ (3), it was decided that it_____ (4) be a free form of entertainment, using
commercial breaks always as the source of revenue for networks. Needless _____ (5) say,
companies want the biggest bang for their advertising money; _____ (6) want to reach the
largest audiences, _____ (7) members are all potential consumers.

With that _____ (8) mind, have you _____ (9) wondered why some shows remain _____ (10)
television while others are yanked faster than donuts at your local Dunkin Donut? Same
principle. It's _____ (11) about whether audiences _____ (12) interested _____ (13) for
networks to justify keeping certain shows on the air. This is _____ (14) with TV ratings.

TV ratings aren't_____ (15) to gauge the quality of a_____ (16) show. They do not determine
if people like a show or _____ (17). Actually, all TV ratings do _____ (18) measure the
number of people watching at_____ (19) given time. TV networks then purchase this valuable
information to find out if their shows are _____ (20) watched.

   a)   all                                            n)   meant
   b)   any                                            o)   measured
   c)   are                                            p)   not
   d)   beginning                                      q)   of
   e)   being                                          r)   on
   f)   design                                         s)   particular
   g)   enough                                         t)   some
   h)   ever                                           u)   then
   i)   few                                            v)   they
   j)   for                                            w)   to
   k)   in                                             x)   while
   l)   is                                             y)   whose
   m)   many                                           z)   would
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   II. Missing sentences

Write the number of the most suitable sentence (a-f) in the text below. There is one extra
sentence which you don't need.

                                   UFO Lands In London

On March 31, 1989 thousands of motorists driving on the highway outside London looked up
in the air to see a glowing living saucer descending on their city. Many of them pulled to the
side of the road_______________ (1)

The saucer finally landed in a field on the outskirts of London _______________ (2) to
warn them of an alien invasion. Soon the police arrived on the scene. One brave officer
approached the craft with his truncheon extended before him.

When a door in the craft popped open, _______________ (3), the policeman ran in the
opposite direction. The saucer turned out to be a hot-air balloon _______________ (4) by
Richard Branson, the 36-year-old chairman of Virgin Records. The stunt combined his
passion for ballooning with his love of pranks. His plan was to land the craft in London's
Hyde Park on April 1. Unfortunately, _______________ (5), and he was forced to land a day
early in the wrong location.

   A) the wind blew him off course

   B) and a small, silver-suited figure emerged

   C) to watch the bizarre craft float through the air

   D) without notifying the police in advance

   E) that had been specially built to look like a UFO

   F) where local residents immediately called the police
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   III.Reading Comprehension

Read the text below and answer the questions in English. Apart from technical terms, you
should use your own words and only include information from the text.

                                     An Accidental Origin

The history of bourbon whiskey reads like a series of accidents. Scottish immigrants (already
well-versed in the art of making liquor) who settled in what's now Kentucky were given a gift
of 100 acres of land if they grew Indian Maize. These farmers soon discovered that
transporting corn to market was no picnic, but a barrel of whiskey didn't take up that much

The real key to bourbon's taste is the charred oak barrels that the whiskey is aged in. Nobody's
quite sure how this was discovered, but there's no doubt that this, too, was an accident. The
most sensible theory is that used barrels were charred on the inside to remove all traces of the
old cargo, and some cheapskate from Bourbon County transported some whiskey in these
used barrels down to New Orleans. By the time it made it down the river, the whiskey had
aged somewhat. The new taste was a hit, and people in New Orleans started asking for more
of that 'Bourbon County whiskey."

Armed with perfect water, an abundance of grain and a tasty aging process, Kentucky was
also blessed with the perfect climate - at least for making whiskey. It turns out that blazing hot
summers and a temperate remainder of the year are ideal for aging barrels of whiskey. The
liquid seeps into the wood when it's hot, then seeps back out when it's cool. An aging process
that takes a decade or two in Scotland's chilly stone buildings takes just a few years in
Kentucky. (Bourbon must be aged a minimum of two years, and most premium brands are
aged between six and 10.)

Making bourbon is ecofriendly - no chemicals or additives of any kind - and a model of
efficiency: evaporated water from the distillation process goes back into the mash tub, and the
leftover solids feed the local livestock. (Locals say that's why the area's cows are so sluggish.)
Even the barrels are reused to make other kinds of whiskey.

A quality bourbon bursts with a palate of flavours: vanilla, cloves, cinnamon and natural
wood are the most common. The best bourbons elicit a range of as many as a dozen subtle
nuances that play across the taste buds - everything from maple syrup and caramel to leather
and hazelnuts.

   1.   How was bourbon whiskey discovered?
   2.   Which settlers brought the traditions of liquor making into Kentucky?
   3.   What were they offered if they agreed to cultivate Indian Maize?
   4.   What sort of containers contribute to the unique taste of bourbon whiskey?
   5.   What method of cleaning such containers is mentioned in the text?
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   6. What other factors contributed to Kentucky's success in producing whiskey?
   7. How many years does the aging process of Scottish whiskey take in Scotland?
   8. Why is the production of bourbon whiskey environment-friendly?
   9. How is the material which remains after distillation used?
   10. What additional tastes may be noticed in a superior bourbon whiskey?

   IV. Writing

          Last summer you worked at a summer camp in the USA. A friend of yours is
          thinking of applying for a similar job this year and has written to you asking for
          your advice about it.

          Read your friend's letter, the job advertisement and your handwritten notes. Then
          write the letter in reply to your friend.

   V. Translation

 Video games have been a pervasive form of entertainment since the beginning of the 1990s.
 Today an estimated 69 percent of American families own or rent video and computer games.
 Most are harmless entertainment, but in far too many of the most popular ones, kids act out
 realistic violent experiences on their computer screens. They sever heads and snap spines in
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 Mortal Kombat IV. They pay a go-go dancer to flash her breasts and then blow her up. They
 scorch the high school band with a flamethrower until they burn to death.
 "These are not just games anymore," says Rick Dyer, president of the San Diego-based
 Virtual Image Productions and an outspoken critic of titles with violent and sexual content.
 "These are learning machines. We're teaching kids in the most incredible manner what it's
 like to pull the trigger. The focus is on the thrill, enjoyment and reward. What they're not
 learning are the real-life consequences."
 Interactive video games introduce kids to a fantasy world that features amazingly lifelike
 characters, detailed images of brutality, and an audio mix of heart-pounding music, macabre
 sound effects and authentic voices. Unlike movies and television, where you watch the
 violence, the game lets you feel the sensation of committing violent acts. When you're into
 the game, you're in the game.
 "The technology is becoming more engaging for kids", says David Walsh, president of the
 National Institute on Media and the Family (NIMF) a watchdog group in Minneapolis, "and
 a segment of games features antisocial themes of violence, sex and crude language".



   1. of                                                11. all
   2. many                                              12. are
   3. beginning                                         13. enough
   4. would                                             14. measured
   5. to                                                15. meant
   6. they                                              16. particular
   7. whose                                             17. not
   8. in                                                18. is
   9. ever                                              19. any
   10. on                                               20. being

   II. UFO LANDS IN LONDON: 1-C, 2-F, 3-B, 4-E, 5-A
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   1.  It was discovered by chance.
   2.  Scottish immigrants settling down in Kentucky.
   3.  They were offered 100 acres of land.
   4.  Charred oak barrels.
   5.  They were burnt on the inside to clean them.
   6.  Great weather conditions: very hot summers but mild temperatures during the rest of
       the year, furthermore the right kind of water and plenty of grain.
   7. 10 or 20 years.
   8. It's free of chemicals or additives.
   9. Animals are fed with the remaining materials.
   10. Great bourbon whiskey boasts a wide range of flavours.

   IV. Writing


   Dear ...

   I have mixed feelings about my time in Colorado but overall I enjoyed myself. The
   landscape is superb and the children were nice. We spent a lot of time hiking in the
   mountains. That was wonderful.

   On the other hand, the company was not brilliant. They did not pay for my flight until six
   months after I got back from the States. It was very hard work too. I only had five days
   off in the entire two months I was there and as you are living in the camp you never really
   get a break. The pay wasn't very good but I didn't have to spend much. The
   accommodation they provided was in old tents, but it was perfectly OK.

   If you want to be in the mountains and you like being with children, then you could do
   worse. Make sure they pay for your air fare in advance.

   Good luck with the application! Give me a ring if you want any more information.

   Best wishes,

   V. Translation


   Az 1990-es évek eleje óta a videó játékok a szórakozás egyre elterjedtebb formájává
   váltak. Becslések szerint manapság az amerikai családok 69%-a rendelkezik saját vagy
   kölcsönzött videó és számítógépes játékkal. Ezek legtöbbje ártalmatlan szórakozási
                                         NM Studio                  ..:: Angol távoktatás ::..    

   lehetőséget nyújt csupán, a sikeresek legtöbbje esetében azonban a gyerekek valósághű
   erőszakos jeleneteket élnek át a számítógép képernyője előtt. Fejeket tépnek le, gerincet
   törnek a Mortal Kombat IV nevű játékban. Sztriptíztáncosnőt fizetnek meg azért, hogy
   félmeztelenre vetkőzzön, majd felrobbantják. A középiskola zenekarára támadnak
   lángszóróval, s halálra perzselik őket.
   - Ezek már nem pusztán játékok. - vélekedik Rick Dyer, a San-Diego-beli Virtual Image
   Productions cég elnöke, aki nyíltan bírálja az erőszakos és szexuális tartalmú
   programokat. - Ezek oktatógépek. A legelképesztőbb módon tanítjuk gyermekeinket,
   hogy milyen érzés meghúzni a ravaszt. A középpontban a borzongás, az élvezet és a
   jutalom állnak. Amit azonban nem tanulnak meg, azok a valóságban elkerülhetetlen
   Az interaktív videó játékok olyan fantázia világba vezetik a gyerekeket, ahol meglepően
   élethű szereplők, az erőszak részletes képei, valamint hátborzongató hangeffektusok,
   hiteles hangok és szívdobogtató zene keveréke várja őket. A mozival és a televízióval
   ellentétben, ahol csak nézed az erőszakos cselekedetet, itt a játék közben az erőszakos
   cselekmény elkövetésének izgalmát érezheted. Amikor belefogsz a játékba, a játék
   részévé válsz.
   A technológia egyre vonzóbbá válik a gyermekek számára. - állítja Dávid Walsh, a
   National Institute on Media and the Family (NIMF - a Médiával és Családdal Foglalkozó
   Nemzeti Intézet), egy Minneapolis állambeli figyelő szervezetnek az elnöke, aki szerint a
   játékok jelentős része tartalmaz antiszociális témájú erőszakos elemeket, szexet és durva
   beszédet tartalmaz.

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