Let These Brandmasters Show You How to Make It Yours by thebest11


									  Fred Smith-CEO of ASAP

                                      Let These
      Ken Lombard-Music
         market maker
                                      Show You How
                                      to Make It Yours.
     Minda Gralnek-Creative
ringleader of America’s #2 retailer

    Chris Albrecht-Cable TV

   Bing Gordon-Video game
            genius                         November 30 - December 1, 2005
                                                           New York City
Get Lessons from the Best Brands at the FORTUNE Innovation Forum
                                America’s best brands are creating sustainable
                                growth and value by putting innovation at the                     What’s on the agenda
 FRED SMITH                     core of their businesses. These companies are
 Chairman, President, and CEO                                                                     Making the Competition Irrelevant
 FedEx                          tapping creativity from a variety of sources.                     Blue Ocean Strategy co-author Chan Kim provides a framework to help shift your focus from
                                They’re using imagination to take their brands                    competing to“value innovating”: carving out uncontested markets ripe for growth.
                                into whole new categories, moving beyond                          Profiles in Innovation
                                products and services to customer experiences,                    A look at how leading organizations continuously reinvent themselves and innovate their way to
                                                                                                  profitability, growth, and value, focused on categories of excellence: Products—Scott Cook, Intuit;
 CHRIS ALBRECHT                 and beyond contested markets to untapped                          Partnerships—Ken Lombard, Starbucks; Branding—Horst Schulze, Ritz-Carlton, West Paces;
 Chairman and CEO
 HBO                            arenas. And they’re making bold moves with                        Talent—Billy Beane, Oakland A’s.
                                courage, decisiveness, and discipline. Join us at                 Innovation, Performance, and Customer Experience
                                the FORTUNE Innovation Forum for two days of                      A focus on getting it right time after time has made FedEx an exemplar of innovation. Fred Smith will
                                                                                                  talk with FORTUNE’s Geoff Colvin about the flight path to superior growth, performance, and customer
                                intense conversation with these master innovators.                experiences.
 MINDA GRALNEK                                                                                    Anatomy of a Groundbreaker
 Vice President,
 Creative Director
                                What you’ll take back to the office                               HBO’s Chris Albrecht will reveal how the network that reinvented the small screen continues to
                                                                                                  embrace change and risk-taking while sidestepping complacency in a lively interview with Time Inc.
                                Invest two days with us and we’ll immerse you in                  Editorial Director John Huey.
                                innovation, preparing you to help your company:                   Technology Innovation

                                • Embracefailure unlock creativity, and overcome
                                  fear of
                                                                                                  Adobe’s Shantanu Narayen, IBM’s Linda Sanford, and John Hagel, co-author of The Only
                                                                                                  Sustainable Edge, will discuss what the globalization of IT innovation means for the U.S.
 Chief of Police
 Los Angeles Police
                                • Recognize when innovation is working and
                                  when it isn’t
                                                                                                  The Prospect of Faster Cures
                                                                                                  Drawing on his 30-year effort to drive innovation in medical research, philanthropist Mike Milken
                                                                                                  will share his views of how we can speed up the medical-breakthrough process in our lifetimes.
                                • strategy design strategy into your business
                                  Incorporate                                                     Innovation in Traditional Industries
                                                                                                  Executives from traditional companies, including Allstate and Georgia-Pacific, talk about the
                                • Bring customers into the innovation process                     balancing act involved in bringing ideas to market and how to read the signals that your effort is
 Vice President and
 General Manager
                                • Discover and lay claim to new arenas of opportunity             heading down the wrong path.
                                                                                                  Is Your Brand Blocking Innovation?
 Oakland A’s                                                                                      A look at how to avoid being pigeonholed, typecast, or forced into a niche by what you thought was a core
                                                                                                  asset: your brand.
                                Who should attend
                                Anyone who wants to stay out ahead of customers and               PLUS:
                                                                                                  Catalysts – Remarkable insight into how visionaries outside the business world—including
                                the competition, set new industry standards, and create           SpaceShipOne’s Burt Rutan—found new ways to solve old problems! Innovation Labs –
 Founder and Chairman of        sustainable growth and value. YOU!                                Problem solve using hands-on techniques from innovative companies and apply the lessons to
 the Executive Committee                                                                          your business! Keith Yamashita on Unlocking Your Company’s Innovation DNA! And more!
 Intuit, Inc.

 WILLIAM “BING” GORDON            KEN LOMBARD                 MIKE MILKEN                 LINDA SANFORD                               ELIZABETH SMITH                              BOB WRIGHT
 Founder, Executive Vice          President                   Chairman                    Senior Vice President                       Executive Vice President                     Chairman and CEO
 President, and CCO               Starbucks Entertainment     FasterCures                 IBM                                         and Brand President                          NBC Universal
 Electronic Arts                                                                                                                      Avon Products, Inc.
       November 30-December 1, 2005, NYC
       The Conference for Innovative Thinkers and Thinking
                                         The FORTUNE Innovation Forum goes beyond
                                         the bounds of business and behind the rhetoric
                                         to unearth actionable strategies and tactics for
                                         your business. From baseball to biotech, from
                    blue oceans to branding, we’ll examine the nature of innovation from
                    the perspective of:
                    • Differentwho foster a fields, and innovation
                                 disciplines,            industries
                    • Leaders who’ve made the critical leap from a good idea to a
                                              culture of
                    • brilliant reality

                    • Business transformation strategists
                    It adds up to a 360° view of innovation designed to deepen your
                    understanding of this powerful business engine and how to make it
                    work for you.

              Past Participants Say:

              “  A conference in which you don't want to be checking your BlackBerry®.
              “  A great way to obtain actionable ideas and exchange ideas with
                 world-class colleagues.
              “  Meetings like this will go a long way in helping move the
                 innovation needle.
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