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Physical and psychological symptoms of stress
Effects of stress can be divided into physiological and psychological
effects. Another dimension is the differentiation between positive and negative
effects of stress. Positive effects of stress are a better response, and a
strengthening of the muscles, improved vision and increased combat and flight

These factors result from human evolution, in which the stress response enables
the body on alert, improves security and allows us to mobilize in critical
situations, all of our forces. Positive effects on the brain and the mind exist in an
acceleration of brain activity, improved attention, improved short-term memory
and discernment, and an acceleration of decisions.

Negative effects of stress occur especially if the stress remains in the body, ie is
not promptly removed, and if the person has no means to act, the stress is thus
delivered virtually. These distortions are especially noticeable in three areas:
First, the deterioration of health by stomach ulcers, heart and vascular disease, a
weak immune system, skin disorders and allergies. Second, in a long term low
level of performance with a reduced ability to concentrate, increased
forgetfulness, reduced discernment, and a persistent feeling of lassitude, fatigue
and weakness.

The third area involves changing behavior patterns. People suffering from
chronic stress to develop in many cases, unhealthy eating and drinking habits,
smoking too much, make more mistakes that are less flexible, sometimes erratic
and aggressive behavior in general, and thus lay the day, which is also known as
"losers behavior" means.
In addition, scientists are again demonstrated in empirical studies show that most
diseases are related to stress, particularly the well-known diseases of civilization.
Stress has both positive and negative effects.
Stress has physical and psychological effects.
Stress affects mainly on three main areas: First, the deterioration of health,
second, in a long-term reduced level of performance, and thirdly in negative
behavior patterns.

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