HOW TO DO BUSINESS WITH LEWISVILLE ISD                            HOW TO GET ON LISD’s BID LIST
                                                                            To ensure your company is included on our bid lists,
                                                                            please fax or mail a request on your company’s
                               ABOUT LEWISVILLE ISD                         letterhead. Please include all products and services
                                                                            your company provides. Purchasing will file your
                  Lewisville ISD is located about 25 miles north of         request in the appropriate bid folder. A postcard will
                  downtown Dallas, the communities making up the            be mailed to your company notifying you of the
                  Lewisville Independent School District offer many         request for bid or quote and instructing you on how to
                  small town advantages while still being close to a        obtain the specification documents.
                  large metropolitan area.
                                                                                SUBMITTING QUOTES, BIDS, COMPETITIVE
  HOW TO DO       The school district encompasses 127 square miles in
                  the southeast portion of Denton County and serves
                                                                                 SEALED PROPOSALS OR REQUEST FOR
                                                                                   QUALIFICATIONS AND PROPOSALS
                  the cities and communities of Lewisville, Flower
                  Mound, The Colony, Highland Village, Double Oak,          The majority of specifications for bids and quotes will
 BUSINESS WITH    Copper Canyon, Hebron, the northern portion of
                  Carrollton and the western portion of Plano, as well as
                                                                            be available to download or print from our website
                                                                            noted in the CONTACT INFORMATION below.
                  portions of Frisco, Coppell and Grapevine.
                                                                            •   QUOTES (FORMAL & VERBAL)
  LEWISVILLE      Most of Lewisville ISD’s school campuses were
                  constructed during the last ten years with 47 schools
                                                                                Formal Quotes are generally utilized for
                                                                                categories with dollar values less than
                  built between 1980 and 2004.                                  $25,000.00.
                                                                                Verbal Quotes are generally utilized for
 INDEPENDENT      The Lewisville ISD is fully accredited at all grade
                  levels (K-12) by the Texas Education Agency.
                                                                                categories with dollar values less than

                  All high schools are accredited by the Southern           •   BIDS
SCHOOL DISTRICT   Association of Colleges and Schools.                          Bids are generally used for specific items with
                                                                                cumulative dollar values of $25,000.00 or more.
                                COMPETITIVE BID LAW
                                                                            •   COMPETITIVE SEALED PROPOSALS
                  The Lewisville Independent School District, as well as        Competitive Sealed Proposals are generally used
                  all other school districts in the State of Texas, is          for categories with dollar values of $25,000.00 or
                  governed by the state competitive bid law. Therefore,         more.
                  the majority of our purchasing is done via competitive
                  sealed proposals.                                         •   RFQ (REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS) AND
                                                                                RFP (REQUEST FOR PROPSALS)
                  The purpose and intent for the competitive bidding            These processes are utilized for the procurement
                  process is to help public schools obtain the best             of professional services that are not required to
                  products at the lowest practical prices in the best           be bid (architects, engineers, consultants, etc).
                  interest of the taxpayers by stimulating competition.
                  The Lewisville ISD is committed to fair and equal         •   QUOTE AND BID DOCUMENT INFORMATION
                  competition among all vendors. In addition, the state         1. Date, time, and place bid is to be opened. It is
                  competitive bid law does not allow favoritism to be           absolutely mandatory that all bids be delivered in
                  shown to any vendor.                                          accordance with those instructions. Bids that are
                                                                                received late are not accepted. All bids must be
                                                                                delivered to the Lewisville ISD Purchasing
                                                                                Department by the date and time specified in the
    bid document for the bid to be considered. All          •   BID OPENING PROCEDURES                                           PURCHASING COOPERATIVES
    bids must be sealed when presented to the                   All bids are opened promptly on the date and at
    Purchasing Department.                                      the time stated in the bid specification document.      Lewisville ISD is a member of numerous purchasing
                                                                All interested vendors are invited to attend. All       cooperatives in the state of Texas. These include the
    2. General Requirements and Conditions.                     bid openings are public; however, only the names        Texas Building and Procurement Commission, Texas
                                                                of the submitting vendors will be made public at        Cooperative Purchasing Network, and Educational
    3. Detailed specifications. Many times, brand               the time of opening. Bid tabulations are available      Purchasing Cooperative of North Texas.
    names, and model numbers are utilized in the bid            online after the bid is awarded.
    specifications as a way of communicating minimal
    requirements of the district. This in no way prevents   •   BID EVALUATION
    a company from bidding alternates; however, all             It is the intent of the school district and the
    deviations must be stated in the bid document or the        Lewisville ISD Purchasing Department to obtain
    bidder will be required to supply the item completely       the best quality materials at the lowest prices
    as specified. All alternates must meet or exceed the        possible. The bid evaluation process will begin at
    specifications in order to be considered.                   the lowest bid price and if that bid meets all
                                                                requirements and specifications an award will be
    4. Pre-bid meetings. For many bids, pre-bid                 made. If the lowest bid price does not meet all
    meetings are a part of the process.          This           requirements and specifications, we will move to
    information is included in the bid specification            the next lowest bidder until a bid is found that
    documents. These meetings are an opportunity                meets all requirements.
    for bidders and LISD staff to meet, discuss the
    bid specifications and ask all questions that are       •   BID AWARDS NOTIFICATION
    necessary to enable the bidders to prepare their                                                                                 CONTACT INFORMATION
                                                                The Lewisville ISD Purchasing Department will
    bid response.                                               issue all official bid award notifications. Award
                                                                                                                             Lewisville ISD Purchasing Department
                                                                notifications from any other department or staff
    5.    Questions pertaining to bid specification                                                                                 1565 W. Main Street, #220
                                                                member of the district may be incorrect
    documents must be presented in writing to the                                                                                     Lewisville, TX 75067
    Purchasing Department to insure that proper                                                                                      Phone: (972) 350-4749
    information is included in your bid response and                                                                                 Fax:     (214)222-2450
                                                                      INVOICE AND PAYMENT TERMS
    also to insure that all vendors receive the same                                                            
    information. Purchasing is not responsible for          By law the school district has 30 days after receipt of
    information that is provided by other                   an invoice to present payment. It is the intent of the
    departments.                                            school district to pay all invoices promptly as possible;
                                                            however, by acceptance of a Lewisville ISD purchase
•   BID ADVERTISEMENTS                                      order you have agreed to the 30 day payment policy.
    By state law, notice of the time, date and place        All invoices are submitted to:
    where bids will be opened are published in a
    newspaper, The Denton County Morning News, a                                 Lewisville ISD
    Dallas Morning News Community newspaper, in                           Accounts Payable Department
    accordance with state bid law requirements. Any                               PO Box 217
    company or individual, who sees our                                       Lewisville, TX 75067
    advertisements and is interested in obtaining a                             (972) 539-1551
    bid specification document, may contact the
    Lewisville ISD Purchasing Department in person,                           TAX EXEMPTION
    in writing, by telephone, or by accessing our
    website      at    the     following    address,        The Lewisville Independent School District is tax,                                                                                               Revised
                                                            exempt on the basis that it is a governmental entity -
                                                                                                                                           August 15, 2005
    under the tab listing of “Upcoming Bids” or             school district. A tax exemption certificate can be
    “Upcoming Quotes”.                                      provided upon request.

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