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					    Ticker      Date     Entry
  ABGSHIP    1/28/2010        279.8
   AMBUJA    1/28/2010      102.75
     ACC     1/28/2010          889
   GESHIP    1/28/2010      287.75
     ABB     1/25/2010        815.9
CENTURYTEX   1/25/2010        521.8
    ROLTA    2/1/2010         203.2
  GTLINFRA   2/1/2010         42.53
   DISHTV    2/1/2010         41.95
     ZEEL    2/1/2010         261.4
  RELIANCE   2/1/2010      1040.85
POWERGRID    2/1/2010         112.4
 FINANTECH   2/1/2010          1539
   COLPAL    2/5/2010           702
None of them have given a sell signal. Continue holding them.

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