POSITION DESCRIPTION REPORT (PDR) - OAG


  1.   Position Information:
       Position Title:                 Registration Services                      Position Code:
       Ministry:                       Consumer and Business Services             Functional Code (First digit):     01-30-41-42-44-53-61

       Branch:                         Real Property Registration                 Bargaining Unit:                   Office Administration

       Location:                                                                  Class:                             08 OAG
       Location Code:                                                             Class Schedule:                    3-7
       Supervisor’s Position Title:    Land Registrar                             Staff Category:

       Supervisor’s Pos. Code:
       RPT Scheduled Hours of Work :

       Seasonal Work Period:                                                      Code(s)

       Winter       Spring      Summer      Fall                                                   (1= winter, 2= spring, 3= summer, 4= fall)

       Supervises/Provides Group Leadership to 0

       No. of Positions: 0             No. of Employees 0


       Working within a statutory/legislative framework under the direction of a manager, and in a team oriented environment, the
       position handles routine transactions, provides a high level of customer service to office clients through a variety of
       registration and enquiry services and ensures integrity of the land registration records.

       The ministry operates land registry offices (LROs) of varying sizes throughout the province providing a range of
       services to clients (stakeholders and the general public). Staff in these LROs perform functions based on variable
       operational requirements as assigned. Therefore, time required for specific duties varies according to the operational
       needs of each LRO and percentages are not shown. Electronic data input, retrieval, or messaging to/from clients
       requires use of established databases and does not require setting up or developing new formats.


       To review Land Titles documents, compare against title and update property records to provide
       guarantee of ownership to land by:

           Certifying routine documents, such as property transfers, charges, discharges of mortgages/charges and notices of
            application (e.g. change of name, offer to purchase) in order to confirm legal property title by reviewing documents
            for compliance and signing/verifying entry;
           Verifying writs of execution search completed as required;
           Examining title/recording discrepancies and taking corrective action; referring complex matters to senior staff;
           Advising clients when errors are encountered in routine document/title/evidence submitted by telephoning, writing,
            and/or sending electronic message(s), and advising client as to nature of error and document number containing
            error. Staff frequently discuss with client what needs to be corrected. The correction cycle may be repeated several
            times before correction completed;
           Referring to manager problems encountered in correction process or getting clients to make necessary corrections.
             Ensuring that requested corrections to documents/title/evidence are made by clients by making annotations of
            corrections required, and verifying the status of documents containing errors; Modifying the parcel entry (e.g.
            Capacities, remarks, amounts, parties);
           Performing writs of execution searches as required;
           Communicating with other staff to ensure documents affecting same property/parcel are processed together.



14-Apr-05                                                                                                                                           1
5.        KNOWLEDGE:
             Working knowledge of Registry Act, Land Titles Act, Condominium Act, Land Registration Reform Act and their respective regulations,
              manuals, procedures and guidelines for registration and routine certification;
             Working knowledge of established transactional software including knowledge of how they interact;
             Working knowledge of sections of several other Acts related to registration, recording and enquiry (e.g. P.P.S.A., Construction Lien, Business
              Corporations Act, Vital Statistics, Land Transfer Tax Act, Repair and Storage of Liens Act, Retail Sales Tax Act) and appropriate manuals,
              procedures and guidelines in order to respond to enquiries and to perform processing;
             Working knowledge of administrative manuals, procedures, guidelines and specific branch and government-wide policies in order to provide
              administrative support;
             Knowledge of personal computers, scanning, microfilm/microfiche and whiteprint equipment;
             Working knowledge of geometric concepts (e.g. angles, courses) in order to plot and interpret legal descriptions;
             Knowledge of implementation/automation and Land Titles conversion procedures in order to respond to inquiries.

6.        SKILLS:
             Analytical skills to review documents and parcel entries for completeness and judgement in determining compliance with and interpretation of
              legislation and guidelines;
             Good oral and written communication skills to respond to enquiries and to provide detailed explanation on legislative and procedural
                requirements to clients e.g. to clarify information;
             Good interpersonal skills to effectively deal with professional and diversified client groups (e.g. lawyers, surveyors and developers), as well as
                clients unfamiliar with new systems (e.g. automation, Land Titles, electronic registration) e.g. lawyers, legal support staff and document
                preparers; upset and irate clients with tact and discretion;
             Ability to work with accuracy and attention to detail;
             Ability to operate a variety of non-programmable office equipment, (e.g. photocopier, cash register, automatic time/date stamp, typewriter)
             Ability to perform arithmetic functions, such as, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication;
             Ability to use electronic equipment (e.g. PCs, scanners, printers) to input, retrieve and save data from established software (e.g. RIMS,
               POLARIS, TERAVIEW);
             Accurate keyboarding to enter and retrieve information;
             Ability to work under stress in high volume situations and display flexibility;
             Ability to use good judgement (e.g. in determining eligibility of registrations referring complex situations to senior staff);
             Ability to work in a team oriented environment and to follow procedures;
             Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

             Minimizes liability to the province. Staff accomplish this by complying with bulletins, guidelines and directives that assist
              incumbent in using appropriate judgement to apply relevant legislation and regulations (e.g. updates or amends routine real
              property records such as deletion of certain documents or alterations to property descriptions, adds remarks which may encumber
              title to property records);                                                                                        …continued
             Staff refer non-routine situations to senior staff (e.g. situations that are complex, or where there are no precedents or where
              legislative discretion may be applied);
             Works in a team environment to ensure that work is processed in a timely manner, while generally working independently with
              minimal supervision.

8.        Signatures
                                                                           Date               Ministry Official                                  Date

9.        Class Allocation                       Class Title                                           Class                           Effective Date         Nov
                                                                                                       Code           BU OAD                   01 2004
          Office Administration 8                Office Administration
                                                                                                       OAG 08
I have classified this position in accordance with the Civil Service Commission Classification Standards. Factor point scores are as follows:

                                                                                                                                                 Point Total
Knowledge                                        Skill                                                                       Group
                                                                                  Judgement            Accountability
Level               3     Core              Technical                             Level                Level                 Level
                          3                               Block*                          2                       2              0

     135 points               95 points      1   2            3b       4
                                                                                   115 points               115 points                            480 points


*Blocks                   1 - Fully programmable word processing (30 pts)                              3a - Shorthand (30 pts)                   4 – Linguistic
                          2 - Touch typing (20 pts)                                                    3b- Dicta (10 pts)                           (30 pts)

Signature of Authorized Evaluator                                          Date April 13, 2005         Authorized Evaluator’s Name
                                                                                                       Laurie Manoim

14-Apr-05                                                                                                                                                           2
3.    DUTIES / RESPONSIBILITIES: (continued)


A. Under the Registry/Land Titles/Condominium and related Acts:
  Processing and registering applications/documents by determining eligibility (unusual documents are referred to senior
      staff members), examining for completeness and accuracy of information and conformity to legislation, regulations,
      branch policies, procedures and practices, standards, guidelines and directives;
 Processing routine plans (e.g. routine reference plan) in accordance with plans check list by ensuring plans contain
    prescribed information; referring complex plans (e.g. subdivision, condominium and stratified plans) to senior staff;
In an automated and manual environment, including but not limited to:
 Searching and retrieving hard copy and/or automated records and documents on file for comparison with
 Returning documents that do not meet statutory/regulatory requirements and provided detailed/comprehensive
    verbal/written explanations/reasons to clients;
 Verifying writs of execution search completed as required;
In an Electronic environment, including but not limited to:
 Providing routine telephone support to clients who encounter problems attempting to register electronically, referring
    complex matters to senior staff; or to local land registry office when questions concern office specific issues;
 Withdrawing or returning recently receipted documents when client makes request in writing;
 Reviewing evidence to ensure compliance with statutory/regulatory requirements;
 Assigning or obtaining next file number to the evidence submitted;

B. Under the Personal Property Security Act:
     Processing and registering documents by examining for completeness and accuracy of information and
        conformity to legislation, regulations, branch policies; procedures and practices, standards, guidelines and
     Returning deficient documents to clients with verbal explanations;
     Conducting enquiries of the PPSR database;
     Preparing and forwarding transaction summary reports as required.

C. Under the Business Corporations Act:
     Processing and registering documents by examining for completeness and accuracy of information and
        conformity to legislation, regulations, branch policies; procedures and practices, standards, guidelines and
        directives; and forwarding registrations as required
     Returning deficient documents to clients with explanations;
     Supplying forms, fee schedules and registration information regarding partnerships/sole proprietorships under the
        Business Names Act and/or the Limited Partnerships Act; conducting enquiries of the Business Corporations
     Inputting registration details into Business Corporations database.

D. Under the Vital Statistics Act:
    In Manual Environment, including but not limited to:

    Providing appropriate forms and checking proper completion of same as required, including guarantor section, for clients
     requesting birth, death and/or marriage certificates;
    Defacing original certificates surrendered at the counter and completing lost and stolen reports, as required;
    Recording applications received and method of payment on log sheet in preparation for daily courier pick-up; storing any
     applications received after courier pick-up in a secure area (e.g. office safe);
    Forwarding completed and manifested forms and payment to the Office of the Registrar General as required.

E) Ontario Business Connects:
     Supplying fee schedules and registration information;
     Assisting clients in completion of forms in an electronic format;
     Performing batch report.


       Responding to detailed enquiries, complaints and requests for information over the telephone and in person (e.g.
         providing information regarding a client’s specific registration concerns);
       Conducting microfiche and database searches for requested information;
       Refiling program related records (e.g. abstract books, documents, plans);
       Advising of registration/recording requirements;
       Making certified copies of documents and records


To record details of documents by:

    Accurately recording pertinent details of registration/deposits in appropriate database, indexes or registers;
    Maintaining accuracy and continuity of manual, automated and electronic property records and related information
     (e.g. transfers, mortgages/charges) by updating existing indexes/property registers on file, or by following written
     instructions from senior staff on opening of new manual parcel registers/indexes;
    Verifying summary document information on appropriate record.

14-Apr-05                                                                                                                   3

14-Apr-05    4


To collect and accurately process payments for services by:

    Collecting registration and enquiry request fees by receiving cash, cheques, money orders, credit/debit cards,
     transaction cards, drafts, ensuring proper completion of cheques and correct fees, validating cheques, providing
    Entering payment amounts and types into cash register;
    Reconciling cash/fees with daily transactions (e.g. land registrations, PPSR enquiries/registrations) using
     automated and manual fee sheets/audit reports; reporting discrepancies to senior staff member;
    Preparing daily bank deposits and passing to senior staff or delivering to bank as appropriate;
    Maintaining records and preparing summary transaction reports (e.g. of fees and taxes collected) using either a
     pre-programmed database or a manual tracking system;
    Loading RPR transaction cards/smart cards and other methods of payment.


To perform general clerical/administrative duties by:

    Preparing a wide variety of reports utilizing pre-set criteria for incorporation of data into statistical information
     (e.g. RIMS);
    Maintaining administrative filing system according to office procedures;
    Performing telephone reception duties by providing assistance or directing to appropriate area;
    Opening, sorting and distributing incoming and processing outgoing mail;
    Filing office records as necessary (e.g. interim statements, daily reconciliation sheets);
    Ordering office supplies;
    Maintaining office petty cash and advance accounts;
    Tracking and reconciling of purchase cards;
    Assisting in the maintenance of the office budget by tracking expenditures (e.g., invoices), updating template
     information on system by inputting information and generating monthly variance report;
    Maintaining attendance reporting using computerized attendance tracking system (e.g. WIN);
    Performing minor maintenance on office equipment such as photocopiers, printers by adding paper and toner,
     cleaning glass and fixing paper jams and re-setting printers;
    Starting up and shutting down all mechanical and electronic equipment (eg. Writs, PINFIND, POLARIS, remote
     POLARIS, onsite electronic registration kiosk);
    In an electronic environment maintaining procedural logs to chart activities (e.g. cancellation/withdrawal of
     documents, overrides, LTT discrepancies, paper documents registered etc.).


To provide a wide range of electronic capture, microfilm, microfiche and whiteprint services by:

        Operating a variety of microfilm, whiteprint and scanning equipment;
        Microfilming and/or electronic capture of all registration documents, evidence, and client authorizations;
        Producing whiteprint copies of plans;
        Conducting quality assurance of filmed or electronically captured documents (e.g. ensure all documents are
         accounted for, check for clarity of documents and take appropriate action to correct discrepancies);
        Maintaining log books, indexes, cartridges and filing systems;
        Operating a reader printer to produce copies of plans and documents from a variety of microfilm/electronic
        Performing equipment maintenance such as loading, unloading and cleaning microfilm, scanning, whiteprint
         and related equipment.


    Providing training and orientation to other staff (e.g. Customer Services Representative, Co-op and summer
     students) and clients on an ad-hoc basis regarding Branch and Ministry services;
    After confirming entitlement, issuing documents under other government programs, as required;
    Providing routine backup services during breaks and leaves to Government Information Centres such as
     providing general information as required;
    Scanning documents/records, as required;
    Participating in Branch working groups, as required;
    Other duties as assigned.

April 12, 2005

14-Apr-05                                                                                                                    5
14-Apr-05   6

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