Polaris Software Lab Ltd is one of Indias leading institutions

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					Polaris Software Lab Ltd is one of India's leading institutions contributing to the knowledge economy of
the global financial services marketplace. Headquartered in Chennai (India), In this knowledge quest,
over the last 2 decades (11 years as Polaris), Polaris has established its solutions and services footprint
globally contributing to the realization of the business vision of some of the world's leading giants in the
money vertical.

Polaris ranks 10th in the top 20 list of Indian Software companies up from 27th 4 years back!!

20 years ago, Citigroup began its quest to pioneer the utilization of the vast human intellect
capital in India & the seeds of Polaris were sown. Polaris was fortunate to be one of the first
vendors that Citigroup chose to partner with, through this Indian quest.

In parallel, Citigroup also started its own company called COSL (Citibank Overseas Software
Ltd) which strategized and operationalized Citigroup's vision of leveraging India.

Today, Polaris is the amalgamation of these two organization that traveled the path of
successfully architecting & realizing Citigroup's India led vision.

Polaris was recognized by Smithsonian Institute in 1993 for creating the first ever banking solution on
distributed architecture

Polaris is organized into 6 Business Solution Centers (BSCs). Each BSC houses expertise in one of the
domain areas. For example Hyderabad center houses the Investment banking and wealth management

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