Applying to Grad School Hints and Tips

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					Applying to Grad School:
     Hints and Tips
        Collin Moore
       Initial Issues to Consider
   Do you want to spend YEARS getting
    a Masters or Doctorate degree?
   How interested are you in the field?
   Graduate school requires massive
    time, effort, money, and sacrifices –
    are you ready?
   Think before you apply.
   Know Thyself
        Grad School Application
   High GPA, check each school’s
   GRE score in U.S. and some
    Canadian schools, not in Europe.
    Check each school for required score.
   Letters of Reference (2 or 3).
   Curriculum Vitae
   Statement of Purpose
   Writing Sample
         Letters of Reference
   Do your professors know your
    abilities? Establish a familiarity with
   Can they write you good letters of
    reference? Ask them.
   Again, choose the profs that you are
    most familiar with and vice versa.
   Schools usually need 2 or 3 letters.
              Curriculum Vitae (CV)
   Basically an academic resume.
   Format is personal choice, let a prof
    proofread when complete.
   Include:
    •   Presentations (class and conference)
    •   Research papers
    •   Publications
    •   Other academic projects in your field
    •   Any other applicable experience
            Research projects
            Field schools
            Etc.
           Statement of Purpose
   What you want to do at a particular school.
   Must be to the point; do not stray off topic!
    Length differs with school; usually between 1.5 and 2
   Include your areas of interest.
   Why did you choose this particular school?
   Should have as many Statements as schools applying for;
    each will be tailored to a different school.
   Include who you want to be your adviser(s) and why.
   Include why the school should choose you from other
   Sell yourself.
       Written Sample of Work
   Choose one that you feel represents
    your best work.
   If possible, double check with a prof
    to get advise on a particular paper.
   If possible, choose one that is
    relevant to program being applied to.
   Proofread, proofread, proofread!
    Make sure paper is as perfect as
             Other Important Tips
   Contact department ahead of time:
    • Graduate secretary
    • Professors interested in working with
          By email
          Telephone
          In person
   Know each schools deadlines
   Know varying criteria for applying; read
    between the lines.
   After applying, contact department to see
    if your file is complete.
   Hope and wait!!!
   I hope this is of some help in the
    nerve racking time surrounding
    applying to grad school.
   If you have any questions I would be
    happy to give advice, contact me at:
    • 204.775.8764
    • Good Luck!